Those That Have Heard the Clarion Call
Patsy Shelton
Sep 8, 2003

All that I’ve said, and all that I am doing will even cause My people to hunger and thirst after righteousness. I’m am using circumstances and situations to cause My people to run after Me, to seek Me with all their hearts.

There are those that have heard the clarion call, and have answered with a cry of “more Lord, give us more.” I have heard these cries as they came before My throne, and to them I will with hold nothing. But, I will fill their cups to overflowing. They will be filled, and that which I impart unto them, will overflow into their families, their communities, and their churches.

I am raising up a new breed of “Christian,” and they will be the mover’s and shaker’s in these end times. They will flow with My river, and even cause the course of the river to change. They will cause those with religious spirits to squeal and squirm; as they come forth They will be radical, and unmovable. They will be full of My power, and flowing in the power of My might. They will cause the face of the church to be changed forever more. The old will become a thing of the past, and the new will usher in My Glory.

These are those, which understand covenant, and they will not turn to the left or to the right. They are sure of their destiny, plans and purposes. They will even cause the religious system to tremble, as I send them forth.

This has been My plan all along. As I am tearing down the old, at the same time I am bringing forth the new. What a wonderful transition is taking place. I have opened doors for them, that no man can shut, and I will give them entrance into places where My people have not been allowed before. And I will set them in places of authority, where they will judge with My righteous judgment. Having no opinions of their own, but knowing My heart in every situation. Oh, I will place a ring upon their fingers, and a scepter in their hands.

The seasons of their preparation have been long and hard. And many thought that the way of the strait gate was to narrow for them. But My Spirit has led them through, and My grace has made a way for them where there seemed to be no way.

They have been the grapes in My winepress, and I have pressed, squeezed and what you will find in their lives is the sweetness of My wine. Oh, the fragrance of their lives is a sweet fragrance in the nostril of their God. And the wine that will produced through their lives a sweet savor. Because they have loved righteousness, and hated wickedness, I have anointed them with the oil of gladness, and their countenance a reflection of My Glory.

Watch now as I sent forth My radical ones to change the history and face of the church