You are on the brink of discovery
From Minister susan Cummings


You are on the brink of discovery. I have been bringing you to this point, so that you would know that only by My Hand do you stand, and by My Hand will you accomplish your destiny. Every step that you have taken, has been a continual unfolding of My Purposes for you, and of My Will through you.

Do not despise your journey, but know that I have guided you along it's path, and will continue to do so, until you fulfill all things that I have ordained for you to do. It is up to you to yield to Me so that I can do it through you, and it is up to you to continue to walk it out. Everything and every choice is given to you, and everything is in place for it to be fulfilled, all I need is your faith to be placed fully in Me.

Every discovery brings a new level and degree of Light and Life from within you, as that is the place of birth and of death. With each death, comes forth a birth, and that birth begets new Life and Light through the sacrifice that was offered. Within each change, there is a progressive unfolding from within you, and through you. Out of you shall fully come forth the fullest expression of the Living Waters that I have desired to come forth. For I Am the Living Waters that will come forth from within each of Mine.

Do not give in to doubt and to weariness. But stand firmly in your faith, and draw from Me. I will sustain you, and quicken your mortal body, and give life to your members. You will lack nothing, but place your trust fully in Me to do it. The discovery is yours to make, and yours to bring forth. It is as you believe, it will be.

Every mountain is falling and will continue to fall around you, as you stand and speak what I give you. For the shaking and the quaking has only begun. Even the greatest peaks cannot stand before you. I have already begun to show you some of the obstacles that have been arrayed against you, and you have seen the roots and the key to their defeat. Now it is time to run and to strip them bare.

What was formerly an overwhelming oppression against you will now become a hindrance, and what was once a hindrance against you will now become an annoyance, and what was once an annoyance against you will only be dirt in the wind, as I blow through you into the heavenlies. You will not succumb to the enemy and his repeated maneuvers anymore, but you will rise up and roar!

The former trials were only to train you to reign. As you discover the greater things that will now unfold, and walk the higher heights, you will rest more, pick your battles only by My lead and not your own, and you will understand My greater plans.

There is much yet to discover, as I lift the earthly covers. Not all will see and will understand, but you will, if you continue to walk, holding My Hands.