The Shaking Glory Has Been Released


All that you see that is unfolding across the lands is only the surface shaking that came from the birthing and the resulting new positioning. The responses are only surface deep and have not yet begun to come from the true depths.

My Shaking Glory that was released into the earth has begun to bring the changes, and the effects, and the pace was so that you could mature and stand through it. But the Glory now increases, and so will the natural and spiritual responses to My Coming forth. All that is laid out so far is only the entrance of My coming Train.

Let nothing cause you to falter under the changes. I have continually told you to remind you that what you see and think is not really all that I am doing. You cannot walk according to what you see, as it is only surface effects. All that is seen and understood in the natural, will pass away in the end.

You must focus on the eternal that you have been given to do, and the things I have placed within you, and continue to walk more fully in them. The natural kingdoms are being exposed both in the natural and in the spiritual roots that feed them. You will also know what to do, as you see the uncovering, and then you will not fear the external things. For you will see clearly what is truly at work.

But what you must do is to break forth from your timid-ness and be strong and sure in your stance, and leave the details to Me. All that is from My Kingdom, which was formed deep within you, is coming forth out of you, and as it does, it also is added to My Remnant's portion and the whole workmanship is suddenly being brought forth, corporately laid out, and it will be understood by you all. You will not be without resources or an operating foundation. I have laid it, you are now seeing it, and much will be now be quickly extended to it.

The Shaking Glory is moving across all the lands and it is uprooting, tearing down, pulling out, exposing, and cleansing. My Glory is Holy and all that is not holy, will be dispelled even more as I more fully enter in. My Train is filling My Temples, and the natural and spiritual forces are responding to it's coming.

The war will only increase in the heavens and in the earth as the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness contend over the hearts of men.

Great will be the destruction of the works of darkness and the of wicked.

Great will be the Glory of the Light of the righteous.

Great waves of Glory precede the coming of the King as the Shaking Glory brings the Cloud of His Presence permanently into His House.

Great waves of darkness and death will even more gnash and tear at the Glory and at those who love the darkness more than the King. The suffering only begins for those who have eaten from the hand of the destroyer and joined themselves to him.

The Valley of Decision is full of Blood as the hearts of men choose their King. Alliances are made and fates are sealed as the Truth is chosen rejected and the Covenants enacted.

Natural covenants are signed and broken, each to their own fates as their lips give the tokens. But the lips betray what the hearts have hidden, and all that is waiting in the darkness will be forced to it's stage. For the shaking breaks the final bands that loose the waiting demonic hordes.

As I have brought forth, so will the enemy now bring forth, and what was hidden will now come to view, and the hearts of wicked men will be fearful as they behold the true source of what they have joined to. But their fate has sealed them to their choice. Those who choose not to come to Me and to be forgiven and cleansed from their sins, will be bound to them.

But you must also show forth the Truth from within you, as all of Mine will now do. For the awakening is shaking the Body, and the Birthed Ones will now lead them to their places, and the full joining will be accomplished through the war.

Great will be the revelation that has awaited it's time, and that is seen within the transfigured ones who walk in the Divine.

Great is the Shaking Glory that breaks the bands of time.

The measures will now increase as the next waves do now come. From the greater depths will the breaking now come, as the surface gives way to the fullness that has awaited it's day.

For with each wave that now breaks forth, so comes the natural and the spiritual responses to its arrival. My workmanship will now be understood that I have been showing you from My Word.

So, know that your time has come, and rise up