Rise Up

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis (ts@godspeak.org)

Rise up, child of Mine, and do not accept defeat any more. I have equipped you with all you need to be successful in Me, with all you need to overcome. But you must choose to use the things I have equipped you with, for they will do you no good unless you use them. I have given you armor to protect you in battle, but you must put it on or it will do you no good. I have prepared a path before you, but you must choose to walk

on it, for you will not reach your destination if you do not set out on the journey that I have prepared for you.

So many of My children are confused about My ways. They cry out to Me to help them but they do not understand My help and they do not recognize it or respond to it when it comes.

They are like the Children of Israel who expected to be given their promised land without a battle. They were not willing to enter into their inheritance because it did not look the way they expected. They thought I would clear the land before them and they would simply walk in

to possess it. They did not understand that I fully intended to involve them in the process and that through them I would clear the land of the giants that were in it. They were afraid to battle for their inheritance because they looked at things through the eyes of the natural instead of

with the eyes of faith. I always intended to be with them in battle and

to make them victorious overcomers, ones who would possess the land I had promised to them. But they looked instead at their natural abilities and at their natural resources. They chose not to fight and as a result they did not enter into their destiny. They died in the wilderness and their children inherited and possessed the land I had promised to them.

Do not be like them.

If you look at the history of My dealings with My people, you will better understand My ways. I call them to a destiny, but I require them to persevere and to press forth in faith and obedience to possess it. I do not hand it to them in a life of ease that requires no effort on their part. I do not want My children to be listless and fat and lazy, that is

not the type of people I am raising up. I am raising up warriors, prepared and trained for battle. I am raising up men and women of faith who can face mountains of impossible circumstances and stand firm in the face of impossible odds. For you cannot have a great victory without a great battle, and you cannot win a great battle if you will not rise up to fight.

Abraham, the father of a great nation, was childless until he was well past the age of childbearing, until his body was no longer fertile. Yet I commanded him to believe me for a son from his own loins. And I did not fulfill that promise until his wife Sarah was well past her child- bearing years. Why? because I required him to persevere in faith in the face of impossible circumstances. And I came through for him at that time, when he knew it had to be a miracle by My hand, when there was no possible natural explanation for this. This is how I do things, so that I might receive the glory for My deeds.

Joseph was called to be a senior official, one who governed a nation with wisdom and discernment, so that he might provide for My chosen people in the face of a terrible famine. I showed him his destiny when he was young in dreams and visions. But he did not walk effortlessly into it. First he was betrayed and sold into slavery. Then he was betrayed and cast into prison. But even in prison I was with him. And even in prison he persevered; he continued to use what I had given him and he continued to operate in the gifts I had placed within him. And in the midst of his faithful perseverance, I turned his circumstances and I thrust him into the fullness of his destiny.

Do you think I will do it differently for you? Do you really expect My deliverance to be easy and effortless on your part? When you cry out to me for My deliverance, do you really think that I will preserve your comfort as My highest priority? I will answer your cries and come through for you. But do you really think that I will come through for you in a way that does not require any effort or action on your part?

I anointed David as king when he was but a youth. But there was much resistance and he did not fully enter into his destiny until many years later. Before that he had to flee for his life, he had to fight many battles and he had to learn of My faithfulness in the midst of very difficult circumstances. He did not sit around in a palace, having his every need catered to. He learned to war and he learned to fight and to stand in faith. He had to hide among his enemies, to pretend to be insane, to hide in caves, to fight many battles. In short he had to persevere and stand in faith. And in the place of difficulty, I met him

and I showed Myself to him. He came to know Me as the Faithful One, as his sword and his shield. He came to know me intimately and to be filled with My Spirit. He learned to worship me in the eyes of difficult circumstances and he became a man of great faith. And it was after these things that I thrust him into the fullness of his destiny and he officially became the king.

My path is not an easy path. You must learn to know Me as the faithful one, and the One who will see you through adversity. You cannot experience My deliverance if you do not first experience a difficult situation that you need to be delivered from. You cannot possess your promised land if you do not go in and fight for it. You cannot learn to stand in faith unless you face impossible circumstances and see Me come through for you in them.

So child, when you see difficulty or adverse circumstances standing between you and your promise, do not fear. I am with you. It is My desire to teach you to war, to make you victorious in battle and to sit you in the place of an overcomer. But in order for that to happen, you must take up the things I have given you and you must use them. You must put on My armor and you must enter into the battle. You will possess your promised land only when you have chased out the giants that challenge you. But do not fear, for I will be with you. I will make your hands skillful in the battle. As you press forward in faith, I will cause you to know My victory and to see My glory come into your circumstances. For I will give you your promised land and I will cause you to enter into the fullness of your destiny as you stand firm in faith and trust in Me.

So, child of Mine, rise up with what I am giving you and do not accept defeat any longer.