Transfer Wealth for Harvest

By Chuck D. Pierce


"Every commandment which I command you today you must be careful to observe, that you may love and multiply, and go in and possess the land of which the Lord swore to your fathers. And you shall remember that the Lord your God led all these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and test you, to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not." (Duet 8:1,2). This was the charge the Lord gave His people when the time had come for them to go in and occupy the promise He had given 470 years prior to Abraham. In every new, historical season in church history, the Lord renews His vision, call and purpose to His Body. We are just maturing in that season of God. Therefore, He is saying the time has come for My people to enter into the promises I have released in the past season in their territories. These are promises that were never brought to completion by the previous generations. We find scriptural precedent signifying that at every time of historical change and "entering in" the Lord does the following:

1.Releases new authority.
2.Commissions new leadership.
3.Causes a people to desire a new level of His Holiness.
4.Communicates new strategies for victory.
5.Transfers the power to gain wealth for His covenant Kingdom purposes to be established.

The Lord is having many to go forth and make this decree all over the earth. Many of you know that in February
I led a team of intercessors around the world. The purpose of our trip was three fold. We desired to connect with and cry out for apostolic leadership to rise up around the earth. We also went forth meeting with leaders from city to city asking for God's covenant wealth that is needed for the harvest ahead to be released. Finally, with all the current developments of the World Prayer Center we wanted to see if we could connect and communicate with intercessors all over the world from anywhere in the world. We came to one conclusion: there is much revelation that the Body will need in days ahead to bring to completion the harvest plan of the Lord for this season.

The Transference of Wealth.

In Deuteronomy 8:18 we find: "And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers." He spoke this to them as He prepared a people to get ready to go into the land He promised. He knew they would be in spiritual war with the god of Mammon. When you study Canaanite history, you find that the ruling god of the Canaanites was Mammon. You also find the Lord waited 470 years for a corporate people that could go into the covenant boundaries that He had established with Abraham and unlock all the inheritance within those boundaries.  Now here is a generation that He is releasing to appropriate all the promises He had spoken. The assignment or mission that Joshua and the tribes of Israel had to accomplish was transference of the wealth from all of the inhabitants of that region into God's covenant, Kingdom plan. Therefore, the god of Mammon had to be defeated and the wealth held by its false worship transferred.

What is the wealth?

There are several ways to look at wealth in the Bible. However, the Lord tells us in Deuteronomy 8:18, " it is He who gives you power to get wealth that He may establish His covenant that He swore to your fathers ." Power means vigor, strength, force, or capacity -- whether physical, mental or spiritual. Wealth means material substance, strength, and the spoils of war necessary to accomplish God's plan on earth. The Bible has two basic attitudes to wealth. Wealth is acknowledged to be a blessing from God. All the patriarchs became very wealthy. Solomon's wealth was seen as God's favor. Job had wealth, lost it, and then regained a double portion. Jesus also admonished us to multiply whatever we have (Luke 19). However, He did warn us that the pursuit of riches and pleasure could keep our faith from maturing. Jesus viewed money or wealth as a spiritual power (Matt. 6:24), therefore warning us not to let it become a rival with God. The issue of wealth should only be for the advancement of God's Kingdom.  With one of the greatest spiritual Harvests ever witnessed by a generation on earth approaching, we need to begin seeing a transfer of wealth just as we read about in the book of Joshua. This is a season in history where wealth needs to be channeled into ministries that serve people and spread the Gospel.

How do we move forward in the Harvest?

I really believe there are three main issues: apostolic authority, apostolic people, and strategic intimate prophetic intercession. Joshua and God's covenant people had to gain daily strategy over how to advance and "possess" God's promised inheritance to Abraham. In other words, if they were going up against a city or people, they had to get their instructions from the Lord over how to take the spoils of war. This is a type and principle of harvest. Within every field on earth, there is a harvest. When you study harvest in the Bible, you find that there was a short window of opportunity to gather the crops of the field. I believe we are entering into that window of opportunity and must begin to pray accordingly. When there is a people that understand God's apostolic authority and gifting and know how to advance in strategic warfare with revelation they can unlock the Harvest fields that are held by the enemy. The word apostle means, "One sent to accomplish a mission." I believe this is our mission this hour.

This trip was the most focused intercessory journey I have ever been on that would deal with the transference and an understanding of wealth, and how to move forward in harvest. The Lord had a clear direction and line for us to follow. We visited the following cities: Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Berlin, Warsaw, Zurich, Singapore, Los Angeles, Denver and Colorado Springs. In each city we would meet with leaders, pray, give gifts, and then go to key places within those cities to make declarations linked with the above prayer focus. I cannot begin to even tell you what went on in every city. But I will recap a few items to give you an idea of how directed we were in our travel and focus. For example, concerning the issue of Jewish wealth stolen during the Holocaust the Lord led the team in the following way. We first went to Berlin where the government that orchestrated these horrible years existed. Next we went to Warsaw where much of the wealth was taken from the Jews. We were taken to an actual room where this occurred. We were then led to the place where the wealth was categorized. From here we flew on to Switzerland where much of the wealth was stored. You can imagine the intercession this led us into. Immediate answers to prayer included the President of Germany asking forgiveness for the Holocaust.

"Germany's president delivered an emotional address to Israel's parliament Feb. 16, asking for forgiveness for the Holocaust. Johannes Rau, an evangelical Christian, spoke to the Knesset in German, a historic first, saying he bowed his head before the 6 million victims, news reports said. Legislators applauded respectfully, but some stayed away in protest, saying they did not want to hear German spoken in parliament. A legislator who had watched Nazi troops round up Jews in the Warsaw ghetto called German "the language of Satan." ...Rau, a longtime friend of Israel, also toured the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. He wrote in the guest book, quoting German clergyman and Nazi dissident Dietrich Bonnhoeffer, "Perhaps Judgment Day will be tomorrow. In that case, we would happily stop [working] for a better future, but not before."

Since our return we continue to see tangible answers to our prayers. The February 28 issue of TIME Magazine carried an advertisement stating, "Suppose Your Family Had a Holocaust Era Insurance Policy and You Just Didn't Know About It?" The ad provides information in 23 languages on the claim resolution process. Then on February 29 an AP Report revealed that British museum directors published a list of 350 art treasures in their galleries that they believe may have been stolen by the Nazis during World War II. This first of its kind report lists works worth tens of millions of dollars that may stem from Nazi looting of hundreds of thousands of paintings and sculptures that once belonged to Jews and other victims of Hitler's Germany. Another miraculous release came just this passed week when 5 billion was released to the Jewish survivors of the holocaust that could prove they had been used in "slave" labor. When you see God's heart of Justice turn toward his covenant people, the world begins to shift and shake. Because we are grafted into the vine, we will begin to see fruit arising all around the world in the Body of Christ.

A major answer to prayer came on February 29 when Jorge Haider, leader of Austria's Freedom Party, resigned amidst criticism from the international community including the European Union and the United States. Past statements by Haider have expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler's employment policies, and described World War II concentration camps as "punishment camps." His resignation will help neutralize the divisiveness and violence that erupted after his election, and cause many to question the resurgence of pro-Nazi ideologies. These are but a few examples of what happens when we begin to release focused, strategic, intercessory prayers and join with those who have been praying through the decades. There is so much more that I do not have time to tell you that went on in this trip. However let me emphasize this: "Strategic prophetic intercession when properly aligned with apostolic government results in spiritual breakthrough and harvest." Two other issues concerning wealth that our team stayed focused on as we went forward praying were: War of Wealth, Curse of Wealth.

We talked a lot about the war that it takes to remove captive spoils from the enemy. We looked at many, many patterns in the Word and will continue to do this as the Body shifts its strategic understanding and prayer life in this particular area. However, we also looked at people who were cursed by wealth, or had impure motives to gain wealth such as Judas, Esau, Gehazi, Ananias and Sapphira, Lot and Achan. I really felt it was important to see how they were trapped by impure desires so we can renounce that and not fall into the same patterns. When you get God's wealth out of God's time and way, you will get the curse that is on that wealth. Much money has curses attached to it. Therefore, if you don't know how to break the curse before you get the money, you will get the curse that comes with the money. This is what Malachi 3 is about. One way to break the curse off of money is to tithe and give offerings. We will continue to pray for the Body of Christ in this area.

The Discipline Needed to Establish Wealth and Covenant Vision. We must have a stewardship mentality before the Lord will release wealth. We must persevere against all odds and strategies of defeat. This is a necessary characteristic of God that is needed to establish the Kingdom. Proverbs 21:5 says, "The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty". Proverbs 17:16 decrees, "Of what use is money in the hand of a fool since he has no desire to get wisdom". Again, money is an issue for us to understand right now. We do not have the mentality necessary to break open wealth in the Body. However, we also need to understand not just the issues of money, but that wisdom dismantles demons. Therefore, if you are asking for money, get wisdom also. The declaration in 3 John 2 says that there needs to be a balance between your soul and spirit to experience prosperity. This is a principle of covenant. There are judgments on those who did not steward what they were given in God's purpose and plan (Luke 19). As we prayed, we asked that the wealth that was buried like the talent described in this passage would be released. This is day of repentance, reconciliation, and multiplication.

I keep hearing a word for each of us at this time: "Launch Out"! The word "launch" means to hurl, discharge, or send off; to send forth with force; to set in operation; to start on a new course, career or enterprise; to throw oneself (into) with vigor. Fishermen would take a circular net with weights and cast it out on the water. It would then sink into the water, a drawstring would be pulled, and the catch brought in. In Luke 5, Peter had been doing this all night and brought in nothing. Therefore he was exhausted, frustrated and really did not know what the next move should be. Jesus then gives him direction that is contrary to his thinking. He said, "Launch out and go deeper!" Peter displayed his doubt that Jesus really could understand his daily situation and the method of gaining the supply he needed. However, when he obeyed Jesus' word, he brought in an overwhelming catch that not only supplied his but his partners' need. The miracle overcame the doubt. Then the Lord said, now go forth and catch men (mankind). After this demonstration, the disciples went forth evangelizing. The Lord wants to do the miraculous in our everyday life. This will cause supply to be released that will meet our needs. But the real issue is that this will cause faith to be released that will propel us forward to achieve God's Kingdom purpose in our regions. Get ready to be launched into a NEW dimension as we pray for the release of harvest that has been held up in the last season in the Body of Christ.