"Living 'Finished'! God Has Purposed You to Manifest!"
By Undrai & Bridget Fizer

The truth and principle of the Kingdom are meant to be courageously embraced in one's life in order for the manifestation of your purpose to be clearly seen. The realities of sufferings and personal disappointments do not negate the power of Kingdom purpose in one's life. Your life was not designed for "religious purposes," but for seasonal, global, generational, and eternal purposes.

The intense stirrings that you feel on the inside of you, in regards to your personal faithfulness to your assignment -- as well as the embarking of new journeys -- is the Father's reaffirmation of what He has already spoken, done, and finished, within you (*see Isaiah 46:10-11)!


You can do all things in Christ, which strengthens you because you have already done those things in Christ before you were ever born. God doesn't identify Himself with us after we are born. He has begun this significant relationship with us before we were born. He not only knew us within the womb of our mother, but He knew us in His very own womb, before we were even conceived in our natural lineage (*see Jeremiah 1:4-10).

God is inspiring us to do what we have already done . . . in Him! He says to, "Fear not," because we have already performed, in Him, what our natural existence has no recollection of. What seems to be a miracle in the natural dimension is simply a finished performance in the Kingdom's dimension!

Faith is the evidence or substance of things hoped for or expected, and also of things that have yet to be seen by our natural dimensions. But the Kingdom within you has already seen these things. The Spirit has revealed to you what He has already witnessed and seen in you, before you were ever born. Eye hath not seen, neither has it entered into the heart of man; the things that God has prepared for them that love Him. But God has revealed them to us by His Spirit (I Corinthians 2:9-10).


The Spirit is divinely pressing upon you to do what you have already done in Him! You are a conqueror in Him because you have already conquered. It is up to you to believe, embrace, and become, what you have heard Him speak into you. When you believe, you will become. Your becoming is a result of what you have believed. Manifestation is a result of belief, not merely when one understands.

When you believe, not just understand, you will become. Understanding a thing, without becoming the thing, will merely produce an opinion about the thing. Opinions change as people change. Opinions change as issues change. Opinions change when finances, relationships, or tribulations change. But truth remains and cannot be shaken. When you become what He has purposed in you, and live it out beyond your understanding, manifestation will flow as a river.


Demons, warfare, people, lies, or any other such obstacles, have within them no power to withstand, defy, or turn away the assignment that you have embraced, and the purpose that you have already finished BEFORE YOU EVEN STARTED!

Life does not have your best interest at heart, so you cannot tell it to leave you alone. You cannot tell life not to pull against you "so that belief and advancement can become easier." Your faith, which is not designed to be simply a religious faith, is not to be defined by life. Your faith should define and express your becoming, even in the face of life that cares nothing for you. You were not created to be tossed by life and beg for its mercy. You were created to start what is already finished.

Christ could not be killed by another because He was already dead before the foundations of the world. He simply laid His life down to another. No one could take what was already gone! If the Father has done this for Christ, He has also done this for you. No one can take what is not there for them to take. No one can put a stop to a thing that has already taken place.


I purchased a vehicle a few months ago. I was approved for financing by a certain financial institution. However, there were others who did not approve. Now, the vehicle is sitting outside and, at times, I still receive letters from banks disapproving an already-approved loan. The "yes" is sitting outside, while I still received "no's" through the mail. Now tell me, do you think I got discouraged seeing a "no" when the "yes" was in my hand?

You were made in the eyes of God, regardless of the big no that the world throws at you. You have finished what God is stirring you to start! You can do all things because you have already done the thing that He is stirring you to do! You already have the strength not merely to finish, but to manifest what is already done.

Please realize that God is stirring you to manifest, not fret. God is purposing you to reveal, not retreat. God is inspiring you to "Be," and not to "search for naught"!


Now, your biggest test is not from the devil. It is not even from another person. Your test will be found in your ability to choose truth over what life is throwing at you! God's power in you must be revealed in your capacity to become what He is regardless, and not simply in telling life to "PLEASE, STOP IT ALREADY!"

You and I have been given the power. As a matter of fact, we were already formed, born, and birthed in the Power. Life, in all of its rage, is to say to us, "PLEASE, STOP IT ALREADY!"

However, this truth is your choice to believe or not to believe. It is not denying life's tantrums, but it is significantly magnifying our eternal purposes in the Father.