The Tables Have Turned
Patsy Shelton
Nov 10, 2003

In the days ahead I will give My people much to rejoice about. I will even be a circle of love, power, and fire around them, and as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so I will surround My people. I will encompass them round about with My blessings for the season of blessings has now come.

And oh this season is not only a season of signs and wonders, and a wondrous move of My Spirit, but it I a season in which I will not hold back that which I have promised to My people. I have brought them through deep, deep waters having been tried and tested in every way. My purpose in doing these things was so that My people would experience the fullness of the Godhead every aspect of their lives. How would they know Me as the God that healeth, if they had not a need to be touched by My healing love? How would they know Me as provider, if they had not had need of provision? How would they know Me as deliverer, if they had not had need of a deliver? My plans and purposes have served Me well, for I have heard their words of trust, and I have heard their words of faith, and now I will come to them with all that they need.

And they have learned that what they have need of is more of the Living God, and I will show Myself strong on their behalf. I will even show Myself strong on behalf of those that have little faith, for it is the time of the manifestation of the blessings of the Most High God. Some are going from faith to faith. But there are those that have gone from faith and into the glory.

I will not tarry, but I will come quickly to restore that which the great army that I sent against My people, yea even the locust, the cankerworm, the caterpillar, and the palmerworm has devoured. Families, marriages, health, finances, broken spirits, and yea these are the things that I will restore. And things will be better than they were before I sent this great army in the midst of My people. For I am not a God that I should patch things up, and repair all that has been lost, but I will even make things better than before. In Me there is no lack, only abundance.

You see in this season of blessings, and restoration, I have moved My people to the next level. I have moved marriages from being Christian marriages to being Godly marriages. I have moved finances from the hands of Christians into the hands of those that will be Godly stewards. They have moved from being Christians to being Godly. These have learned to walk in My ways, and they have come to a place of excellence in My Kingdom. They know not only what and who I am, but they also know what I require of them. They have yielded to My wishes, My wants, and My desires, and these are those that are held in high esteem not only with Me, but also with man.

They have learned to uphold My reputation in every aspect of their lives, and they are ever conscious of making My name praise in the earth. And I will bless the work of their hands, I will bless their going out and their coming in, and My favor shall rest upon them.

The world has laughed at My church, they have laughed at My people, and they have laughed at Me. But I tell you, saith the Lord God that the tables have turned. My people will be the head and not the tail. The lenders and not the borrowers, and they will be known as the people of God. And those that have laughed, mocked, and scorned My own will reap what they have sown. They will even be laughed at mocked, and scorned for it is I the Living God that they have done these things to, and I am not a God that I should be mocked.

Shout it from the rooftops; sing about it in your hearts for I am about to give My people much to praise their God about. The season of blessing, and restoration has now come to the people of God. I will surround them like the mountains surround Jerusalem, and I will shower them with blessings. Praise your God for the tables have turned.