The Samaritan Anointing
Patsy Shelton
Oct 21, 2003

I am revealing My heart to My people, and by doing so; I am showing them the error of their ways. There is much yet that has to change in My Body, that I might bring forth a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. So many want to be the Bride. They want to wear the Bridal attire, and attend the wedding. They are lost in the romance of the relationship. There are many that are dressed in the Bridal attire, and they will come to the altar on the Wedding day, and I will say to them, ďTurn away from Me, I know you not.Ē My Bride must be all glorious within.

From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in My body, My Bride, but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment. It is the day, and it is the time when I am pouring out the oil of My Spirit, and the wine of revelation. But there are yet so many that cannot move with My Spirit, and partake of the wine because of the wounded ness of their lives.

In the parable of the Samaritan there is revelation for My people. There was a man that had fallen among thieves, they had stripped him of his garments, wounded him, and left him for half dead. And in this parable this parable the Samaritan saw the man and had compassion on him. He went to him bound up his wounds and then poured in the oil and the wine.

Before the oil of My Spirit and the wine of My revelation can be poured in, there are wounds that must be bound up and healed. Did I not say that you canít pour new wine into old wineskins? The old wineskins represent the wounded nature of My people. Because of their wounded ness they are unable to receive the oil of My Spirit, and the wine of revelation.

You canít pour love and acceptance into wineskins that are full of rejection and abandonment. You canít pour the wine of revelation into those that canít even relate to Me as their father. Oil and wine just roll off of these old wineskins. There must be healing of the old, in order for them to come into the new. These wounded ones have wineskins that have become hardened and brittle from the rejection and abandonment in their lives.

There are some among My people that try to force feed these wounded ones. Condemning them because they just canít get it right, or do it right, or be right. Wounding them even more, and enforcing the thoughts that they already have about themselves, for they live under a cloud of condemnation, and making them a prey for the enemy of their souls. Bound to the words and wounds of their pasts. Even enforcing their thoughts of self-hatred, self-loathing, and self-condemnation. Woe to these that do these things in My name. A day of reckoning and accountability is upon them.

But watch now as I raise up those that have the Samaritan anointing. Those that are moved by compassion, even the compassion of My heart. They will love much because they have been forgiven of much. I will bring to these the outcasts of Israel, and they will be anointed to bind up their wounds, help prepare their new wineskins, and then pour in the oil and the wine. And as they are going from faith to faith and glory to glory, I will be preparing for them to wear the Bridal attire, and I will cleanse them and make them whiter than snow from the inside out.