--- Sandy Warner

In preparation to attend the recent Graham Cooke conference, I was praying about it and I heard the Lord say. . .

“Conference, your deepest desire. What is it?”

This startled me, sobered me and excited me all in one breath. Was the Lord God of the whole universe asking me what my deepest desire was, and was He going to give this to me at the conference? Woa. Wow. I thought a LONG time about this before I answered.


As hard as I tried, I could not narrow it down to just one request, one desire. I had two. Healing for my husband and I, and for us to intimately know Him face to face as Moses did. I could think of many more honorable and scriptural desires then these. I apologized to the Lord for this, because the pain and need in my heart had become overwhelming in comparison to all else. I had prayed and stood for years and years for my husband’s healing, and the pain of delay had made both of our needs so pressing that it equaled our desperation to know the Lord even more intimately. I felt the pulling to choose between them and I just couldn’t do it.

So I waited out the time prior to the conference wondering if this was going to be the big fulfillment, and how I could live on the other side of this if we should come home disappointed. So, this is the story of what happened. I hope this really touches you, because I believe this Word extends a lot further than my own life right now.


On the way up to the conference I saw the milepost number 222. This particular number is special to me and my Rhema has been sprinkled with it for years. The number 222 in the Strong's Greek is translated Alexandria. My name, Sandy is a derivative of that word and the name Sandra means, “Defender of mankind.” It seems all my life I have been fashioned to be a defender in some way or another.

When I saw the number, even though I am usually drawn to the number, this time it was particularly quickened to me. It was so quickened that it pierced my soul so I asked the Lord why. I have seen the number 222 for years and He has delighted me with precious gifts relating to the number. So why was this time so important? I was about to find out.


At the very end of that night’s meeting Graham said the following quoted 7 paragraphs:

“I came here with a prophetic Word. I believe God wants to start us off with a promise. This promise is rooted in the scripture: Isa 7:11. “Ask a sign for yourself from the LORD your God; ask it either in the depth or in the height above." NKJV

[ Inserted note by Steve Shultz: Before the meeting, I was speaking about the conference and one prophetic slip lead me to say 7:11. I commented to Derene and Lisa Cooke, "There's something about 711 and these meetings. So the first
night, Graham's Scripture was Isaiah 7:11. ]

"I believe God is giving you permission to ask Him for one thing. And the answer is YES.

"I Kings 3:5 says “In Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream at night; and God said, "Ask what you wish me to give you." NAS

"Be wise in what you ask Him for. James 4:3 says, “You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.” NAS

"Understand this that every good gift comes down from the Father of Lights. (James 1:17) Ask Him for a sign. It could be something spiritual, something in your relationship with Him. It could be something in the natural. Maybe you’ve got a loved one with sickness. It could be something to do with family. Whatever it might be, the Lord is saying, “Ask Me, and the answer before you even ask, the answer is Yes and Amen in Christ.” What you ask for is going to itself be a gateway into a new experience of Who God is. God is going to put a signpost in your life this evening. And when He gives you what you’ve asked, it will open up a whole new way of faith and a whole new way of being for you in Christ.

"Close your eyes for a few minutes. I am not letting anyone out of this room until you know what it is. And the Holy Spirit is going to breathe upon you. Take your time. Don’t pick the first thing that comes. If you’ve got 2 or 3, just ask the Lord, so which one of these is it, or is it any of these?

"He’s saying to you, ask Me for a sign. Ask Me what you want Me to do for you? Because some of us have gotten to a place where we no longer ask God for things. And tonight we’re going to break that. He loves you with a passion. He wants to open your eyes and see the totality and the majesty that He wants to declare to you. Ask Him for a sign, the answer is YES. Holy Spirit, come and breathe upon us. When you know what it is, I want you to write it down. And when you’ve written it, I want you to stand as a declaration that you are going to stand in this thing. Whatever this thing is, it is going to be a catalyst in your spiritual development. An unmistakable act of God that will change the way you think for the rest of your life. This is where the Holy Spirit gets to kiss you.” {end of Graham's quote}


I closed my eyes and said, “Uh oh, here I am again.” So this is what the Lord meant when He was preparing me for the conference. I was caught between two of my deepest desires; healing and intimacy. Only this time, the tension was worse.

Graham specifically said either yourself or someone else. I thought of the years of pain in my husband’s need for healing. I thought of my own. I thought of our pursuit and desires for deeper intimacy with the Lord. People were standing up all around me and I felt the tension grow as I sat there. Finally I made my choice. I said, “Lord I know if it were my husband’s desire, he would choose to know You better. But I choose healing for him. He has suffered too many years. He’s grown weary in the waiting.” “However Lord, if there are 2 requests I ask to know you face to face like Moses did!” “And Lord I am not sure what Graham meant about the sign part. I don’t know if Graham meant that You are going to give me a sign that You are going to answer these things, but You can pick the sign. I love Your signs!” Once again I apologized to the Lord for my seemingly wrong priorities, and I stood.


As I was standing there I felt the Lord was asking me why I chose healing for my husband. I knew He knew the answer, but I didn’t know until that moment. The answer bubbled up from the depths of my being. Of course love conquers all and when two people are married, they really do become one. We celebrated our 26th this year. But even deeper, my pain of waiting for the Lord to answer had decayed my relationship with the Lord.

My prayer life was dying from the hopeless decay of delay. Deep down inside I was hopeless that I was not getting through anymore. I have many wonderful gifts and I hear the Lord in such joyous ways. But my prayer life had become wounded.

Prov 13:12 NKJV
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life."

In my past journey I have had many, many prophetic intercessory assignments from the Lord. I have been given the blessings of seeing and hearing what He is going to do in the body of Christ, then partner in standing against the obstacles for such. The wound of delay had affected me so deeply that I was losing my zeal for being an avid defender of mankind, the very nature of my calling. I was stunned by the revelation.

As I thought of this, the Holy Spirit brought back a phrase Graham had said, “God is going to put a signpost in your life this evening.” I burst out laughing and in that instant I knew, I understood. It all made sense.

The Lord set me up! The signpost 222 on the way up to the meeting!


This was His answer to me: “Sandy as often as you see the number 222, it is now to be a reminder that WHATever and WHOMever you defend, the answer is and always will be YES!!!!!!!!!” Only the Lord can turn one small tiny request into something large enough to encompass the whole world. Only God can do that. And that is the kind of language that He speaks. Even without any answers in sight, I had the awesome joy of connecting with His love at that moment. I knew deep inside my knower that He was rescuing me on levels where I did not know how to rescue myself.

Ps 2:7- 8 NKJV
I will declare the decree: The LORD has said to Me, 'You are My Son, today I have begotten You. Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.’


On the way home, I was marveling at all of this, and I suddenly remembered that if there was a milepost 222 on the way up, there would also be a milepost on the way down in the other lane. I was excited. My eyes were pealed with the headlights on every post as they passed.

I wanted to know what I would see near this milepost! Finally 222 came. It was pitch dark except for one thing. I saw a bright red light in the air just beyond the sign. It was a cell phone tower. I laughed with joy! I knew EXACTLY what that meant that my precious Abba answered BOTH requests!

I have lots of Rhema (dreams, etc) where the Lord is either calling me on the phone, or I am calling Him! And I also have Rhema where the reception has static and poor reception.

My request since 1984 when I wrote the first edition of the book, "101+ Ways God Speaks" (and How to Hear Him) [ note by Steve: this book can be obtain at: ]has been to hear the Lord more and more and more and more and I have wanted to hear him CLEARLY. I have wanted complete intimacy with Him. I knew that Jesus only did what the Father wanted and so if I could hear Him at all times, there would be no need for any other gift. That may sound kind of simple, but upon that precedent I figured all life could flow. I wanted to hear Him with what I called clear speech… just like Moses.

Num 12:6-8 NKJV

If there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, make Myself known to him in a vision; I speak to him in a dream. Not so with My servant Moses; He is faithful in all My house. I speak with him face to face, even plainly, and not in dark sayings; And he sees the form of the LORD.

Before telling him any of this, I asked my husband what he prayed for. He said, “Well it was really hard to choose between my healing and wanting to know Him better.” I smiled with that inner prophetic poker face. He paused and said, “I chose to know Him better since I can’t live without Him.” I was touched at his answer and then joyously told him I had him covered and spilled the whole story!

. . . But the Lord didn’t stop there, He had more delights to come.


The next AM Graham says, “Hey do you know what? I made a mistake last night! When we were doing the prayer thing at the end, you know, ask me for a sign….I made a mistake. And the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night and said: “There’s a lot of people praying right now because you made a mistake!” I’m thinking, so what did I do wrong? He said, “We agreed that sign would be anything they want personally for themselves. What you said son, you tacked this thing on that it could be for you or it could be for someone else. And Gray, that was not what we agreed.” And I thought, oh You’re right! So Lord what do I do? He said, “Aren’t you so thankful I can cover all your mistakes?” I’m thinking on this occasion, extremely so! So I SHOULD have said last night, that anything personally in your relationship with God, you can ask for and the answer is yes. So this is what we are going to do! Those of you who asked something for somebody else, the Lord says, “You can KEEP that one, AND you can ask for something for yourself! And those of you who asked something for yourself, you get to ask something for somebody else!” {end of Graham quote}

I was probably the loudest voice in the audience on that one! I had already asked for my 2 requests, one for my beloved husband, and one for myself. It was a prophetic blooper, thoroughly ordained by the Lord. The Lord had the whole thing set up, mistakes and all! He is the most loving awesome God!


This was all confirmed the last meeting of the conference when Paul Cain spoke. He was not there the first meeting when we had prayed our requests. He said, “I believe the Lord wants to give you the desires of your heart!” I grinned at my husband. On the way home, in relation to what Paul Cain had said, we revealed to one another our prayers. My precious husband had prayed for my healing, and I had prayed for his. We both thought of the old Christmas story about the poor couple on their first year of marriage. She had cut her long hair in order to sell it to buy the gold chain for his watch, and he had sold his watch in order to buy the beautiful hair pin for her hair. My eyes filled with tears and I thought that we are completely and 100% covered in our love and in His love.

Matt 25:40 NKJV
And the King will answer and say to them, 'Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’


After the conference was over I realized that for years I have stood for the day when I would know my Heavenly Papa as Jesus did, and walk in Jesus’ anointing and even do greater works, as the scripture says. (John 14:12) After all was said and done I felt like I had blown my window of opportunity for this lifetime request. When one is hurting, sometimes they cannot see past the pain. All they want is to be set free. I believe many, many people are in that place right now. What a loving Papa we serve! In the middle of the night this is what I heard: “Could you believe for twice as much? An anointing as Jesus walked, and more. Your on!”

My heart melted in one big blob. His love is so tender and He wants to reach every hidden recess.


Beloved of the Lord, there are so many in the body of Christ that have grown weary with delayed promises and delayed prayers. Do not be weary in well doing, for He is our loving Papa. Through the years of pain and delay, the stakes, rewards and recompense have only grown higher and the Lord has multiplied the answers to your requests. You shall have a 7-fold return on anything stolen from you, and double portion joy for all your shame.

As the Lord has schooled me in the Quickened Word writing ministry, I believe that my forerunner life and the Word that springs forth from such, is a living parable for others. Because of this I know that my conference story is multiplied to you too. I want to share with you that the Lord is not only asking those at the conference, but He is also asking you and giving you the same opportunity to ask Him for your deepest desire and for a sign that His answer is "YES!" Choose wisely my dear ones, for great joys await you in the answers, which will be much greater than you can imagine, conceive or think.

“Ask me for a sign, Ahaz, to prove that I will crush your enemies as I have promised. Ask for anything you like, and make it as difficult as you want." (NLT)

This is our time and opportunity to make our deepest desire known to God, to be strengthened, and then STAND that He has heard our prayer and that His answer is YES.

As one final word, we are entering into Psalms 103 for the new year 2003 (starting on Sep 15, Day of Atonement.) As you read that Psalms, notice how it centers around 2 themes: healing and intimacy with our Papa, all to be passed down through our families. Praise the Lord!



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