"Engaging the Revelatory Realm" Part 2
TBN Transcription, March 22, 2004

John Paul Jackson
TBN, with Mark Chironna
March 22, 2004
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Mark: It's been an incredible night so far. It's building. You know when God is moving, the priests need to go ahead and unlock what God is sharing. So go ahead and move in your priestly and prophetic anointing.

Preparing for the Outpouring

John Paul Jackson: I am so undone by that song that Lindell sang. I don't know if I can speak. That really expresses where I'm at. I'm desperate for Him. (Applause / Inaudible) ...I haven't experienced in years. This may come to a surprise to many that are sitting out there. I've been around a lot of pastors and a lot of leaders like you have and we're not always on top of the world. Sometimes we're wondering where our anointing went and what happened.

I've had a desperation that is...it's taken me to a whole other place in God. I think it's a challenge to me. I think it is a challenge to the Church, too. I believe that God is once again getting ready to breathe in an unusual way. You know about every 11 years God begins to move, and He pours out His Spirit, and you see things happening. This year and into 2005 we're going to begin to see another outpouring of the Spirit in a very unique way, and He's preparing people right now for that.

How Is the Lord Preparing Us?

John Paul Jackson: Part of that preparation process is what the Lord...the word that the Lord used with me was reformation. There's a reformation of some of our thought processes. Some of the ways we think about ministry. Some of the ways we think of our own anointings. Some of the ways we think God is going to move. We have to put our old ways of thinking aside, or we're going to get the same results. And he has been challenging me with this for quite some time, but He has reawakened me with this recently.

I believe we have been content living in Acts, meaning the Book of Acts. When and in doing that, and pardon me if I search to find the right words to say it, but in doing that, I believe we have in a way done what the apostles did by staying in Jerusalem. And then God sent or allowed dispersal to come, and the Word then went out. Jesus said to take it to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth, and they were content to remain in Jerusalem. I think in a way, by saying we want to remain an Acts church...and I'm in the middle of planting my fourth church right now, and I'm having to look at this with the people I'm planting with, as you yourself have done many times...and I've really begun to analyze this under the unction of the Holy Spirit...and the Holy Spirit began talking to me and saying, "Do you want the beginning or do you want a more mature expression?"

"It's Time to Take a Step Up"

John Paul Jackson: What we want is the power displayed in the Book of Acts. We want the place where we're standing to be shaken. We want the miracles that were happening. We want the psychics' powers to be broken. We want the sorcerers to become blind who challenge the Word of God. We want all that, but we don't leave that behind. We take that with us into the next level.

Some have thought that the next level would be a 'Corinth' type of church. But if you take a look at the 'Corinth' type of church, you also see an immature expression of what God really wants. So what God has been challenging me with is this: He says, "Are you willing to become an 'Ephesus' type of church?"

Now by 'Ephesus' I simply mean this: are you willing to have every ministry step up to the level that's required to have an 'Ephesus' type of church? I think we've had a Corinth type of church. We've had teachers and we've had pastors. We've had evangelists. We've had prophets and now we've recently come into an apostolic understanding at some level. But we need to now say that all those ministries, those five ascension ministries, it takes all five, now that they're in our midst...now I believe God is saying now it's time for all five to take a step up. It's time to take a step up.

The church in Ephesus had those at mature levels. The foundation for the church being built on apostles and prophets. Those were mature apostles and prophets. Not those of us who have been content to live in a lesser level, to let our anointings rest at the intro level, rather than pressing into God to get to a greater measure. I believe God has given us a foretaste of what He wants to do, but now we have to walk into what He gave us a taste for. This foretaste gives us a taste for it, and that's going to require a dedication and a position and a place of intimacy with the Father that we haven't walked in for a very, very long time, I'm afraid.

The Nitty-Gritty

John Paul Jackson: Here's what the Lord began to press on my heart, Mark. He wants men and women who aren't afraid to look back at their history, and say, "I'm a different man than I was then." He wants teachers that are willing to say, "You know what? The tapes that I made two years ago? Throw those tapes away because they were wrong." And have the courage to believe that God is so with them that He will, in that moment of truth, He will raise them up to an Ephesians 4 level. He wants pastors who earn the love of the folk and not demand it. He wants pastors that don't try to find out what the newest fad is and say, "I will take you there," but pastors who find out what God wants the people to become, and will lead them there. (Applause)

I believe He wants to raise evangelists that leave the church stronger after they've been there than before they came. Too often we see the church stripped of its finances. I don't want this to sound too harsh, but the reality is, in talking with many pastors and pastoring myself, sometimes when evangelists have come in, my church takes two months to recover financially because the finances get drained. And my church, and sometimes, and I'm sad to say this, is worse off than when they came. And He wants evangelists who will leave the church better, not desperate.

But here, here's where it really comes down to the real nitty-gritty. This is kind of the realm I live in. He wants prophetic voices who raise the standard for accuracy, not lower the level of accuracy. He wants prophetic voices that will have the courage to say and apologize when they're wrong, to the breadth of their influence. So if you talk to your pastor and you give him a word, and it proves to be partly true or not true, or you got mixed up and it was your soul and not the Spirit of God, and you're learning to discern between the two, He wants you to come to your pastor and say, "I was wrong. I made a mistake. Please forgive me. I want to hear from God and I want to hear rightly and correctly from Him. And I blew it. I just blew it."

At the same time, if we are really going to walk into what God wants us to walk into, we have to be able to say, "I spoke something that was in error to the nation and I have to apologize to the nation for that." To the breadth of our influence, we need to be able to apologize for errors.

If We Will Humble Ourselves, He Will Give Us More

John Paul Jackson: I look back on the years, and now, like you said, "As you get older, you become seasoned." I know I've looked back at some of the things that have been addressed. The Y2K issue. Everything is going to fall apart. It's going to be the worst disaster that ever happened. Prophetic voices saying those things. I look at presidential elections, and presidents who were to get saved, and things were to happen. I look at just in the last year, March 3 a year ago, the prophecies that went out concerning that.

My pain is I'm not seeing people apologize for things that they've said that weren't true, and it's discrediting prophetic ministry. It's discrediting us. And we wonder why presidents don't call us in to talk with us. We wonder why governors don't call us in to talk with us. We're so discrediting ourselves they would be crazy to call us in at this particular time. But I believe if we will humble ourselves before the hand of the Mighty God, that He will give us secrets that no one has heard about before. He will open rooms in heaven to show us things that we've never understood before. He is waiting to release a level of revelation, release experiences in Him that He has not been able to release. Because if He can't trust us in the little things, how in the world is He going to trust us in the greater things?

Apostolic Ministry

John Paul Jackson: And then this issue of apostolic ministry -- I'm so thrilled that the apostolic ministry is starting to be recognized. That is it being recognized as being a legitimate ministry today. And it is starting to come into its forefront. But I really believe that we have to have apostolic ministries that have more of a father's heart than an administrator's heart. We have to have apostles who walk in more power than they walk in education from the knowledge gained from men. Paul himself said, "I came to you with a demonstration of power." Not with wisdom, but this demonstration of power. I believe the Lord wants us to have a new understanding of this power that raised Christ from the dead, that power that dwells in us by the Spirit of the living God, that we so undersell. That has to take more predominance in what we are doing.

I believe that God wants apostolic men and women to arise who won't manipulate and demand that other ministries join their apostolic team, but allow God to add to the team as He sees fit, to raise the team to where it needs to go.

Mark: And I have, like you said... (applause) ...over the years, and I know you've seen it when you go into places and minister and hear the stories of abuse by those who have the title 'apostle.' And 'apostle' is not a title. And it's become a way of saying, "I'm an apostle, therefore, you have to submit to me." When in actual fact 'apostle' is a function. It is not a title.

John Paul Jackson: That's right. It's a function.

Mark: Talk to me about how do we get there? How do we get there? Because you know as well as I do that right now there's a whole lot of stuff that you and I see out there that makes us nervous, troubles us. How do we get there?

Becoming the Servant of All

John Paul Jackson: Well, we have to be careful of this. If we take a title, we become entitled. And the moment we become entitled, someone has to give us what we are entitled to, and that's pride.  It's pride whenever we want someone to give us what we are entitled to, instead of serving those we have been sent to help. We have to change the way we think about things. We have to change the way we view things. We have to recognize we are servants of people. And I don't mean, I don't think that means, washing their cars or vacuuming their homes or anything. I believe the greatest service that we can do to people, Mark, and I believe you feel the same way, is to help them reach the purpose for which God created them. God made them for something. We as leaders, we have to help them reach that purpose. We have to seek God on their behalf and we have to be able to say, "This is why God created you. This is the hope of your calling. This is what's going on in your life." That's going to take us thinking more about other people than thinking about our own anointings, thinking about our own ministers, thinking about what we need to do to build something next. It's going to take us thinking about the people.

I believe God is going to do that. I believe He is already moving upon our hearts to do that. I'm seeing a new tenderness in leaders' faces, and I'm seeing a new desire into hearts. I believe that is going to happen, but we have to trumpet this. There has to be a reformation of how we're thinking about things, or we're going to get what we've always got for the last two thousand years.

Credibility, Character, and Change

John Paul Jackson: I also believe this: I believe that we don't have a lot of authority today in governmental circles because we haven't shown the elements that are necessary for them to believe us. We have to show that. We have to gain credibility first. Credibility is the idea that this guy may have some type of a gift. "He's strange but he may have something. I'm going to listen to what he has to say." Credibility gets people to listen to us.

But then we have to show character. And see, character added to credibility gets people to believe us. They believe that when THIS person said this, it was probably God. Jesus himself said the demons believe, but they don't change.

See, what prophetic ministries are to do, and my belief is that prophetic ministries are to do, is help people change or help a church change, or to help a city change, or to help a nation change. What they speak from God is to produce change somewhere, whether it's in the heart of a king, or the heart of a president, or the heart of a pastor, or the heart of your friend, or the heart of the worship leader, the heart of the children's ministry. It's to help people change.

What produces change? If their credibility gets people to listen, and character gets people to believe, then how are they going to change? I believe they are changed by the invisible, by the wonderful, that only God grants -- and it's called favor. Favor. You can't demand it. You can't make them give it to you, but there's two ways it comes. It comes as favor with God and favor with man. Favor with God tells us we have a gift. Favor with man tells us two things. It tells us the timing of the release of the gift, and it tells us the increasing sphere of our authority. Because as favor with man broadens, we recognize our authority is broadening. Favor causes people to change.

What many prophetic ministries (and I, frankly believe it's true of every ministry, not just whether you're the worship leader or children's ministry, or whether you're an apostle or have an apostolic team underneath you), often fail at is we think because we have the gift, it's time for us to do, and we fail to wait on that favor. I believe God is going to bring us to a place where we wait on His favor. Where we become so desperate we wait on His favor.

Mark: You know, doing doesn't happen unless you're in a state of being. Jesus did not give peace unless He was peace.

John Paul Jackson: That's right. He had it to give.

Mark: Yeah. You can't give what you don't have.

John Paul Jackson: That's right.

Mark: And we've been trying to go through motions. And the other thing we do, the way we package what we do, in an effort to perform, to get people's attention, doesn't help us either.

John Paul Jackson: It doesn't. What we do, in many attempts to package things, is we end up playing God. I want God to so move that when, if someone is going to be raised from the dead, you do it two or three times in a row, you probably don't have to package it very well. People are going to come. I want to see the power of God more than I want to see a slick program. I want to see the power of God more than I want to see someone look like they know what they're talking about.

Testing.  Testing.  Are You Hearing From The Spirit or the Soul?

John Paul Jackson: I so appreciate what Chuck had to say. I love Chuck and he's really a man of God. I simply picked up this book and I felt the Spirit of God. God speaks today. I felt the Spirit of God on that book.

I so love Paul Keith Davis and what God is doing in this man. He's raising him up, and He's giving him great favor.

The man that's coming next, I've learned more from the next guest, Paul Cain, than any man on the face of the earth. This man has taught me more.

I love these men and I know their hearts and I know they feel very much like I do and you do. We're at a point of desperation for God. When we see that desperation, we will see God. And when we see God move, we'll see presidents ask, and we'll see governors ask, and we'll see senators ask, and we'll see Congressmen ask. We'll see people asking, "Is the Lord saying anything?"

When we humble ourselves before God, we will see leaders tremble when they come into the land and we'll see them say (and I've heard a few), "Your God is with you. When you came into the land, the water was divided. Jericho's walls fell without you touching them. I've heard of you."

This is where we're going, but I have to say this: this year is going to be such a year of change and such a year of shaking. Sometime ago the Lord told me that we would not find Osama b*in Laden for quite some time. Now I'm afraid we have to pray that he is found or else the election is in jeopardy. If he's not found, the election is in jeopardy. There is a thread of truth that is going to be released -- several different threads of truth that are going to be released -- that are going to be encompassed with a huge haystack of lies. And the realm of deception has been loosed in this nation to test whether we will hear from the Spirit or hear from our soul. And we must, as Christians, we must discern what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

Mark: John Paul, I deeply appreciate what God has said. Habakkuk said, "Write the vision, make it plain." You need to take this stuff, put it in print, and get it out so we can all run with it. You need to come back to us soon.

John Paul Jackson: Thank you, Mark.

--John Paul Jackson


Paul Cain
TBN, with Mark Chironna
March 22, 2004

Host: There's very little I want to do right now except say two things. Number one, God has certainly graced you to see 3 major visitations of God in the last number of generations.

And, secondly, God has you living in Washington D.C. And the fact that you are a prophet…there are things that pass through you experientially, because that is the gift that you carry and so, please, open your heart.

Paul Cain: Thank you. It's really an honor and a privilege to be here. I've always looked forward to the program here because the audience is more responsive than any other audience that I can remember.

I've always looked forward to coming here and being with you. I think I was here before when I had no audience. What a wonderful audience tonight. And I'm not just here to hand out praises to people, but I feel I'd be remiss if I didn't say something about Jan Crouch tonight.

She has been such an ardent blessing to me. The fact that she was able to go through the trauma, and through the terrible ordeal that she had to go through, and this procedure, and this surgery and all...and then to have another procedure following, that could have shortened her life or could have taken her life... But she, as the Lord showed me, she would turn to the faith of her Father. How we leaders, we turn to the faith of our fathers. And the fact that she did that, I have to credit her and honor her for saving my life, because I was headed for a procedure that could have very well have taken my life. And I decided to trust God as did she, and He brought me through it.

A Place of Intimacy

Paul Cain: So I think that we've come to this place where we are to have intimacy with God in such a way that He would be able to help us in a time of trouble, in a time of need.

A number of years ago, after a few years of almost-silent time…David called it his almost-silent years…the Lord called me away from the healing ministry, and I came out disillusioned with a lot of things that were going on in the latter days of that ministry. And there were some good things happening, but it seemed as though the Lord was withdrawing from it.

And so I felt, as He was, I should withdraw. And so He primed me on the back side of the desert, and I just waited on him. I took care of my ailing mother, and I waited for such a time as this.

And the Lord showed me if I would be true to Him, and establish intimacy with Him, and let Him live in me, the way that He wanted so much to do…and there was a reciprocal thing of course…I wanted Him to live in me a certain way, and dwell in me...that He would let me live to see a new generation of believers that would not succumb to the old things. Like, you know, get caught up in the spirit of rivalry and competition and all of that, and then all the moral failures, and so on.... And that I would actually live to see the day of the beginning of His last-day ministry.

Well, He gave me a sign. He said, "I'm giving you a sign that they will come. Your mother will not die until you live to see the beginning of Me rising up men and women who will have the true prophetic, and will have the true healing virtue of God in their lives. Who will walk in purity. Who will walk in holiness and unprecedented unity." And so when I began to see that, the Lord took my mother when she was 105 years of age. So it took Him a while to do that, it took me a while to do that.

"Man Can Not Rest Until He Finds His Home in God"

Paul Cain: But one of the things I would like to share, it won't take all the time, but this is very much on my heart... I picked up the Westminster Record where Dr. R.T. Kendall, a very intimate, personal friend of mine, and you know him…I'm sure he's a friend of yours... where he has moved down here to Southern Florida to retire...

There was a pastor at Westminster Chapel, and we became [close]…like he was a brother like I never had, and I was his brother like he never had…and so we began to seek God together, and we got so close to the Lord during this seeking, that he said, "You know, I think we're going to be the 2 witnesses." He said, "You'll be Elijah, and I'll be Moses."

...But anyway, something was about to happen where God was going to reveal Himself in a new way to me, to where I could minister in reform churches and evangelical churches, which I started out doing as a young man, but I just preached straight salvation and prayed for the sick. They believed in healing, but they wouldn't accept some of the other things that go along with it.

And so I was shut in with God one night, and my hunger began to increase and grow for the Lord to dwell in me and live in me, the way He did when I was a child. And I started preaching when I was 8 years old. So I converted at age 7. So I have never known anything but love for the Lord Jesus Christ. I loved Him all my life.

Like Bill Bright told me once, he said, "I've been a love slave for the Lord Jesus Christ…" And he said, "If He can't take care of me, nobody will." At that time someone was trying to cause him trouble, and so he turned them over to Him, the Lord.

But anyway, one night I was thinking about what Augustine said -- that "Man was made to find his home in God," and that "Man could not rest until he found his home in God."

Well, I was praying along that line, and I fell asleep. And I don't know if I was asleep or awake, or in between or what, but during the wee hours of the next morning, I felt a thumping on my chest, and I thought I was having palpitations or a fibrillation or something, and it just kept going.

"What About Me?

Paul Cain: And then all of a sudden the voice of the Lord spoke to me, and He said, "What about Me? What about Me?"

He said, "I made man that I might find My home in man. But I cannot rest until I find My home in man."

And, so I said, "Lord, I offer you everything I have. Everything."

The Lord came in that night, and He changed the scope of my ministry. And He began to show me things that I could not possibly have known, things that were remarkable.

And I remember Mike Bickle from Kansas City called me immediately after this happened the next day, and he said, "We're having some trouble with our staff."

And I said, "Yes, I know. The Lord showed me." Anything I'd say would just be that way.

"Yes. The Lord shows me you have 'staff infection.' Your whole staff is messed up, and I know you're calling me to have me come up and pray for them. And the Lord's given me a sign that He's going to do something about it."

And he said, "Well, what is that sign?"

And I said, "Well, the day I arrive, there will be snow everywhere."

He said, "Paul, do you realize what month this is?"

It was early in the fall, but he said, "It has never snowed in Kansas City at this time of the year. This is impossible."

I said, "Well I don't care…I'll arrive on Sunday, and there'll be snow everywhere. And then on Monday, after the meeting, after we pray for the staff, the staff will be made whiter than the driven snow, and then the snow will melt…the snow will just go away."

And that happened! And I'm telling you, it was just a walk with God that was unprecedented.

Walking With God

Paul Cain: Our late friend, the late John Wimber, he heard about this and he was desperate for something to happen at the Vineyard. He had Jack Deere, Dr. Jack Deere, his in-house theologian at that time and one of his pastors, and so he said, "Get a hold of that guy."

He didn't even know me. And he said, "See if he has a word for me or the Vineyard. Ask him, if he does, what kind of sign he can give us if this word is from God."

So all of sudden the Lord, He really came in. I mean, He really took up His abode at that moment, and I said without even thinking, I wasn't feeling any frills or chills or anything, I just said, "Well, yes, we'll set a date. I'll come out there and whatever date that is, there will be an earthquake that day I arrive."

He said, "Oh, will that be the big one?" because the headquarters were in California and all that.

I said, "No, it won't be the big one for California. But the day I leave..." I didn't even know what I was doing. I was just talking like this and it was prophecy. But I said, "...But the day after I leave there will be a big one. It will be a big one, but it will be somewhere else in the world, not in California."

He said, "Oh, thank God."

So anyway when I arrived in California, John Wimber came to the airport to meet me. You know something funny about John Wimber, he never goes to the airport to meet anybody. So he wanted to meet me because of this excitement, because the earthquake took place the day I arrived. So I immediately had his attention.

And so we began to talk about things the Lord had shown me and he wanted me to see him right away, but I said, "I'll see you later." So he became a little perturbed.

He said to Jack Deere, "Look. We've flown him out here. Isn't he ever going to see me?"

And he [Jack] said, "Well, you know, it takes time. It takes time."

So when I saw him, the Lord showed me some things about the Vineyard, and it was of the caliber of the miraculous. I'm not saying this to build myself up, but I'm saying this to create a hunger in the hearts of the people, because the Lord is looking for a people who will allow Him to come and take up their abode, and actually make His home in us. And these things can happen to anyone... And I'm at that place right now where I'm seeking the Lord to come back. "Won't You come back to my heart again, and live in me again the way You lived during those days?"
So this led to worldwide meetings all over the world. In fact, the Lord is moving so greatly in one meeting, with five or six thousand pastors and Christian leaders from all over this part of the nation, this part of the world. I was preaching one night to all of these ministers, and all of a sudden I slipped into an evangelistic mode, preaching the gospel. Of course, all these ministers are supposed to know all of that. John Wimber was wondering, "Where in the world is he going?" and "What is he doing?" This is a pastors' conference and I was preaching to sinners. So it was amazing. Preaching to sinners here.

So I said, "There are many of you who cannot tell me the time you gave your heart to the Lord, and you do not know. You cannot set a date. You cannot give me a date when you were born again. You don't know the Lord at all. You went to seminary. It's a vocation to you, yet it's nothing to you. You're not born again. Come forward."

Two hundred and sixty (260) pastors came forward and gave their heart to the Lord that night.

So, I'm trying my best to give you and the audience, and all of you in the viewing audience, an opportunity to get God to come to you like that.

Determining the Degree of Intimacy We Have With God

Paul Cain: Now the Lord is not working with me that way every day. I'm in Washington. We meet with senators. We've been to the White House a number of times. I've been an advisor to a former president, and all that. I've even seen Saddam Hussein, and nobody saw him for a long time. But I saw him. I've been to Iraq more than once, and there are some things I wish I could tell you tonight. Give anything in the world if I could tell you. But I hate politics, lunatics, and heretics -- all three of them. So I don't want to talk about it.

People don't want me to come around, Mark, because they're afraid I'm going to say something about what the Lord has shown me. And I'm just itching to say it tonight, but I know I'd never be able to live it down. I might not be able to live either.

But I wish that this would just lodge in your heart. I wrote this down from the Westminster Record, the first message I ever preached there. And I was telling about how the Lord was thumping on my chest and saying, "What about Me? What about Me? I've not lived in you so many years," and He named the years and broke my heart. (I do remember thinking, "Lord, if you get out of sync with that thumping, my heart is going to stop.")

 I felt like it was so awesome and finally the Lord did give me a wonderful filling of the Spirit that night and He found a place to live.

Now, I want Him to find a place to live in you. You may not be in the miraculous every day. Everybody goes through ups and downs. Because I know something so often, Mark, once in a while, they actually think I know everything. I've had famous ministers in the past confess their sins to me and I said, "Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. I'll pray with you. I'm so disappointed in you."

He said, "Disappointed in me? Didn't the Lord show you that?"

And I said, "No, He didn't show me anything."

"Oh, my goodness, I've ruined myself."

They think just because the Lord shows you something, He shows you everything. Well, that's not true. So I don't want to put myself up as someone who sees all and knows all, and that sort of thing.
I'm just trying to create in you a hunger for intimacy with God. But I want you to know that you and I, we determine the degree of intimacy we have with God. And you are just as close. You and I are just as close to God this very moment as you and I choose to be.

Dispelling Fear

Paul Cain: And tonight I've come to tell you, if you choose to find that place with God where He can find His place with you, you will be used of God in these latter days as never before. We're looking at the very closing hours of time. This is the only answer to the fear, and the heart fear. Men's hearts are going to fail them for fear of things that are coming upon the world.

We haven't seen anything as far as the terrorism. The terrorists haven't done anything compared to what we'll see. That stirred us up for a while. You know, few think about that except those families that are actually involved, Dr. Mark.

Oh, but if our nation would be, we pray God would shake them some other way. But what if a half million, a million and a half people will be wiped out in one day? That's the start, but we must fully comply with 2 Chronicles 7:14. We must not comply just in part, but we must comply with everything. Full compliance, nothing less. Of course, we used to sing, "God wants not just a part, but He wants ALL our heart," and we need to give that to Him and then He can truly help us.

I just wanted to say those things to you. I had a lot of things I wanted to bring out about the prophetic and so on. Pastor, if it would be all right with you, I feel that and I've been asked to pray for the audience and to pray for the people.

Mark: Bless you.

Paul Cain: God bless you. Now, I'm not feeling this way all the time, but if you'd be seated for just a minute because it will make it a little easier for me. There are some of you, a good number of you, and percentage-wise this might not seem so great, but the Lord sent me here for a very specific purpose, and that is:

"I'm sending you with some authority, and the prophetic men who are going to be there with you, and the host, and the people, are going to be there with you, with authority upon them that I have already placed there. And they're going to help you break this thing that is on people."

There's a large number of people coming here tonight and you are suffering from a terrible thing. You have this uncertainty about life. You do not feel that you are going to be able to live long enough to fulfill your calling in the Lord, and the devil has put that upon you. And he is going to wear you right down with that. I come with authority tonight to break that and completely dispel you from that fear.

If everyone that has that fear, just to show this is real, stand on your feet if you have that feeling, "I may not live." Look at this. "I may not live to fulfill my calling." And the enemy is playing on you day and night on this.

After tonight, we're going to agree, Dr. Mark and all of us, and all the prophetic men that are here, and prophetic people, agree together. Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we break this spirit of fear of death that puts people under bondage. And it goes tonight and it will not return in Jesus' name. Amen and amen.

--Paul Cain