Word to the Church
Tulare, CA Visitation
Friday, 5/16/2003

Why does man still try to do it his way, when the only way that is complete is My way. I tell, I show, but everyone thinks that his way is My way. My way is for you to let go of who you are and realize that what I want is not what you think. If I wanted you to know that your way is the right way, I would get out of the way. But, your way is not of Me. Everyone seems to know what I want and what is going to happen instead of just listening to Me and not worrying what I am thinking.

My prophets are here for correction, but all they want to do is to tell people what they want to hear, not what I want said. No one can be for Me if they still hold on to who they are, not who I am. You all think that you have the answer to what is going to happen, instead of just getting on your knees and repenting for who you think you are, and not being who I want you to be. If My prophets showed the sins of man, instead of what is to come, then what is to come will come much quicker. How can I trust man with what I need done when all they are trying to do is tell Me what I need to do? Many words are spoken but few words are of Me. I need pure hearts, not hearts that tickle a person's ear. I said the truth will set you free, not what will happen in the future.

When I walked the earth, I gave words that told the truth and I was rejected for it by many. Today the ones who speak the truth are also rejected by many. Those who think they know what will happen and are telling people, without telling people that it is about repentance and forgiving, do not know the truth. Ministers think they know who I am, but all they want is for people to know who they are. I use these people because they are the only ones available to Me. Because My church is not My church, it is run by people who have never been intimate with Me and think they know Me. They will learn one day when it comes time to judge them and I tell them that they didn't know Me.

My sheep are crying in the wilderness and My shepherds are too busy telling others who they think I am, not who I am. My sheep are hurting and being confused by man telling them what is going to happen, instead of being cleansed and becoming less of themselves and more of Me. I never predicted the future. I only spoke of what My Father taught Me. Why are My shepherds more concerned about the future and not about the present, which is setting the captives free.

My church is of Me, not of people. My church is for victory, not of man. My children are for setting the captives free, not of man. My church is for those who believe in what I died for, not to serve the pride of man. Where is My church? Why is My church? Who is My church? Why can't I have My church. Please listen to Me and set My people free to serve and worship Me in all of My Glory, not as what they think they see. I am simple and want to be more in you, than you in what you think I need. My word is simple and as easy as can be, so why do you make it so difficult for even Me to understand what you are saying?

All I ask is that you love others the way that I have loved you. My people are broken. They are hurt. They are crying in the wilderness, and you are too busy to see. Come to Me and see what I need to be, not who you want Me to be. Forgive and you shall be forgiven, is what I don't see. You say you live by My word; but, you're too busy trying to see what you think is all about Me.

Leave the future to Me and be the one to tell the captives they can be free with Me. This word that I am giving you, you may not like. But, if it causes you to look and see who you can be in Me, then it helped you to understand that it is all about being free in Me. How can I trust you with what is to happen when I can't trust you with who you are in Me? The pain, the hurts of My people, is what I need you for. Very few want to help those that I came for, which is the sick, the broken, and the helpless. I need to open blind eyes both spiritually and physically, and I need you to help Me. My church is the street, the field, the jails, and anywhere else that the devil has made captives of My people. Why have you run from doing My work and want to do your work which is of you, not of Me? Teach My children through Me how to set the captives free, so that I can have total victory. This is how I can open the door for more of what you need in Me.