"From Passover To Pentecost--10 Days Of Decreeing Your Land--Boundaries Will Begin To Rejoice"
Chuck Pierce

I believe we are moving in God's perfect time. Timing is so important. "In Him, we move and have our being" (Acts 17:24-28, Colossians 1:19, 2:9). I am praying for you to be in God's perfect timing. The Bible begins, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." This is the first month of the Hebraic calendar, the month NISSAN, in other words, the beginning of months. Each month is designed by the Lord to release a blessing into our life. His desire is for us to move from blessing to blessing all year. Each month is also linked with a tribe, the heavenly realm, a letter of the alphabet, a part of the body, and the function of our senses.

Here are key facts for this month:

Since this is the beginning of months, this month represents the Tribe of Judah. Let praise arise in your heart. If you will begin to praise now, then He will enthrone Himself in the midst of your life and situations. Begin this month praising, and let praise be the pattern for you all year long.

This is the month linked with the window of Heaven and the sound of Heaven invading your life in the earthly realm.

Months in the Hebraic calendar overlap with months in the Roman calendar. Therefore, this is the season of spring, the beginning of the months of direct light. Ask for the spout of revelation to rest on you for the next six months.

This is the month of redemption. He paid for you by His BLOOD, so you could be released from any prison that is holding you. Therefore, spend this month thanking God for your deliverance and He, as your Deliverer, will position Himself on your path for the year ahead.

This is the month of the beginning of miracles--BELIEVE!

This is the month that sets the course for your future. This is the month to decree (by speech) your future. SPEAK FORTH your expected end, and declare it will be greater than your beginning.

This is the month of the RAM or (lamb). Look for your RAM in the bush. God will begin to reveal Himself as Jireh to you.

This is the "controller" month where you put your best foot forward--the "right foot" month.

When you are in God's time, you can reconcile His redemptive plan for your life and walk under the spout of His blessings. In God's timing, His secrets and "pregnancy" plans are revealed. In God's timing, your mind is impregnated with His thoughts. When you reconcile your walk with God's timing, what is seeded in your thought processes develops into a full-fledged mental _expression. By understanding God's timetable, and His ordered monthly plan, you can schedule your affairs and align your earthly appointment book with Heaven. This will cause you to succeed in bringing forth the FULLNESS of God's portion and ultimately fulfilling His plan for you in the earth.

This Is Called Experiencing His FULLNESS!

Fullness means: "I fill you until you run over! I fill you until My plan is fulfilled!" (John 1:16) The concept of fullness means that there is a place of abundance for you to experience (John 10:10). Fullness occurs when something fills up or comes to completion (Mark 2:21, 6:43, 8:20). Think of the fragments of the fish and loaves that filled the baskets. That is a good example of fullness. The Lord takes what you have, breaks it, blesses it, and then you have more than when you started. Fullness is happening in your life when the measure of Christ's blessing is overflowing (Romans 15:29).

Harvest is linked with Fullness. When the salvation of the Gentiles has come into a number that satisfies God's requirement for completeness (Romans 11:25), we have entered into Fullness, and we will see God's plan for fullness of the Jews manifested.

The concept of Fullness is an important spiritual dimension that pervades...the earth (1 Corinthians 10:26)...Time (Ephesians 1:10, Galatians 4:4)...God's sovereign appointment of events for your life...God's plan for the nation of Israel (Romans 11:12)...and His Divine nature in us (Colossians 2:9)...the depth of His love for us (Ephesians 3:19)...the state of our Christian maturity (Ephesians 4:13-14)...and the acceptance of suffering so that we are made complete (Colossians 1:24, 2:10).

May this be a time of visitation where the presence and power of God invade your space and order your steps!

10 Days of Decreeing Your Land--Boundaries Will Begin to Rejoice

Land can be defined as your spiritual inheritance. Also, while any sin can be an opening for demonic activity, there are certain sins that can defile (bring a foul, dirty, uncleanness) in the land. These sins leave the land cursed and particularly susceptible to demonic footholds. When you stake your land, decree that the following structures break and let go:

Day 1: Read Isaiah 54, Psalm 16. Begin by doing the following: "Sing, O barren, you who have not borne! Break forth into singing, and cry aloud, you who have not labored with child! For more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married woman," says the LORD. "Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; do not spare; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes." Declare that this is a time of enlargement for your life.

Day 2: Read Philippians 1-4. Decree that all anxiety, fear, doubt, anger, frustration, guilt, jealousy, and envy from past iniquity in your life will be removed.

Day 3: Read Ezra 9, Psalm 81. Decree Revival! Get ready to embrace many changes. Declare a window of revival is opening over your life and family. Declare that this revival will touch all generations.

Day 4: Read Ezekiel 16, 36 & 37; 1 Corinthians 10. Ask the Lord to break the power of idolatry in your bloodline. God hates idolatry. Just as the worship of God brings blessing upon the land, the worship of false gods brings curses.

Day 5: Read Genesis 4, Acts 7. Ask the Lord to remove illegal bloodshed from your land or inheritance. Remember the account of Cain and Abel. From this story we see that bloodshed affects the very land on which the violence occurred. As the blood of violence penetrates the ground, the Prince of the Power of the Air will gain legal right to the land. Curses attach to illegal violence and bloodshed.

Day 6: Read 1 Corinthians 3-7. Cut ties with any immorality that has been a part of your bloodline, or the land where you are the steward. This issue is one that we must take seriously. Immorality has become a vague term, and a non-issue for those in power. Our society has come to believe that anyone can do whatever is right in their own sight. But satan knows that every immoral act opens up a greater legal right for him to infiltrate land and homes. With the advent of the internet, there is even greater access to things like pornography and adult chat rooms. None of these things is benign. What is done in secret can bring serious consequences through defilement--not only of those involved, but defilement of the land on which their sin occurred.

Day 7: Read 2 Samuel 21. Declare an end to covenant breaking. During the reign of King David, a great famine came on the land. When David inquired of the Lord concerning this famine, God said to him, "It is because of Saul and his bloodthirsty house, because he killed the Gibeonites."The Gibeonites were a group of people who had entered into covenant with Israel in the days of Joshua. This covenant guaranteed their safety. Yet Saul broke covenant with the Gibeonites by murdering many of them and planning for the massacre of the rest. As a result, famine came on the land as God removed His blessing, and satan was allowed access. The famine did not strike immediately, but came when the new king came into power. Many of our homes in the United States have been built on land which was taken through broken treaties with Native Americans. Those broken treaties from years ago can defile and give the enemy a foothold to the land where we live today!

Day 8: Read Joel 1-3. Declare that the land will begin to rejoice. Ask the Lord to stir the power of restoration in you.

Day 9: Read Matthew 5-7. This will really show you that the Lord taught His disciples to pray. Declare Heaven and earth will connect and a new level of communion will occur in your life.

Day 10: Read Ezekiel 34, Zechariah 8, 1 Corinthians 8, Hebrews 3 & 4. Declare that your land will begin to produce in a new way, so that your storehouses will become full. (Some of you might want to stake your land here, and decree increase). Declare your land enters into REST (Exodus 23:10-11; Leviticus 25:2-7; Deuteronomy 15:1-10; 31:10-13).

Stake claim to your future! Take communion on the LAND you occupy.