Do Not Mistake The Quietness For Inactivity
Susan Cummings

Do not mistake the quietness for inactivity. For I am always moving, always creating, and always bringing forth My Word.

There is never a time when I cease reaching out to My People or moving in their lives either.

Many think they can relax and pursue their own desires in this season, as I have given them a period of grace and all is quiet.

But it is not so. I never stop, neither do My People. I require faithfulness and obedience. Even in the quiet times, and even when they are alone. I see their hearts and I see their attitudes and I see the fruit that they will now sow.

I have cried out to My Own, to rest, to come to Me, to sit and be filled and strengthened.

Some have done so, but most have gone their ways.

Many will mourn for their loss as they realize that they will not stand and cannot make the time up now.

For it has now changed, and I am now accelerating the events, and they are not prepared.

My faithful Ones will stand and be full of Me until the end.

For it is through them, that My Fullness and My Grace will now be seen.

All others will stand upon their own works and see their folly of not preparing.

For all works will be tried in the fires and be tested for their purity.

Nothing will escape My Justice or My Gaze.

All men will be shown their ways.

But the time to return to Me has now passed as their season of Grace, and now they will pass through the fires and be tried and measured and weighed.

Those who rejected My Grace will be found empty and void of My Light.

For they rejected Me, the Truth.

My People love their comfort and pleasures more than they love Me, and they do not deny themselves, to sit at My feet.

Much will be required as I am Holy, and all that is not Mine will be given to their master.

For they loved their idols more than My Ways.

I gave time and seasons to reach out to Mine, and waited for all to come and dine, but few loved My fares and went after their wares.

So now they will suffer in the fires.

Inactivity is not appreciated by those who sit with the world, for they love their schedules, their games, and their fleshly quests.

Nothing is given by them to help those in need, but only to devour and to maim and to climb up their social ladders.

No more, will I allow this to remain as so, for the rest will now pass swiftly, as I have warned so many times before.

The time of Grace is closed and has now given way to My Justice and it will bring much sorrow to the unrepentant and the rebellious and the slothful of My House.

I have called to those who have trimmed their lamps and who watch at My Gates, and they sit in My embrace.

Nothing will remove them from their places, as they have not denied Me, but embraced My Judgments, so they will have their reward and My Graces.

Righteousness does not come by works and by greed and the wicked will never be clothed in My Holy Robes, only the broken, and humble, and the empty ones who have fallen before Me on their knees.

My people learn righteousness through obedience and suffering.

Through laying their lives and wills down for Mine and for their brethren.

It is not so in this land, as they devour one another for their own pleasures. No more.

My Fires will burn, and the seas will roar and the earth will shake till I have broken every one who has exalted themselves over Me and against Me, and those who have prevented Mine from coming to Me.

Woe to those who have no fear and do not tremble before their God.

I am Holy, and Jealous is My Name, and I will have all that is Mine.

The day has passed as I said before, and now the Winds do come.

All that is not Mine, will fall in ruin as My Winds blow from Heaven.

Great is the Glory of My House, and great is the destruction of the altars and thrones of men.

For the four winds will come and bring the fires and the waves and the land will shake under My Weight.

My Fire will rest upon those who are Mine, and throughout the earth they will feast and dine, and they will reap the final harvest till the end of time.

For all that they have given to Me, will now be their reward and victory.

For they truly loved Me.

Woe to those who did not prepare and who are not found in My House.

Woe to those who assumed they knew it all, and thought they were clean, and never checked to see.

Woe to those who stood in My sheep's way, and stripped them bare and left them to die.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth in this season of full fiery birth.