Destiny Has Birthed Many Children the Sons and Daughters of the Morning
Patsy Shelton
Dec 18, 2003

It is the day of destiny’s child, for destiny has birthed many children, even the sons and daughters of the morning. And these that have been called forth they will go through destiny’s doors with the scroll or royal decree, which is required for entrance, and their works will not be wood, hay, or stubble. The work of preparation of the previous season will cause them to bear good fruit, and the fruit that they bear will bring healing to many peoples, and many nations.

I have refined them with fire and they are vessels of honor. They are people of integrity and character. These are those whose garments are not spotted by the flesh, but they have washed their robes in My blood. They have become one with the Father, just as I am one with the Father. And they will say as I did, if you have seen me you have seen both the Father and the Son, for they have been conformed into our image. Greater works will they do, and they will do great exploits, signs and wonders will follow them. Empty cisterns that My presence and My power can be manifested through.

And My people will live to see the day when hospitals will be emptied out, and when sickness and disease will bow to My presence and My power that will flow through these sons and daughters of the morning, destiny’s children. They will only have to lift their hand and disease will go, and demons will leave without a word ever being spoken for these son and daughters of the morning will not walk in all power an authority, but all power and authority will reside in their earthen vessels. All of the power of the Godhead will flow through them, for they have become temples of My Holy Spirit, habitations for the presence of the Living God.

And the seven spirits of God will rest upon them, and they will walk in wisdom and revelation that man has not known before. They will see and they will say what they see, and to these the riches of secret dark places will be revealed. Revelation that can only be revealed, because I have kept is covered from the logical mind of man, spirit to spirit. And many of these will have angelic visitations, and many will have open heaven experiences, and many will be given visions in the night season. The books that have been sealed are being opened, and knowledge will flow forth like a mighty river. It will proceed forth from out of the Throne of God, and the Lamb.

And this revelation will cause a revolution, because it will be contrary to that which man has known in the past. But, it will bring life wherever it goes, and it will open the expanse of heaven in a way that man has not known before. And those that close their ears, and shut their eyes in order not to see this revelation will find themselves living under a brass heaven.

Just as the children of Israel crossed over into the Promised land, there is also a spiritual Promised land. No other generation has obtained entrance, but destiny’s children, the sons and daughters of the morning, have been birthed into the earth, and they will live in the Promised Land of the spirit.

Ah, saith the Lord God, amazing things are about to unfold and be brought forth into the earth through destiny’s children, the sons and daughters of the morning.