A Season of Birthing
Patsy Shelton
Dec 17, 2003

Isaiah 26: 17 & 18, 17 Like as a woman with child, that draweth near the time of her delivery, is in pain, and crieth out in her pangs; so have we been in thy sight, O LORD. 18 We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth wind; we have not wrought any deliverance in the earth; neither have the inhabitants of the world fallen.

Just as Mary carried a Holy seed, there are those among My people that also are going through a birthing process. And that which they have carried has grown forth from a Holy seed, implanted by My Spirit. And they have labored, and labored, and yet it was not time for the birthing to take place. But the appointed time has come, and the birthing process will be completed, and the baby will come forth.

In order for a baby to come forth and be healthy the mother must receive the proper nutrients, so that the baby will develop, be healthy and come to full term. And the past nine months have been a time of their receiving that, which would allow them to nurture and bring forth a healthy baby. And the nutrients that they received came not from man but from My Spirit. He has taught them, lead by Him, and received from Him that which was needed to bring forth a Holy thing. Neither neither touched nor defiled by man.

That which is being birthed into the earth will be Holy and pure, and there will be not defilement in it. That which is being birthed will bring deliverance in the earth. Even the church that I have ordained, although it is in the infant stage, will grow and develop quickly, for I am shortening the days. Ministries and ministers, servants and servers, organizations and organizers, all that is needed to cause My work to become known in the earth have been prepared and will now come forth. They will shine with the glory of their creator, and cause the error of the harlot church to be made known in the earth. Shame, disgrace, and dishonor will come upon the church that I have not birthed. Shame, disgrace, and dishonor will come unto leadership that have done their own thing, and in so doing profaned My Holy name. And My people will leave the harlot church in droves, and run to the glorious church without spot and wrinkle that is being birthed in the earth. And the harlot church, which seemingly had life but denied the power of the Godhead, and locked their doors so that My Spirit would not have entrance, will become houses for the living dead. They will die in the tradition, religion, and doctrine of man. And many will look on in wonder and amazement as huge buildings stand empty and forsaken, even the death of organized religion. And some will ask why, and I will answer ďbecause they forsook the law of their God. They chose man over the living God.Ē

And there are ministers across this nation that have become idols among My people. They seek not the living God, but they go to see and hear man, and think that these ministerís are there link to the living God. And I will bring down ministerís that have caused My people to idolize them, and I will bring down those that idolize these men.

Birthing, birthing, birthing I am birthing the real church, and I will tear down the monumentís that have built to and for man. And the church that I am birthing will cause people to run to it in droves. They will run to it for in it they will find the Spirit of liberty and freedom. And they will find ministerís that are leading them to the way of the Cross, and teaching them how to find intimacy with the living God. And they will be able to worship their God in spirit and in truth. And the anointing that breaks every yoke will reside in these sanctuaries, and upon those that I have raised up. And they will find signs and wonders, and they will grow in the things of their God. And the wounded, the broken, the sick in body and in mind, will find healing and restoration because they will find the Living God. And they will find fathers and motherís that will mentor, teach them, and train them up in the way that they should go. Those that will teach them to walk in My Ways. They will always be pointing and directing them to Me, and away from themselves.

A glorious, glorious birthing is taking place in the earth. The birthing of the church of Jesus Christ, who will be the head, and He will anoint and appoint under shepherds to feed His flock, heal their wounds, and bring them into the knowledge of the Living God.

Oh the season of birth pangs is over, and the glorious church is being birthed into the earth, saith the Lord God, and it bring forth deliverance in the earth.