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I have promised that all your needs shall be met,
and that I will not turn a deaf ear to your cries,
when you call I will hear and answer. 
I want you to start expecting to receive an answer.
Expect to hear my voice, expect to be blessed. 
Why do you pray and donít get ready to be blessed? 
You pray without expectation. 
My promises are true. 

 I need you to trust Me.  Let me Lead and guide you.
I long to whisper words of love and affection in your ear. 
I promised that I wouldnít leave you comfortless. 
You must believe that what you have asked for will come to past.

Trust in Me, donít be moved by what you see,
and donít be moved by what you feel. 
Be confident that I have risen in your midst to bring healing, to bring salvation,
to bring victory and council to those in need. 
Even now I am interceding for you and My Father always heareth My prayers.
I expect you to pray to Me, you must expect to receive your blessings.  

 Know that I have heard your prayers and I am bringing all that you ask to past. 
I am bringing about a complete change in your life. 
Trust in Me and believe that I am faithful to do those things that I have promised to do. 
Expect Me to bring the natural in alignment with the spiritual. 
I am the God of Abraham, of Moses, of Isaac, is there anything too hard for Me?

Expect to be blessed