Patsy Shelton
Aug 18, 2003

There are masses of people in the valley of decision, and I have kept them they’re awaiting the rising up of My Church. I am raising up laborers, even those that will walk hand in hand with Me and co-labor to bring forth these from the valley of decision.

There are those that have been called and anointed to work the fields of My harvest, but I have not yet released them. For I have trained them, taught them, and now I am going to bring them forth to reap a harvest of souls. But, just as a nursery must be prepared for a new born child, I also have had to prepare a church that would have the ability to “train these babes,” up in the way that they should go.

And those that are in the valley of decision that I am about to release to the care of the church will be nurtured, trained, taught, loved by her with an unending love. My church will not criticize or judge those that I am about to release, because they have been forgiven much, and they will love much. They will not try to be My Spirit in the earth, and mold these into their perceptions of what and who they should be.

The laborers that I am bringing forward in this day, have both the ability to love and to discipline, for this brings balance into that which I will do in this way and in this time through the Church of Jesus Christ. My Spirit will lead them, and those that are in the valley of decision that I send them to, will quickly come into the knowledge of all that My Son has accomplished for them. I will do a quick work.

Oh, I have withheld the harvest, and I have been both preparing a church to receive them, and the laborers that will work with these to bring them quickly into intimacy and the knowledge of their God.

I have withheld these laborers for such a time as this. When world events, circumstances, and situations that will come into the earth will even cause great numbers of people to call upon the name of their God, and be birthed into My Kingdom.

But, these laborers may not fit your expectations. For they will not necessarily wear three piece suits, and they may have green hair, and funny clothes. The thing that I am doing is radical, and those that I am raising up won't have a religious bone in their body, but I have called and they have answered. They will go into places and rescue the perishing. that those with religious spirits have been willing to forsake and allow to die. Taking upon themselves the decision of who I would allow into My Church, and into My Kingdom. Afraid to get their hands or their clothes diry, by picking some up out of the ditch. I tell you that those days, are over and will be no more. For I am sick o religion, and religious people.

Ooh, My people see parts of what I am doing, but I am building My Church, and like a good architect I am covering every nook and cranny, and putting into place all those that will cause My Body to flow and function in unity and prosperity.

I am unveiling and revealing My plans and purposes in the earth today, and soon, there will arise a church without spot and wrinkle. I have been preparing the Apostles, the Prophets, the Evangelist, the Pastors and Teachers. I have been preparing those called to intercession. I have been preparing every aspect of the ministries that will flow through My Church, and into a lost and dying world.

My Church will function as a finely tuned instrument, and each part and each person will know where they fit, what their calling is, and how they can complete others in My Body. What an incredible thing I am doing, in preparation for raising up the Church in which My Son will be the head.

Watch now as I raise up laborers to help complete this intricate work that I am doing in raising up My Church.