There Are Two Sides of Judgment
Patsy Shelton
Jan 13, 2004

There are two sides of judgment. One is when I judge the wicked, and the other is when I stand as Judge on behalf of My people. There are many among My people that have been treated unjustly, and have suffered injustices.

They have been dealt with unjustly in business dealings, lawsuits, in the purchasing of homes; cars and these injustices have not gone unnoticed by Me. And now deal harshly with those that have been motivated by greed to take advantage of the people of God. And I will recompense to them their just reward, and I will at the same time rectify these injustices to My own.

And I will turn around those circumstances, and situations that seemed hopeless in the natural. It has been as if My own have hit a brick wall, and could go not further in getting justice on their own behalf. But now, saith the Lord God, I will take control and I will cause even the tinniest injustice to become a blessing for My own.

That which they felt had become a curse rather than a blessing will not be turned around. The blessing will be bestowed upon My people, and the curse will be turned upon the heads of those that have dealt with and treated My people unjustly. I will even right the wrongs of the prior generation.

There are many that were cheated out of their inheritances by family members, and I will restore to them that which lawfully was theirs. And I will cause shame and humiliation to come unto those that have worked their evil deeds, stealing from My people and taking that which lawfully, and legally was not theirs to have. I will even return the riches of secret dark places, and I will take it from those that did their evil deeds in the dark, and I will bring it to the light of My judgment.

And I will take the wealth that the wicked have stock piled, and I will cause it to slip from their hands and fall into the hands of the righteous. And these injustices that have even caused My own to live in the land of bondage, will now be the springboard that thrusts them into the Promised Land.

In Egypt Pharaoh dealt harshly and unjustly with My people. But, I took from him, and gave all his ill-gotten wealth unto My own. As I live, saith the Lord God, I will do it again. Be ready, anticipating, and expectant for I am going to judge the wicked that have dealt unjustly with My people, and to My own I will restore it all.