from Bill Yount


Like a news bulletin out of Heaven, I heard the Lord giving a "recall" on ministers who have quit the ministry mainly because of discouragement. I heard the Lord announcing to thousands of ministers who have given up on their ministries and walk with Him. "I never call you to quit by using discouragement! Discouragement is from the enemy and it only confirms that I have a greater calling on you than you realize! My gifts and calling are without repentance! My calling is still on you and is calling you back to Me with a fresh call to serve Me!"

I Will Open Up the Door that Closed Behind You

With love I am giving you space to return to My gifts and calling. If you simply repent and humble yourself before Me and others, I will open up the door that closed behind you when you left. Also many of you will find that new and different doors will now open up for you, for I was in the process of adjusting your gifts and calling when the enemy convinced you to give up and leave where you were. I had plans to move many of you Myself if you would have waited just a little longer for Me to move people around you and to move you to a new place of ministry. But even now it is not too late for I am giving you a "window of opportunity" to say yes again to Me, to allow Me to finish the work I have planned for you to do."

An even greater anointing awaits you for I will use you to "recall" the backsliders, prodigals and many of My people who have given up on the inside though they still appear content going through the motions and seem to be doing great works for Me."

If You will Overcome the Lies....

You are needed in My harvest field more than ever! If you will overcome the lies of the enemy and others telling you that you are a failure, you will begin to see what I can do with what they think a failure is. I will show the world I have no failures! Your temporary "Pit-stop" in the race set before you will prove to be a recharging and refueling experience as I call you back on the course of your Destiny! I will use it to launch you toward the finish line with My Power sending you!

Remember Joseph's dream started in a "pit" and ended in a palace!"

"I am calling all ministers who thought they quit and that I was through with them. But I am now 're-calling' them."

"Can you hear Me now?"

from Bill Yount
Hagerstown, MD