Those That Have Sought Me With All Their Heart's
Patsy Shelton
Nov 4, 2003

It is a time of soaking and saturation for those that have sought me with all their hearts. My people with longing hearts that have cried out from the inner most parts of their beings, “More Lord, more of you Lord, and less of me.” I have heard their cries, and in this season, as they soak in My presence, I will saturate them with new oil, and pouring out new wine.

Oh I am going to anoint their heads with oil, and there will be an overflowing. And it will flow out of them and onto others. And as this oil flows onto those with longing hearts it will even cause others to long for and desire the relationship that will produce this saturation in their lives. And the new wine that I will serve to these will produce great joy, and even drunkenness. I have saved the best wine for these last days.

You will be able to recognize these saturated ones, because their countenance will shine forth with the oil. They will not have one religious bone in their body, and they will walk in a liberty and freedom that the religious system has not seen before. They will shine forth with the Glory of their God, and they will be dripping oil. And they will serve to others the new wine.

The soaking in My presence has caused their wine skins to become soft and subtle, and they have been prepared to carry the new wine. Their wine skins are bulging at the seams, and they are able to pour and pour this new wine upon My people. These My saturated ones will do as My Son did, they will empty themselves out, and came again to My Throne Room, and there they will soak and be saturated, and filled again. To these that have learned to soak in My presence there will be no end of the oil and the wine. They will empty themselves out, come to Me and I will saturate them, and fill them again.

These saturated ones have come to understand that there is nothing more important in the entire world than enjoying the presence of their God. They find great pleasure in pouring out that which I have poured into them, but they have no need of being sought out and recognized. The grandest pleasure in their life is soaking, even basking in My presence. They are totally consumed by My presence, and I am totally consumed by their longing hearts.

I will send them forth, and they will take others to this place in Me where they will be saturated with the oil and filled with new wine. Where even the deepest heart’s desires will no longer matter, their circumstances will no longer matter, their situations will no longer matter, but they will be lost in Me, and I will be lost in their longing hearts, and I will saturate them with the oil and the wine.

How I have longed for this day, and this time when I would have a people that would have such a deep longing in their heart’s only to be near their God. A people that will soak in My presence, be saturated with oil, and filled with new wine. Ah, My heart is even overtaken with these, and the desire of their hearts to only be near to their God.

No other generation has found this pleasure. But to this generation, and to these with longing hearts, I have extended this invitation to come into My Throne Room to soak in My presence be saturated with oil and filled with new wine.