Aug 4, 2003

I sent My Son to make a way for you to be made whole in every way But, now I send the Holy Ghost He’s going to bring the Fire and Glory

Oh no, this is not an old story But, this will bring new beginnings to you Waves of My Glory that will make you shine And the Holy Ghost Fire that will make you melt.

You’ve hungered and longed for this very day When I would be God in such a wonderful way. You’ve surrendered, and yielded in very way Now My Glory on you will rest, My Fire through you will be manifest

No more fire shut up in your bones, My word will come forth, boldly and strong Your open your mouth, and My words will come out You will be a Holy water spout.

And where ever you go, and to whomever you speak People will be in awe, and they will say, “I can tell that you know Him in a brand new way!” “How can I know Him the way that you do?” “Take me to Him, so that I can be made new.”

Oh My presence, the fire that is in you It will cause sparks that will bring fire to others too. Even your eyes will glow like the sun As you are entering the season of Holy Ghost fun.

No religion will be found in your soul For you have been freed from man’s control You are in Me, and I am in you, The two have become one And We are going to have Holy Ghost fun.

No sadness, no sorrow, Oh no not in you Only love, joy, peace and happiness too. Others are longing and looking for the way To enter into this brand new day.

You have cried, “Lord, here am I send Me.” And send you I will To the broken, the lost, the hopeless ones They will renewed and revived by the life of My Son.

I send you forth now, and wonders you will see Because you have entered into this new way with Me Goodness and mercy, signs and wonders will be The manifestation of My presence radiating from thee.

Go forth! Go forth! Go forth! I say To bring a harvest into this New Day. You need do nothing but yield to Me And great miracles you are going to see

Waves of My Glory, and the Fire of the Holy Ghost You have counted and paid the cost. And now Waves of My Glory And the Fire of the Holy Ghost Will manifest through you in wonderful ways For this is the beginning of My brand new days.