To My Hurting Daughters My Name Is Immanuel

Olivia Reitz Long

To My hurting daughters... I have seen your frustrations and I know your questions. My eyes have gone to and fro, looking for someone who was willing to put aside all things and you said "here am I" and then found yourself going through the fire and it's been much hotter than you ever expected. You have known what it is to be in need and you know the hurts of the outcasts for so many times you feel like an outcast yourself.

You have brought to My remembrance My many words and promises to you. My Beloved, I have heard your cries. Know that I have not gone back on My Word, I cannot because I Am bound by My Word. My hands have not been idle. I have been with you through every frustration and pain that has been inflicted upon you, for My Name is Immanuel.

Know, My daughters that I have and Am paving the way, the preparations have been under way for your breakthroughs. Be sensitive to My directions, even to the smallest insignificances, because they are vital! Do not fear that you will miss Me or My direction. You have walked many spiritual miles for Me and have fought many spiritual battles and I AM pleased that even through your own pain you have been there for another sister in need.

You have cried out to Me through your tears and pain telling Me that all seems hopeless in your eyes. Although it seems as though I have forsaken you, KNOW that I Am Immanuel. Although it seems My eye and My hand have not been upon you, KNOW that I AM Immanuel. ... Beloved, I AM aware of All your needs, My eyes are upon them and upon you. Now is the time to hold fast to My promises. Now is the time to hold on to your faith. Although it 'appears' the answers are far off, they are much nearer than you know! Continue to speak words of faith to My daughters. Continue to stand firm and rejoice in Me. My Beloved, I have breathed My breath into your lives and anything that I breathe my breath into - LIVES!!!! Know that even now, in your pain and even confusion, I AM breathing wellness into My willing vessels. This is the time that you must keep your focus and that focus is ME. Reserve your heart for Me at all costs, for the day is surely coming when those who have chosen to walk with their King through all adversities will see the might and Power of MY strong arm. My daughters, you will see Breakthrough in unprecedented ways and the time of your blossoming forth for ME is SURELY at hand. The time that you have awaited is SURELY upon the horizon in might and power.

You have been learning to rely on ME, and no other, for ALL things! You have been learning to rely on ME for even your very existence in your painful situations. And now, My daughters, "Watch ME move in a mighty way." Watch Me bring forth all those things that I have promised you. Provisions, needs met and your place in My plan. All are coming forth by My hand and because of My Word. I AM speaking forth these words this very hour. As I spoke the Word - the universe came into being. I AM now speaking forth the Word for you!

Behold the goodness of your Lord and Savior, for I can create out of the ugly and unseemly and create something beautiful. Await the appearance of My surprises that I AM placing at your doorstep. Be expectant of the gifts from the I AM launching you into going about your Father's business in a more productive way. Beware of those that tell you times are hard and you will never see the Glory of your God. Beware of those who discourage you from accepting My word into your heart, for truly, I HAVE SPOKEN and truly I will bring forth ALL I have spoken. Put not your trust in another but In Me. I have given you My Word and I have confirmed My Word. NOW, I AM FAITHFUL TO BRING IT TO PASS.

I AM not a man who would look down on His Beloved. Reach forth your hand and receive. Behold, I will give strengthening power to My chosen daughters and I will restore all that you have lost. Today, I AM calling for you to reach forth you hand and receive and as you receive give out to another of My hurting daughters. Give to those you see in need. Give to those who are discouraged. I AM calling for the process to go forth in My Name and by MY power and none shall stop it, for I AM IMMANUEL.

I want you to know these words are truly spoken by the voice of your God. Will you continue to give freely to others of My daughters in need, In My Name? Will you continue to offer a cup of living water to your sisters who are discouraged and are losing hope, even when you are feeling the depths of despair yourself? Truly you ARE receiving from ME, now freely give what you have received.

You knew that I had called you and to set your face as flint in that calling - a calling that is special and unique and one only you can achieve .... It is a high calling and one not to be taken lightly. The preparations have been intense and you have been trained in life's situations. These have not been easy and it has taken great faith. Do you hear me? You, my beautiful daughters, have great faith. My Word says that to those who overcome, I will give a crown of life and you are overcomers and you shall receive your crown. This crown will take many forms and your needs will be met and your calling sure.

My hurting daughters, ALL, I say ALL authority has been given to you. Get mean with the enemy. Do not allow him in the back door for He will rob you of the peace I have given you. You are Mine! My signet ring is upon your finger and My seal upon your forehead. Go - in the authority, GO - in the power of My Name. Let nothing or no-one come between My presence and you. You are mine and I AM jealous over you.

I AM calling you to walk forth as mighty warriors of God. Stand tall and stand strong in ME! I want those around you to see My glory in you. The world is saying , 'aha, aha, where is her God?' - but the world and the church shall see that I AM alive in you, they shall see My Glory and My love in you and upon you. They will see Who I AM and what I can do through My hurting daughters who I WILL bring forth In My Glory and they will see that I AM IMMANUEL in you.

You have waited and waited. You have wondered when will it happen? You have said "When Lord, When?" I say to you, my daughters, is the day. I AM giving you the desires of your heart and it will be a strong witness to many! You are a testimony and a witness... I AM Immanuel.

My daughters, what I have for you will be hard for you to contain. It will be like a mother giving birth. The blessings will cause you to forget these hard and difficult times. The blessings will be 100 fold, in every area and to those of whom I called you to, they will surely be blessed! You have sowed into My work and you shall reap the harvest. I love giving to My children, I take pleasure in giving to My own. Expect a harvest in all areas ... spiritual, emotional and physical.

I see faith arising in your spirit and it is your faith and trust In Me that will move mountains. Mountains are moving this day because of your faith. Debts are being paid and that which seemed impossible you will see as "possible" with your God. It is time for you to 'soar like the eagle', for nothing, I say NOTHING is impossible with your God. Rise, O' precious daughter of Mine, rise and see the impossible happen. Let no one dissuade you with their words or actions, no-one. Rise and soar O' Daughter of Mine. Let your faith soar for the day of promise is here. Give me first place in your heart always and know that I AM Immanuel, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.....

You have been in a desperate situation and time. You have tasted the mire and the desperation of many of My daughters. You have felt the desire to give up and you have experienced the feeling of going under. My beautiful servant you have tasted what many are living under....As MY SON took on the sins of the world, so you, My daughters, so you have tasted and taken on desperation... and ... just as you have experienced the desperation you will experience My deliverance. This is your testimony. You will see what I have been accomplishing on your behalf in the spiritual realm now touch you in the natural realm and you will say, Aha, My God was always with me.

My ears are listening for your shouts of joy that will arise for the gates of heaven are opening upon you. My daughters, I AM IMMANUEL!!!

"The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son and they will call Him Immanuel, which means, "God with us." Matthew :23

Rise Up O Woman Of God

Olivia Reitz Long

RISE UP O' WOMAN OF GOD.... You are passing over the Jordan into the promised land. I have prepared you and I have guided you. Each word that I have given you was a preparation, like the manna I gave to the children of Israel. - and like the children of Israel you have become very weary, at times, of the manna. But this was to feed you and to sustain you.

NOW, I AM taking you from your wilderness and into your promised land. I will go with you... I will go before you ... and I will go behind you. You shall move into the land that I have prepared for you.

As you draw near to the river to go into the place that I have called and prepared for you, do not be afraid to step into that river for it will part for you. Much preparation has been done in you and in the same wise much preparation has been done in the place I am calling you.

So many times you thought I was doing nothing, but the fact remains a great and mighty work has been done unbeknownst to you. I have never forsaken you although you may have thought that I have. Many times I have been carrying you and protecting you and guiding you through areas that you were never aware of, all the while holding you in the palm of My hand. Beloved, I saw every question, every concern, every tear - never forsaking you...EVER!

I have placed upon each of you a calling like no other. I have placed upon each of your hearts - a hunger and desire to serve Me. An all consuming desire, consuming your thoughts at this very time and times past. Through times of doubts, loneliness and hardships ... times when you have cried out to Me "Where are You God? You promised to move mightily in My life, where are you?"

I say to you, here AM I in your midst. Even when you are surrounded by distractions,and the distractions have been many, I AM in your midst. Keep your eyes and your heart focused on Me, do not be moved, for I will move mightily. Many are called but few are chosen and I AM well pleased that you have stood and remain firm in your calling.

One word of caution, My daughters, "YOU ARE SERVING ME, not man!" You have faced opposition in the past and you will face opposition in the future, such is the course of one who TRULY follows Me. Mankind will try to dissuade you - set your face like flint - only following and serving ME.

Over these past days and hours I have been placing within your spirit a stirring of hope and a stirring of assurance in your heart for the call upon your life. This stirring will begin to bring the flow of My Spirit. You have sensed that there is a moving, "a tangible" moving taking place. Do not denounce it but grasp and lay hold of what I lay before you. The time of being held in limbo is now coming to an end for My Spirit is moving in a mighty way.

Give ear to My Word and remember My precepts - they are for instruction and wealth. Take note of every jot and tittle - they are for a purpose. I do not give words of non effect or non meaning. Each word to you has been carefully picked for you edification and for you instruction. Do not discount My Words but take heed and give ear. Weigh them very carefully!

My Beloved Daughters, you have been in a most vulnerable place because it is the place where I am positioning you to enter and claim your inheritance. A place where often all you can do is "stand." My daughters, through it all, I AM delighted with your obedience and My recompense and reward is with Me. My daughters, I will never allow you, My faithful ones to lose or miss your inheritance and blessings - you can be sure ALL that I have promised you will be fulfilled.

Beakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough ... I AM the Breaker and I AM breaking through every door and every hold that would try to bind you. You Lord God Almighty is doing this thing and I AM breaking through on your behalf. I AM reaching out My arm to you this day and I say come away My Beloved to that secret place reserved only for you.

The time is right, the day is here, I AM calling you forth. It is no accident that I have chosen this season to bring release to you and to your calling. It is a new beginning that you are celebrating - a new day and a new hour is dawning, so lift up your eyes, My daughters and see your Father and your God bring to pass all that I have promised.

Lift up your eyes for a mighty work has been accomplished. Lift up your eyes for your new day is dawning and your call been made ready. Lift up your eyes to the hills from which cometh your help - your help cometh from the Lord! Lift up your eyes for the unveiling...

You will stand in amazement in what I AM unveiling. You will 'watch' in amazement at the unveiling. I said I would do it and I AM fulfilling My Word. You will see that shortly it will be your triumphant day, a day of breakthrough, a day of triumph over all the enemy has tried to do to hold you back. It will be a day of laying forth the plans I have for you and the triumphant entering into those plans. It is a glorious entering in of you with your King. Listen, My daughters, for the trumpets are sounding and My angels have gone forth.

Get ready for your glorious visitation. Get ready to receive the voice of your God as the mysteries of My will shall be revealed to you. Do not question My instructions but move in them. They will bring an excitement to your spirit and music to your ears. You will say "I can't believe it" but Beloved, you WILL believe!

Don't believe or settle for the lies of the enemy that would say it's not going to happen. Let the words of My mouth be the final say in your life, knowing you can rely on what I say and know that it is truth and it cannot change or fail! My daughters, stand on My Word, it is life to you.

Stand fast, stand fast and don't let go. Your vision, your dream, your hope is in the making, don't let go. Hold fast, stand fast and you will see the I AM bringing into the physical realm those things I have accomplished in the spiritual realm. You will stand in amazement for your thoughts, your conceptions of what I would do could not even begin to compare to what I AM really doing. You will stand amazed at what I AM bringing forth.

The way has been hard and the road has been rough but it is time to RISE UP O' WOMAN OF GOD, rise up and take your rightful place. A place of distinction and a place prepared for only you. I have been knitting you with like sisters who have known much heartache, suffering and pain and those who have 'no need' for personal glory - cherish My precious gift unto you! The hour and minute is upon you - RISE UP O' WOMAN OF GOD!

My Daughters It Is Time To Take Your Rightful Place

Olivia Reitz Long

My daughters, the doors are being thrown wide open... The day has arrived for you to take your rightful place in the plan for MY Church. I have been cleansing, purging and filling and now you WILL break forth into this new life that I have called you to ... You have held fast and you have stood the test of time and now your new beginnings are breaking forth. I am putting a new song in your heart and mouth and it shall break forth in praise and worship for all your Father has done. Break forth and sing, O Barren Woman, who is no longer barren but who will bring forth many into My Kingdom.

I have been luring you into My bosom, into My presence in a newer way. I wanted you to know My love so there will be no doubts about the calling or anything else I ask of you. Feel My love so deeply, lay all else aside and seek My presence as I give you confidence and security and strength In Me ... knowing the I AM is with you always. My women of valor, I want you to have the reassurance that HE who calls you is the I AM who will take care of you. Everything is right ahead of you, don't let the vision get so far out that you are not seeing what is nigh at your door.

I have called you to a holy calling, a call gone out to a chosen few. You answered the call because of your love for Me ... My heart is stirred because of that love and I AM well pleased - therefore - I will do all that I have promised and you will not be ashamed for putting your trust In Me. My daughters, because you were chosen, because you were willing and obedient, because you were steadfast and immovable in the trials laid before you, because you listened to ME always - I AM turning everything around for you and for Me to receive the Glory. You were put in the melting pot with the heat turned up. You were then put on a shelf so My Spirit could mold and refine you, fit for My service. Some of you are already in My desired place for you but for others I will now move you to where you are to be .... then ..... you shall experience the Glory of your God. NOW, now is the time when I will complete what I have started in My daughters because the time has come for you to take your rightful place in these last days.

You have waited for so long and now you will see that waiting upon My presence brings liberty to those who are bound. You have listened to Me to not move out in your own timing nor your own power but to seek the One Who breaks the chains, the bondages and Who proclaims 'true liberty' to the captives. I seek those who I can use, who are willing to "count the cost." of discipleship and follow wherever I may lead. Continue to wait, My Child, for the time is near. Wait upon My Spirit to bring the deliverance that is required, knowing that it will be "fully" manifested in the time of My choosing.

I have pulled back the curtains and opened the windows, to begin to pour out to you provisions and blessings. The blessings that I AM pouring 'in' you and 'on' you. The pouring in you will find more valuable to you than the pouring on you. You will treasure the pouring in while the pouring on is needed for your sustenance. Receive 'both' the pouring in and the pouring on.....'Reverence' the pouring in and 'Welcome' the pouring on, for the windows of heaven are opening to you and for you.

Hear the Word of the Lord and angels saying "She is coming forth, she will enter the fullness, she is of those chosen and the number of the harvest shall be great." Who will ascend the mountain of God, the Holy Place? Those whom I have chosen. Those with a clean heart - those who have sought My heart! As you come forth, you will be surrounded by an awesomeness of Who I AM and what I AM doing in these days. A move like no other has ever seen or experienced in this day. The enemy has tried to stop what I AM doing in your midst but he has failed. He has sought to conjure up accusations against you but I say unto you "I AM annihilating his efforts." There is a door opening that I have set before you that will be the "final break away" from the old ways. I will establish you in the forefront of what I will be doing. You will be the first to see what I AM doing in the earth. You will be ready to welcome the many as they enter the places I have prepared for them. I give you My peace because My high calling is on your heart. I AM on the throne and My scepter is pointed toward you. Hear My voice as I give you My instructions. Hold on in anticipation of what I AM about to do - it is time to take your rightful place.

Daughters Of Destiny

Olivia Reitz Long

This is the time, this is the hour that I shall raise up My Daughters of Destiny. I have proclaimed you as My own, I have set you apart for Kingdom duties and you shall receive Kingdom blessings. Set your eyes and expectations high, far above all you could ask or think. Expect all that I have promised to come forth for it is being released to you and for you. Now you will begin to see and know that the time has come. I have been saying that we are approaching a new era - an era where I will do exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think. You will stand in awe when I begin this mighty move, 'in power' as you have never seen before.

I have made a solemn oath to you, My faithful daughters, and the words I have spoken to you and for you are true and are coming to past. The word has gone forth in the heavenlies and will manifest in a "twinkling of an eye." It is taking place in the natural even now as the I AM speaks. You have been hearing and I have been speaking 'suddenlies.' They are not in vain but for your benefit to be ready for that great and awesome time that is upon you. You have been hearing praise reports from others as their promises are coming forth, but I say unto you the praises raised unto Me have just begun!

You have heard My voice, you have answered My call. Now I AM raising you up and sending you forth. You will teach and share the awesomeness of your God. You will share experiences that only you can share. I have brought you through the most difficult of times but these times have given you wisdom and understanding of Me and who I AM. I have filled your mouth and heart with wealth untold. I have given you special gifts only for you and you have much to offer because you are sensitive to My voice. With My right arm I AM bringing you into the place that I have promised you along with blessings you will not be able to contain.

Truly My presence is upon you... Truly you are encompassed and enclosed with My love. Truly My Word is in your mouth and heart and you will go forth touching hearts and lives. My Words I have placed within you and My Word does not return to Me void but will accomplish what I intend. You will speak what I have placed within you... I AM HE Who is faithful and true and I AM alert and active watching over My Word to perform it, saith the Lord.

It is My Blood and My Name that set the captives free. It is the anointing that breaks the yokes. I have called you and I have placed upon you the anointing. I have given you the authority to use the Name above all names, the Name of Jesus to set the captives free. I AM sending you forth with a commission 'and' a mission to those who are in bondage and are blind that they might be free.

The enemy has "attempted" to destroy My plan and your credibility but I have protected you. I clothed you with My righteousness and My Love, therefore the enemy cannot bring an accusation that you are not righteous enough or love enough. For I have clothed you in My righteousness and My love. Areas in the past which have held you back, there has been a release and THEY WILL HOLD YOU NO LONGER.

It is with much love that I, your God, speak to you this day. I say, "O Weary soul arise! Arise and take your place." Behold, I AM with you.... Behold, My hand is upon you... Behold, I AM undergirding you with My mighty right arm.

You are going beyond what has been familiar to you. Beyond your expectations... Beyond your comprehensions... Beyond what you have even tried to figure out. You are going beyond those things for I have called for a vessel that has been broken and cleansed. A vessel that is willing to be resided in by ME, filled with My Spirit, filled with My Word and filled with My heart.

So many of you are weary from the trials of your life and circumstances. Beloved, My arm is not shortened that I cannot save and deliver My Daughters of Destiny, neither am I blind that I cannot see your trials, tribulations and sufferings as well as your rejoicings and blessings. Neither am I deaf that I cannot hear the cries of your heart for your brethren. I see, I hear and I feel all that you and your brethren are going through and I AM He who delivers you out of ALL your troubles. I AM He who has been with you in the fire. I AM HE who is with you in the valley of the shadow of death and My rod and My staff protect and guide you. I AM He who prepares a table before you 'in the presence' of your enemies. I AM He who leads you beside the still waters and into the green pastures. I AM He who restores your soul and I lead you in the paths of righteousness for My Name's sake and Surely ONLY MY goodness and MY mercy and MY unfailing love follows you all the days of your life.

My daughters, you are ever faithful to Me, even in the midst of the turmoil swirling round about you. I see your obedience and I say it is better than sacrifice, although you have sacrificed much to Me in your obedience - therefore you shall reap a hundred fold, saith the Lord.

This proclamation is going forth to My Daughters to arise and go forth to proclaim the words I have spoken to you. There is an outpouring of My Spirit for the great ingathering that is about to take place. There are many I AM sending forth - there are different messages but all for My Glory. As you await your emergence, speak and encourage those I have placed in your path because a part of them becomes a part of you. Your burdens for a hurting and dying world have intensified because those whose lives you have already touched have become a part of you. Because of that compassion and love you are prepared to touch others... No other gifts can replace true love and compassion, they are foremost in touching and winning souls and lives to Me. "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have not love, I have become as sounding brass or a tingling cymbal" but My Daughters of Destiny will speak My Word to a lost and dying world with MY LOVE.

Remain focused on Me and do not waiver. As you make your plans, I will reveal My significant plans that I have in the spiritual realm. My Beloved, your calling is sure, do not allow man to deter you. I have called you for such a time as this. But, you say, look at my circumstances, I say ... Awaken, shake yourself from your slumber. Arise, it has begun! I will bless you and anoint you and give to you your inheritances. Prepare yourself to receive as never before. Fear not, for you have been well trained and mighty signs and wonders will follow you. Precious in My sight is the woman who puts her trust in the Lord. You have not trusted in vain - ALL is lining up, ALL is becoming a reality, ALL is coming into focus.

From every creed and ethnic group, from the Americas', Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia ... From every continent, from every land, My daughters will arise - Arising OUT of your circumstances and INTO your Destiny.

I See You My Daughters

Olivia Reitz Long

I see you, My daughters, I see the deep heartcries of My own. You have been in a desperate situation and time and have tasted the mire and the desperation that many of My Beloved have been living in for much of their lives even unto this moment in time. I see My daughters who have cried out night and day for true love from their earthly fathers as they continue to seek their acceptance and love. I see as fathers continue to suppress their daughters even under the pretext of doctrinal issues and traditions of religion. I see the loyalty of your fathers to Me but I also see the areas of jealousy, competition and the pride of man that they exhibit towards you. To you, My daughters, know that you have a Heavenly Father who cares about you more than you can ever think or imagine and that it is My desire that your earthly father will see you as I do... You have been in painful situations because of your earthly fathers and they have not been easy upon you and it has taken great faith on your part to remain afloat. My daughters do not think that the I AM does not see or feel your pain. Know that My hand is not short and know that I AM able to deliver you and promote you into the destiny I have for you.

I see you, My daughters, I see as husbands continue to try to manipulate and control you again under the pretext of doctrine, tradition and even pride in who they are. What My beloved ones fail to understand is that when I brought forth man, you were already in him. Woman was not brought forth at another time but you were inside man when he was created ready for Me "to bring out" - to stand beside him 'as one'. I see "your" pain, My daughters.... I see the pain as you follow Me with all of your heart and I see the pain as husbands continue to tear down even though, in their own eyes, they never see this as happening. Men who profess to follow Me and all My ways but ever so subtly are tearing down their wives. My daughters, again do not think that the I AM does not see or feel your pain or of what is happening. I did not create man to control their wives in order to elevate themselves whether it be in the spiritual arena or in the natural. You have stood and you have prayed for your husbands to see, to truly see what they are doing and to have the Godly marriage that was sought for you from the very beginning. You have stood but you have also watched as the situation does not change. Yes, I see you, My daughters and KNOW that I will bring you forth and into your destiny.

I see you, My daughters, I see as the church who operates in My Name, continues to belittle you in lieu of their traditions and doctrines. Teachings that bring down My creation, My daughters to a level you are not to be. My own are not to operate separately but together in one accord. I see, My Beloved, as the church and religion tries to separate you from your destiny but again, KNOW that I will bring you forth and into your destiny.

I see you, My daughters. I see your desperate situation, I see, hear and feel your desperate cries as you seek only to come forth in what I have for you - seeking with all of your heart your Heavenly Father and Husband who loves you with such an unconditional love and devotion that is sometimes hard to comprehend living under your natural conditions. You have felt the desire to give up. You feel as though you are going under. You are partaking and tasting what so many of My daughters are living under, even now. Through it all, I have equipped you to minister to those who are the downcast.

I am not a God Who is slack toward My promises to you. Know that I will do what I have said I would do in your life. Out of desperation comes My Glory. Out of defeat comes My victory. Because of your obedience and persistence with Me amongst your most difficult situation, comes My Glory and My power. Out of your persistence you have run the race and will now win the prize of My high calling on your life. You have been prepared through the winds of adversity and you will be crowned with My glory to be a light and beacon in this world of darkness. Up until now the light has been hidden or partially obscured but no more. No more will I allow My daughters to be suppressed. It is time the basket is removed completely from over the light. I have empowered you to do the ministry I have called you to and I have equipped you to do it... You have tasted your calling already but it is nothing compared to what you will see happen before your very eyes. The enemy has tried to stop what I AM doing in your midst but he has failed. There is an open door before you that will be a 'final' break of the old ways. Any, in their heart and by their actions who continue to suppress you will be brought low but it is My desire that fathers, husbands and the church see that I am establishing My daughters in the forefront of what I AM doing. Either they will be beside you or they will lag behind and stand alone.

My daughters, I see every moment of your sufferings, remember My Word: "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." As Naaman you have not given up after one dip in the pool, nor after two dips. I have called you, it IS coming, nothing can stop it! Don't be discouraged after a few dips but wait for number seven. I see you, My daughters and now - stand and watch as you see the I AM perform the miraculous in your life. Your eyes will see things that you have never seen before. Up till now My ravens have been sustaining you, but now the I AM steps into the situation.

My daughters, I have had you on stepping stones and I have walked you 'across the water" from your side of religion, and to the faith walk to MY side. I AM a consuming fire... let Me consume you and you to consume Me. Let all that is mine be yours. My daughters, grasp and lay hold of each word I have given you. Speak it as though it's already happened and give Me the praise. Focus on Me, focus on My Word. I send many to encourage you and some are sent by the devices of the enemy to pull you down, but remember I AM always the final authority! I see you, My daughters and I say the time for striving to belong in your rightful place is over. The I AM Who has called you WILL perform it. Remain steadfast in your faith in Me, do not waiver, do not become discouraged, the He that has called you is faithful!

My Beloved Daughters
Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Olivia Reitz Long

To My Beloved Daughters ... So many of you have been between a rock and a hard place. You have been enduring a time of darkness, fear, depression, oppression and even destruction. You have been in this position for so long that you fear you are going down... But the I AM says "you will not go down in this hard place", one that began two years, three years, four years ago - for some,even much longer.

You feel like a destitute woman but you are NOT a destitute woman but a woman of power and wisdom. Watch as I take your hard place, your desperate situation in which you are barely enduring and turn it around for My Glory! You will see that this place is wealth to be shared with others - and you will touch many more of My daughters who will turn their lives of desperation over to ME for they will hear of your freedom and emergence from your hard place by MY HAND!!!

You have been held in a vice too long.. Listen for My voice with My instructions and your obedience will bring you out of your hard place into your promised land. Many of you will shortly be contacted by someone who holds your destiny, listen for My instructions. Hear the voice of your Father speaking words of love and compassion to you. Seek My face early in the morning and forget not My promises for they are yes and amen.

The enemy, even now says you are going down, that you will never exit this hard place, it is impossible. But be prepared to see the great power of the I AM. Be prepared to see many be astounded as I remove ALL hindrances from your life that are holding you back taking you out of your hard place. I will astound and amaze even those who gave you lip service of your situation. Now they and all will see and it will be a sign to you and them when it comes into full manifestation.

Beloved, My Spirit dwells within you and will instruct you in what you are to do. You are favored amongst women, listen to My Spirit. You are not destitute in any area. You will not remain in this hindered place any longer. As Elijah asked for fire, I answered with Fire! I AM a God Who answers. I answer My servants and you are My servants. As Elijah received His answer, so shall My daughters receive their answers and their deliverance.

I LOVE YOU, MY DAUGHTERS with an everlasting love, an all consuming love. You will see and experience My deliverance from your hard place. Celebrate, My Daughters, Celebrate! Celebrate My love for you as you emerge and stand with My Son, THE ROCK.

Be prepared to see sights you never imagined you would see. Be prepared for Me to do signs and wonders through you. You have desired healing for so many and you shall see it not only for others but for yourself. You will see all that I have given you authority to do! Any doubts that continue to plague you, I WILL REMOVE! Believe In ME! Believe in your miracle working God!

Be of good cheer, My daughters as the day of your deliverance approaches. Deliverance from the hold the enemy has placed on your ministry, your emotions, your finances, your very life itself.

While still in your hard place today, let your faith arise! See the impossible made possible! Declare your freedom for I AM setting you free! Shout aloud to the Lord, your deliverer, for you are being freed from the avenger's tricks and holds.

RISE UP, O DAUGHTERS OF MINE - let your faith soar - and witness the deliverance of your Lord! No longer between a rock and a hard place, but with THE ROCK!