Patsy Shelton
Aug 23, 2003

There have been references made to My people calling them “Great men and women of God,” and I tell you that those days have past. Now, there will only be a body through which I am doing great things.

My people have entered into a place of idolatry. Idolizing some that are ministers, and some that have ministries. I tell you that now as no other time before, it is time to take your eyes off of man, and focus on the living God. Yes, there are those that I have set in place to minister to My people, but when My people begin to focus on that minister, or ministry to get their needs met, and bypass Me the Living God, that is idolatry. And there are some of those that are now in ministry that are going to sit down because they have I have called, and they have not answered, and I will sit them down. There hearts and their intentions are to gather a flock to themselves, and for their purposes.

Everything that My people can get from a minister or a ministry, they can get from Me. If healing is needed, I am the God that healeth thee. Do I anoint those to minister healing and the working of the gifts of miracles? Yes, of course I do. But, when My people begin to look to these as their source, it grieves My heart.

And some of My people have become lazy. They are willing to take only what they can receive from man, rather than set their hearts to seek Me, and know Me in the secret place of their hearts. To these I say, “My heart is grieved over you, and My heart is broken over you. How I long for you to desire My presence. How I long for you to come and allow Me to teach, touch, and fill you.”

And to those Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, oh that I would that you would not glory in a title, your office, or your calling. I would that you would glory in the Living God, and that you had hearts to see yourselves as servants to My Body. But, you have gloried in your title, and you have gloried in your position and your abilities. You have used the gifts and callings for your own purposes, and to your own end. And thus saith the Lord God to these, “The gifts and callings of God are without remission but you have dishonored Me, and now I will dishonor you. I have called to you, and you have had a hardened and unrepentant heart, and now I will allow your sin to be exposed. You have dishonored Me, and you are going to reap dishonor and shame.”

And I have prepared replacements for those that I will sit down in this time. Who are they? They are the foolish that will confound the wise. They are those that have sat at My feet, and learned of Me. These are those that only want My Kingdom to come into the earth, and My name be exalted above all else. Watch now as I bring to the forefront those that will be Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, and they will serve from the bottom and not from the top. And to these I have freely given and they will freely give, and they will not profit from or market the things of their God. All that I have taught them, and all that they have learned they will give to the rich and the poor at no cost and for no charge.

My righteous ones have cried out, “How long, Oh God? How long, before these things take place, and righteousness rules again?” Ah My children, today is the day of salvation and even today I have begun this work. Watch now as I begin to turn these things upside down, just as you would do with a table. Watch now as I perform My Word.