A Word from Bill Yount

This word is not to belittle the prayers of singles or anyone else. I just sense a season of prayer is in for husbands and wives to unlock things in the spiritual realm through praying together.
In the Spirit I saw an open window in the heavens and a scepter rising up over husbands and wives, calling them to come boldly to the throne of grace in prayer together.  I sensed the Lord saying. "It's time to call for My most powerful intercessors on earth to release My power in unprecedented ways that have not yet been seen - the prayer power of agreement between a husband and a wife!   I suddenly became aware that when Jesus spoke of His House becoming a House of prayer, He was referring to your house and my house - right where we live!   He was speaking right to the very core of His Church - husbands and wives!  We are His House He longs to live and reign in.
In the Spirit I saw valleys of decisions coming towards many families, churches and ministries.  These decisions that soon needed to be made would not only affect our own lives but the lives of generations to come!  I saw the enemy releasing friction and strife between husbands and wives because of these upcoming landmark decisions.  His purpose was to lead the spouses to look for prayer elsewhere from another source for he feared and knew their coming together in agreeing prayer would dethrone his kingdom off of their lives, families, churches, jobs and ministries! 
I saw in the Spirit many men crying out to God in secret for help and more strength in their lives, ministries and jobs.  Surprisingly the Lord spoke in a way that many men could not hear Him. "I have already given you help. Where is your helpmeet?  Ask her to pray for you.  She is your most powerful intercessor on this earth!"  As men were awakened and would ask their wife to pray, I saw the prayers of wives like lightning shooting upward to the throne room of God pushing back demonic powers and bypassing the prayers of others that seemed to take forever to get answers.   I then saw that our wife at times became the answer for us as the Lord would give her wisdom.  Sometimes her voice would speak instead of God's.   At other times the Lord would use the husband the same way for the wife.  But it all started as we would begin to pray not just for each other separately at a distance but as we physically together prayed and came into unity as we waited upon the Spirit to direct us even how to pray.  Even in waiting together before the Lord in silence, we were discovering a rekindling of love that had grown cold between us and the Lord and each other.
I saw the Holy Spirit imparting His desires and prayers into husbands and wives around the world.  As these spouses grew through praying together, becoming truly one in the Spirit, their spiritual intimacy began to influence whole families, churches, secular jobs, ministries and even nations! 
As this scepter continued to rise higher, I heard Jesus say.  "Whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you that I may be glorified in you!   Even ask for that which you have been afraid to ask me for in times past...   For now is your time!
It seemed the closer these couples became through prayer the closer God was.  Praying in the Spirit together seemed to speed up the process to release the Lord's hands to do His perfect will and handcuff the hands of the enemy at the same time. 
As these spouses continued to pray together their houses began turning into sanctuaries, healing homes and havens of Deliverance! 
You and your spouse were brought to the Kingdom for such a time as this.  Your prayers together will get victories that you will not get any other way!
It's time to pray!   Where is your spouse?