The Wind of Heaven - The Breath of God
Patsy Shelton
Oct 28, 2003

Everything is changing. The world is changing, and My church is changing. The hearts of My people are changing. There is extreme change in the atmosphere. The tide has turned, and everything has changed.

Oh no My people don’t yet fathom the degree and the depth of the changes both in the natural and in the spirit, but it has all changed. I have rearranged everything to flow in My time frame, and in My Way.

I am raising up a church, and it has been birthed in the earth through the hearts of those that have laid down their lives, and the brilliance and the glory of it will be astounding. It looks nothing like the previous church. There is death coming to the old, and incredible life coming to the new. The old church will be a mausoleum; even tombs for those that have chosen to remain in the old, and not come into the new. They are not willing to let go of the old ways, and be refreshed and renewed by this new move of My Spirit.

Tell My people that a wind is about to blow. A wind that they have not experienced before. This wind will carry them far above, and way beyond their wildest expectations. There is nothing in history to compare to what I am about to do in the earth. Oh yes, there have been great movements in the past, but they will not hold a light to what is about to begin to happen in the earth, in My church, and in the lives of My people.

And the anointing is increasing in increments it is building. For if I released the glory, and the power that I have in store for this hour, even the physical body would not be able to bear it. So, little by little, I am increasing the anointing. And it will culminate into wondrous miracles, wondrous signs and wonders. And as the velocity of this wind increases, and as it begins to flow through the souls of My people, there will be awe in the earth, and awe in the hearts of My people. The impossible and the miraculous will no longer be the exception, but they will become the norm. No longer a miracle here and a miracle there, but hours and days filled with the miraculous and the supernatural And this will extend to every area of the lives of My people, as this wind and this increase of the anointing takes them into the supernatural life that I have provided from them.

Many have felt it, and many have sensed it but now it will begin to manifest, and with each manifestation increase. Many have seen into the realm of the spirit, and many have even nearly touched the reality of it, but it has eluded My people until this time. No longer will they have to long and wait for this great wind to blow. For as I live, saith the Lord God, the time is now and the day is now, and the hour has come. This wind is the breath of their God, and I am going to breathe and cause a wind to blow from heaven that has never been released upon the earth, nor upon My people.

There have been seasons of preparation for those forerunners that will allow Me to manifest My presence through them in this magnificent new way. Seasons of heartbreak, seasons of discouragement, seasons of disillusionment, seasons of crying out, “When Oh God, When will we see your presence in the earth?” Seasons of longing, and seasons of waiting. I tell you, saith the Lord your God, the season of waiting is over, and the season of longing is over. That which I have shown many glimpses of, and those that have sensed that something big was about to happen now it will no longer be a dream or a vision, but it will be a reality.

How will it be manifested? Through yielded vessels, even those that have been carriers of this vision. Even those that through intercession, weeping and crying before My Throne have made a way for things to be on earth as they are in heaven. Ah, heaven is coming to earth.

The velocity of the wind is increasing, and this generation will see the fullness of My power and My glory. I will with hold it no longer, for this is the appointed time, and this is the designated day, and this is the very hour of a move of My Spirit that man has not beheld afore this time.

Can you feel the breeze beginning to rush through your soul? Can you hear the sound of the wind gaining momentum? If you can, then you will be carried away, and caught up in a wind that cannot be seen with the natural eye. But, as this wind blows you will see where it has been, and you will see where it is going and you will become a part of this wind. The wind of My Spirit is being released from heaven, breathed by a living God, and everything is about to change, and all things rearranged, saith the Holy One of Israel.