It Is Time To Heed The Voice of The Prophets
Patsy Shelton
Nov 22, 2003

I have given to My people dreams and visions, and a word here and a word there about the unfolding of these last days. But now, saith the Lord God, I am about to reveal what the future holds. I am about to release the specifics of that which I have spoken through My Prophets in bits and pieces.

I have diligently worked in the lives of My people to prepare them for the days ahead, trying them and testing them to bring them to a place of total trust, total dependence, and total rest. Some have entered into My rest, and nothing will anywise do them harm. There are yet others among My people that are growing into this place with Me. Others have stood aside, not heeded the words and the warnings of things to come, and their hearts will fail them and they will be overtaken by fear.

The religious system and the systems of this world are going to fail for I have ordained these things. Things have been put into motion that cannot be stopped for the day and time of the fulfillment of scripture regarding the last days, is at hand. And for that reason I am about to reveal in detail those things that are going to transpire in your world, and around you. This generation will live out the prophetic words regarding the last days.

Am I talking about the end of the world? No. But, I am talking about the drastic changes that are coming. Even now My people see the signs. The weather and the atmosphere in the earth has changed, and many more changes are yet to come. Things will never be, as My people have known them in the past. But, all things will change, and bring forth a new world, a world not at all like the current world that My people know and live in.

I am about to release in detail knowledge through My Prophets about the coming events for I said that I would show you the great and mighty things to come, both the good and the bad. The course and the axis of the earth is going to change, and this change will affect all things in the earth. I will even turn it upside down.

These are both glorious days, but somber and serious days. As these things, in the days ahead begin to unfold; My people will have to be abiding in the secret place where they will find refuge under My Shadow. For My shadow will provide a place of safety and refuge for all that have entered in.

Never before has there been a day and a time to press into My presence, and to hear what My Spirit is saying today. Never before has there been a time to set your heart like a flint to press into the secret place. Because there are things ahead that are about to unfold and be told of that will even cause menís hearts to fail them for fear. But, perfect love casts out all fear. So, I bid you come into the place in My heart where fear will not touch you, and nothing can shake you.

Heed My words, for I am about to reveal in the secret place, the detailed unfolding of the future, smith the Lord.