This Season of Resurrection and New Beginnings
Patsy Shelton
Aug 4, 2004

Take a deep breath My people and get ready for incredible things in this eighth month. I will both do a work of resurrection and the new beginnings that many have waited and longed for will begin to be manifested in this time. I am beginning a season of resurrection and new beginnings.

I will resurrect that which My people had thought was dead. Prophecies that have lain on the shelf even for years will not begin to come to pass, saith the Lord.

Dreams and visions that I birthed within the hearts of My people that have not come to pass will be birthed in this time. Discouragement has overtaken My people and they have thought that these dreams and visions were even birthed out of the realm of their own souls since they had not seen them manifest. But manifest they will. In this season, saith the Lord God, I will begin to cause the foundations to be laid for dreams and visions to come to pass. But, do not despise the day of small beginnings. The dreams and visions of My people will begin to manifest in small ways but I will cause them to flourish and they will come to maturity. Dreams and visions will no longer tarry. I have ordained them to be birthed into the earth in this time.

The previous season was a season of preparation, testing, and positioning. Many of My own I have moved them out of their comfort zones so that I could reveal to them the inner most parts of their hearts. Preparing, testing and positioning so that they would be able to flow unhindered into all that I have prepared for them.

Awake My people, awake to this new day. Awake into a new spiritual realm that no other generation has experienced before. Awake to the season where promises that I whispered in your ears even years ago will now come forth touched by My Glory. Everything that I will do in this time will be cloaked in My Glory.

Amongst My people there will be joy unspeakable and many will be drunk in the Holy Ghost. I am serving royal wine. Wine that has been fermented and will cause drunkenness. Some will choose not to drink of this wine for fear that they will loose their dignity but others that are lost in My love will not be able to get their fill of this royal wine.

A new sound and a new song will come forth in this season of resurrection and new beginnings. There will be joy, gladness, and jubilation in My camp. There will be singing, shouting, and rejoicing as I begin to do these marvelous things for, through, and in My people. I will hold back no longer but I will release those things that I have promised that I would do. Ah, I have not forsaken nor forgotten My own, saith the Lord God.

I will breathe new life into sick bodies. I will breathe new life into finances and I will breathe new life into the spirits of My own. This new season will bring forth the miraculous and the knowledge of their God will cover the face of the earth. I am going to do things in unprecedented ways and there will be no question that it is I that have done these things.

So awake and take heart for I have opened doors that no man can shut. Each door that I open will lead to the fulfillment of their purpose, calling, and destiny. Each door that I open will lead to another door and each door that opens will be greater than the previous door. Each door will lead to a higher level and promotion. These doors that I will open, these doors of new beginnings, will cause My own to soar into realms of My Glory.

Some of My people in this time will make the transition from the realm of faith into the realm of My Glory where nothing is impossible. Living in My Glory where faith is not needed but rather it is a place of partaking of My Kingdom. Appropriating the inheritance that I have prepared for them from the foundation of the earth. Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which I have prepared for them that love Me. But now in this season of resurrection and new beginnings eye will see and ear will hear the things that I have prepared for My own for now, now, now saith the Lord, it will spring forth.

That which My people have believed me for and longed for in their hearts will begin to manifest in this season of resurrection and new beginnings, said your God.