Yes, pray in the spirit, pray in the spirit,
I need you to be ready, ready to do battle, write. Stay before Me, stay with Me.
Do you want to be with Me? Do you want to be with Me?
Remember the sacrifices; remember how hard I said it would be?
Itís all training, training for My journey.  Training, you need to be with Me.
I will supply your needs, I will teach you discipline,
I will teach you all you need to make this journey.
Stay with Me, fast and pray, go through it.


You donít need a forty day fast now.  I will lead you when itís time.
Fast and pray to break the yoke, break the yoke, fast and pray.
I will lead you, just be willing, be willing to fast and pray as I say.
Love Me as I have loved and love you.  I am with you, I am here, feel My presence.
I never left you, I never left you, I am here.
Here to help you, havenít I helped you before,
havenít I always provided for you, havenít I always made a way,
havenít I proven Myself over and over and over and over,
I am God I am God, I will deliver I will deliver,
I will deliver I wonít fail, I canít fail, I canít fail,
I am here I am here feel Me feel Me.


Free My people, deliver My people, help My people.
They need you, they need you, they need you.
You can do it, you can deliver them, I will be with you, I am with you.
Use the keys, use the keys, I will teach you, use the keys,
fasting and praying, fasting and praying.
Stay before Me with fasting and praying.
Use what I have given you.

I need you, I need you to be ready, be ready, be ready,
learning comes quick, be ready.