Patsy Shelton
Oct 16, 2003

L.D. Oxford

The way that you have desired to go and the path that you have desired to walk, and the things that you have wanted from me is not a popular path. It's not a popular path!!! If you look for those in high places to come along side, to put their approval and to put their arms around you, to call you to walk with them. You'll be disappointed.

For I did not call you to walk the popular path, but I did cause you to walk the path that I have put within your heart to walk. I gave you the desire and I gave you the unction. I gave you a hunger to walk under the anointing of the prophetic.

I have cut away from you the things that were not of me and I have prevented you from walking into paths that were not of me. And I interrupted your path in the places that you wanted to go because of your enthusiasm, excitement and your desiring to. I saw danger up ahead and I prevented you from doing it. Do not look for the approval of man. Do not look for those that are in high places to say, come on up here with us. Come and stand with the mighty man.

There is a place where I will send you down into the low places. To pick up the one who has been left on the side of the road. I will send you to that one, and I will use you as the Samaritan, to that one. That , even those who have been religious and those that have been Levites pass by. And I will send you to pour in the oil and the wine. I say to you, if you look for mans approval, you will be disappointed. But if you will look to please me, the day will come, when they shall say, come up here with us. Come and stand, by the Mighty man of valor. Then I shall say, Look how he doesn't need it, so I will give it to him. He doesn't need it, so I'll give it to him.

I've made you to be a truth speaker. One that will have truth in your mouth and will speak it. I've taught you also to temper it with mercy and with grace. I've told you to speak the truth and the truth would deliver. And the truth would set men free. So speak truth. Speak that which is truth.

Let truth come from your mouth and lips. My truth. And even as you speak truth and the other side of the sword that is painted with mercy and grace, it will bring healing to the rejected. It will bring healing to that one who has been lost and forsaken.

Remember, not always popular, but you will walk in truth and will be known as one who will set many free.