Shirley Lise
November 18, 2003

Walk in and take the land!

Do you understand how to take the victory over your circumstances? Have you finally gotten to the place where you are able to overcome? I have been teaching you how to be an overcomer. I have brought you to the place where you see that there is a battle between the good and an evil report. I have lifted your eyes up and off your circumstances and onto Me. I have directed your gaze upward. When you are looking up, you rise above your circumstances and they have no power over you. But when you look at your circumstances instead of the things above, you are defeated. This is the lesson I have been teaching My Bride, that victory comes by overcoming a negative report with the word of the Lord!

I have shown you that as you speak out the word, it brings life into lifeless circumstances. This is what I call walking by faith and not by sight. This is what I expect those who put their trust in Me to do. Though their circumstances may look impossible, all things are possible toward those who look to Me!

Have I not taught you that the realm of the supernatural supercedes the natural realm? Have I not made it clear that the greatest weapon you carry is the weapon of your testimony, that the words you speak either bring life or death, that the power is in the tongue? Speak life and you will see life! Speak death and you will see death! So you see, you have a choice.

Nothing is too difficult for your God. Nothing, I say, NOTHING! So continue to speak those words of life. Continue to call into being those things that are not, for in so doing, you are bringing the spiritual into the natural and what you have declared in the Heavens will be made manifest in the Earth! Walk in the power given you. Trample the enemy underfoot. Destroy the works of the enemy by speaking forth the word of truth!

Know the truth and it shall set you free! Understand the heart of the Father is to bless abundantly beyond all measure and that He wills that none should perish. So speak it forth into the Heavens. Declare that every knee shall bow before My throne. Acknowledge the Lord over the kingdoms of the world. Trumpet forth the message to an erring generation that the Lord God Almighty reigns! Let this be the testimony on your lips!

I am coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle, for one who lines up perfectly with My will and purposes in the Earth. I will know those who are Mine by the words they speak, for they cannot help but testify of My wonderful deeds to the nations! They cannot be constricted by those who oppose, for life dwells within them, and that life flows outward from them.

So check the words you speak. Are they words of life that reach into a soul and bring life, or do they give glory to the work of the enemy? I challenge you this day to line up the words you speak with My words. Speak life into your circumstances and do not bow down to the enemy's tactics to have you come into agreement with what you see in the natural realm. All power belongs to Me and I have given it to you, so speak words of life and you will see a lifeless situation change. This is the greatest, most powerful weapon given to My Bride. So use it!