Olivia Long

March 26, 2004

My word is simple and it is true. My word goes forth and accomplishes all it said it would. This is My Word to My Faithful ones. Beloved, I have called you into a calling that only you will fulfill. You have answered the call, you have been obedient and I WILL fulfill My call on your life. I will do as I said ... Many are called, but few are chosen - I have chosen you.

Lo, My Beloved, I have not allowed a day to go by without a witness to you. I have used many avenues and ways in revealing My love for you and My hand has been upon you. My Word is true ... I will never leave you or forsake you. I AM a faithful God - faithful to My promises. I could have called anyone but I chose you!

Listen to your heart. Think not that it's your imagination. Know that it's the Spirit of your God speaking to your heart. You have asked to hear My voice, listen to your heart. You have said "Lord, time is passing by" but I say unto you it is not passing. I AM accumulating the time for time is in My hands.

You have said "Please, could I at least have something?" Beloved, you will be an example of one who waits on the Lord, does not try to exalt yourself but allowing your God to place you. Now you will see what your heavenly Father can do with a heart wholly yielded unto Me. I have more for you than you can ever imagine. The scepter has been granted. I WILL draw you forward ... I WILL anoint you ... and I WILL place you!

There is a new and fresh anointing flowing forth touching those I have called. It is an anointing that will empower you to accomplish all that I have called you to do. It is flowing from the throne and it is flowing with grace. My grace must accompany any word or ministry performed in the Name of Jesus. It is by My grace that all things will be accomplished. The time is nigh that you will go in My love, in My power, in My grace and In MY Name!

My Beloved, you have experienced things you never thought you would experience. Through it all, I have been preparing you to walk the path that I have prepared for you. This path is prepared for you but you will never walk it alone. I will be with you always just as I have never left your side through the preparation time although many times you felt I have. You are and you WILL experience this move of your God, one that none have ever known before. I will be glorified in this move and great and mighty things will be done by Me and you will be My instrument many times. You have taken up your cross to follow Me and the load has been very heavy at times, but I AM your portion and your help.

Seedtime and harvest. I AM harvesting the seed I have sown in your heart. You have watered and plucked the weeds that have tried to smother out the harvest. The weeds have been many, but you have been My faithful gardener through it all and now you will be the harvester and reaper. You will bring in the harvest from My barns. I have sown the seeds, now you will harvest.

Celebrate, I say celebrate! Celebrate the new beginning. The new beginning of a new life. I say celebrate the birthing. Make known to all around this new beginning. I AM calling forth a celebration. I AM bringing you out of your isolation and calling you to walk forth as a mighty warrior of God. Stand tall, My beloved, stand strong In Me. I want those around you to see My Glory in you. Many say, "Where is your God?" They feel that I AM not moving in you let alone bringing you forth. But those around you and the world and the church, will see that I AM alive and that I have placed My Glory and My Love upon you. You shall step out of hiding, so all can see Who I AM and what I can do. Though many have appeared to have forsaken you, will I forsake you now? NO ... so Rejoice, My child, I say rejoice. This is your time, you hour. You shall see the fulfillment of My plans for your life, the fulfillment of My promises. Open your arms and receive, do not allow anyone to dissuade you. Open your arms and open your heart to receive all that I have spoken and promised you. Beloved, there is no lack or slack in the promises I have for you. Open wide your arms and your heart for the bountiful, I say the full blessings that I have for you.

The day is dawning when all I have promised is fulfilled. You have waited and trusted. You have stood in times of rejection, even though your heart was breaking, still you stood In Me. Beloved, as the sun rises on the horizon, so is the fulfillment of My Word. I AM honoring your patience. I AM honoring your love for Me and your willingness, if necessary, to leave all for Me. The day is dawning, allow MY peace to be your substance. Now see Me move in a mighty way. Joy cometh in the morning and morning is here. I will fill you with My joy for it cometh and I say it cometh in the morning. No more shall you stand in uncertainty, no more shall you stand in the shadow of others. Stand, My Beloved, STAND IN MY JOY for marvelous are the works I AM doing in your life. STAND IN MY JOY, My Beloved, it is morning.