Be Sober, Be Vigilant, And Be Watchful
Patsy Shelton
Dec 26, 2003

Mark 22:13, 22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Ah, saith the Lord God, as I release new anointings and do signs and wonders in the earth, I would have you be sober, vigilant, and watchful. There will also be many lying signs and wonders, and they will be birthed from the antichrist spirit, which is rebellion and that is witchcraft. Even as it was in the days of Moses when he went before Pharaoh and his priests, so it will be again. But, this work will be manifested in the earth through those that are called by My name, and not everyone that is called by My name belongs to Me, for many are emissaries of his kingdom.

My own, even My elect, will need to have eagles eyes. They will need to have peripheral vision, the ability to see all around them, but also to be focused on Me at the same time., There are those that have tunnel vision will not see and be deceived. Those that will perform the lying signs and wonders will come as the enemy does, even as an angel of light. They will call themselves by My name, but I know them not, and the works that they do will be the works of the evil one himself. And they will come cloaked in a robe that appears to be a robe of righteousness, but underneath this covering, even a self righteous, religious, and rebellious spirit.

I have charged you before to know those that labor among you, and this charge I give to you again. Just as prophecy is the testimony of My Son, so are the lives of those of My own through which I will do great signs and wonders. They will testify of Me, and the fruit of My Holy Spirit will be the manifested in their lives. Did I not say that a good tree would bear good fruit? And the fruit that you will see in My own is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance for this fruit testifies of My Son in the lives of those that are My own.

Test the spirits. Those do not know My word, and do not know My ways will be carried off into the pit of deception, even the abyss, because they have attached themselves to the strong arm of the flesh. They follow men, and not their God. Those that are seeking signs and wonders, will be washed away in a sea of deception.

But through the sons and daughters of the morning, those that have been birthed by the Holy Spirit in the earth today, will testify of Me. I will do through them great signs and wonders because the realm of the flesh, or the soul, has been sacrificed upon the altar of their God. They have become empty cisterns, and a Holy habitation, and My Spirit will flow through them and signs and wonders will follow them, the likes of which the world has never seen before. Through these I will make Myself known in the earth.

The new day has dawned, the sons and daughters of the morning have been birthed into the earth, but there has also been birthed those that carry the seed of deception. I warn you now be sober, be vigilant, and be watchful for as My power and presence is manifested in the earth, there will has also been birthed those that will come as an angel of light, and they will do lying signs and wonders. Their father being the father of all lies, and he will manifest himself through them.

Never has there been a day as this when all things will come to fulfillment and the battle between good and evil will become more intense. Be sober, be vigilant, and be watchful because deception will rise in the land and many will fall into itís pit for there will be lying signs and wonders in the land.