Olivia Long

Mar 10, 2004

Begin to act on the many words that I have given you. Do not keep them locked in your heart or in your journal, but take them out, each and every one of them. Lay claim on them for I have given them to you, they are yours, take possession of each one. They are not merely words, they are MY words. Lift each word from the page, they are yours, lay hold and claim them. Know that as you bring to My remembrance My many words and promises, that I have heard your cry. I have not gone back on My word, I cannot for I AM bound by My Word. I have seen every question and I know your frustrations - Know, My Beloved that I have and AM paving the way. The preparations have been well under way but many spiritual battles needed to be won in the heavenlies. Not one dot or tiddle could be missed as I prepared the way. Be sensitive to My direction even to the smallest insignificances, they are 'vital'. I say to you, Do not fear that you will miss ME or MY direction, knowing that I shall bring all to pass I have spoken in your life. That time is nigh, expect!

Expect and Rejoice.... Rejoice Beloved, I say rejoice! See all bondages and chains dropped. See the door fall open under your praise. I say rejoice...rejoice in the midst of your circumstances, rejoice in Who I AM, rejoice in who you are - the sons and daughters of Almighty God. The enemy cannot come to your door in the midst of rejoicing. I say again, rejoice!

Look, look beyond your surroundings. You are looking at what is not happening and you are missing out on the blessings that are happening in your life right now. There are blessings all around you but you are concentrating on what you are not seeing and what is not happening. Look beyond...You are asking for a time but time is in My hands and My timing is perfect. Therefore, rest in ME, rest in My timing see what I AM doing and see the 'present blessings' and be ready for your coming breakthroughs.

I AM that sittith upon the throne, beacons to you My Beloved. You are My vessel in which I work and move through, therefore expect mighty works in your life. Stir up the gifts I have given you for I AM spurring you on ... These are awesome days and I AM an awesome God and awesome things will be done in My Name through you!

My eyes have gone to and fro looking for someone who was willing to put aside all things, you said "here am I." I have prepared you and you have gone through the fire, you have known what it is to be in need and you know the hurts of the outcasts. It is time to exalt those who are humble, lowly and meek for this is the hour of the uncomely parts. The hour for shepherds to become kings and peasants to become priests. As Job, it is time to be raised out of the ashes. I will confuse the mighty while bringing up My own from the most unlikely of places ... They will look upon these and say "no not him, no not her" for they will know from where they have come and yet I will say: "Yes! I have chosen these and only these who have been prepared by ME will stand in the days and months ahead."

This is MY greatest hour... this is YOUR greatest hour. Rejoice and Expect! As you seek My face this day, I AM closer than I have ever been. Even though you might not feel My closeness, I AM there. Be sensitive to "all" that I bring into your life from this moment on and ask My Spirit to reveal "all" that is said and done. The plan that I have for you is now unfolding like a beautiful rose, allow My Spirit to speak to you this day, no word is too small. The day and the hour is upon you. You have come to full term and there is an anxiousness about you which is normal when giving birth, especially at full term. Do not let any anxiousness turn to discouragement, prepare for this new birth ... and wait upon the Lord for it is at this critical moment that you will want to 'push' in your own strength ... but again I say, wait upon the Lord and I will bring it to pass. You have been faithful to My Word and I will be faithful to My promises. I will move quickly ... be ready for Me .... IT WILL BE QUICKLY!!!

Stand firm for the enemy would try to steal the calling I have placed on your life but I have overcome him - he would try to delay the calling but My timing is perfect. It is when you least expect me to move that I will do it.. concentrate on Me, I AM the reason you are called. The calling is not the most important, it is your relationship with ME that is of the utmost importance. I desire that you would see me as One who loves you and desires to do all I say I will do... I no longer want you to speak of Me as the 'can do God' but the 'Am doing God.' Lest you forget My Beloved Who I AM... I AM HE who led a disobedient people out of the wilderness into the land of promise. "How much more will I lead you who are obedient to My instructions?" The time for dismay is over it is time to "Rejoice, Expect and Receive!"