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 Jesus, say it… say it often.  Jesus.

Say it until you feel the peace of My love taking control.

Jesus… In My name there is love,

in My name there is peace,

in My name there is joy. 

All you need is in My name.  Jesus, say it…. Jesus. 

There is power in My name.

  Abraham called Me Jehovah Jireh, I am your provider. 

Moses called Me Jehovah Ropheka, I am your healer,

Gideon called Me Jehovah Shalom, I am your peace,

David called Me Jehovah Rohi, I am your shepherd.  

Call Me…I love to hear you call My name… Jesus.

Oh Jesus, How I love to call your name.  

Jesus, Jesus, the heavens move at the sound of your name.  

Jesus, my provider; Jesus, my healer; Jesus you are my peace.