Those That Have Been Wounded In The House of Their Friends
Patsy Shelton
Oct 11, 2003

Zechariah 13:6, 6 And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.

So many of My people are looking for signs in the heavens of My return. I am looking for signs in the earth. I am looking at the hearts of My people, even searching to and from for those that have joined their hearts to mine. Those that will walk out the ministry of reconciliation that I have created them for.

But, what I am finding is division, strife, backbiting, gossiping, and all the things in the lives of My people that are an abomination to Me. My people have not yet come to understand that when they wound each other, they are wounding me. They have not yet come to know that when they turn their backs on My Ways, that they are rejecting Me and even wounding My heart again, and again.

Oh many say that they love me, and many say that they are serving Me, but I donít see the manifestation of that in their lives. How can they love me if they donít love their brother? How can they serve Me without serving the least of these. How can they worship me with unforgiveness, bitterness, anger and resentment in their hearts. Did I not say if you have ought against your brother to leave your gift at the altar, go and make it right, and then return? I will not accept gifts from my people that have the blood of others on their hands.

There are those that have the appearance of Godliness, but turn their backs on the poor and the needy, oppress them, and bring them to shame. I tell you that these have entertained angels unawares. And My angelic beings received the same oppressive and shameful treatment that My people have. And I have given My attention to these, and I have even recorded these acts, and charged them to those that have done these deeds.

Oh how I long for things to be on the earth, as they are in heaven. But on earth, and amongst My people there are grievous wounds. And many of My children come to Me, and show Me the wounds in their hands, which they have received at the hand of their brethren. Wounds that have been purposely inflicted. Wounds that were meant to kill and destroy. Wounds that grieve My heart, and even cause it to break each time I see what My people are doing to each other.

Rather than looking for signs of My return, the time of My people would be better spent, looking into their hearts, and into their relationships with the brethren. For I tell you again if you have done it unto these, that you have also done it unto Me.

Watch now as I call for a higher accountability for words spoken, deeds done, and actions taken among the brethren. Watch now as those that take a sword to their brethren weep as the sword returns to them. Watch now as I stand up and vindicate the innocent ones that have been wrongly accused, and wrongly wounded. Watch now as I wound those that are wounding My people, with a wound that cannot be healed. These are the things that I bid you watch for in this time. Watch now as I rise up in My robes of justice, to right wrongs, and expose wickedness in the hearts of My people.