Word submitted for your discernment
By Yolanda Ballard (

Stir up the gifts that are within you. Don't let any of them to lie dormant for this is the time for war. Every power and principality in the heavenlies have been charged to pull you down, but you must rise up and be determined to allow My Spirit to pull them down by you continuing to worship Me and keeping your focus on My truth alone.

Do not allow the enemy to sway you by the severity of the circumstances surrounding your life. You must rise up and believe that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Keep believing that I AM faithful, and that I am in control, and that all things will work together for your good. Keep your armor on. Make sure that each piece is securely attached, and be determined to take your stand on My promises no matter what the enemy tries to say to you. Do not listen to anything that doesn't line up with My word.

You must walk in My light and My love. Don't allow any darkness quench the flow of My Spirit in you. Examine your heart to see if you are really ready to rise up and overcome. Have you allowed anything to stand in your way, or have you settled for less than My best for your life?

Watch your confessions when you are walking out physical trials. Never say that any illness or infirmity belongs to you, because I redeemed you from the curse of the Law. I have set you free by the power of My blood so that you may have an abundant life full of health and prosperity.

So when the enemy tries to attach to you his infirmities, do not receive them. They don't belong to you. And for those who have walked faithfully with Me but still have had to battle the enemy's tears upon your life, just know that these trials will end if you keep My promises close to your heart. You do have the victory, and My word is true no matter what your body says.

This is the day of the latter rain outpouring, and I AM preparing My bride. Everything you are going through is working in preparation for your stand in My army. Yes, I AM making you mighty warriors, and I AM using your trials to strengthen you and to purge you of all that would hold you back. I've called you My overcomers, and you will rise up against any hindrance the enemy puts before you, and you will continue to press in because you know My truth. Yes, I have called you to overcome all the snares of the fowler.

I've called you to truth and light and love. Put on your garment of praise. Do not be defeated by despair because things seem to be getting worse in the natural. Stay behind your shield of faith and use your sword to tear down the strongholds. Let out a mighty shout for the walls are beginning to fall. Be ready for it is beginning to rain, and My river will flow and mightily through My people for I AM faithful.