The Great Wealth Transfer
Submitted by Clay Sikes


God intends to move much wealth into the hands of those capable of handling it. Much of the shaking that is taking place now will prepare the Church for the massive harvest of souls as we approach the end of the age. This harvest will require money.

I sense that we are at the tail end of an initial work relative to God's plan for the use of money. Much of this move has obviously been more flesh than Spirit. As with Sara the wife of Abraham, who had Godís direction but lacked His timing or specific course, the first attempt at prosperity, THE PRESENT PROSPERITY MESSAGE, has produced many Ishmaels, appealing to greed, self-righteousness, and doctrines of man directing God. It is rooted in the flesh with impatience and greed Ė ďIts my time to get my stuff from my God!Ē

What we will soon see is a true Isaac in the form of a true prosperity message that speaks of a great wealth transfer which ONLY involves dead men, men who have nothing but Godís purpose in their heart. Some may be disappointed to hear that God will not allow great riches (mammon) to destroy man in order that man finance great works for God. Unlike Ishmael, God created Isaac for Godís purposes. Unlike Ishmael, God does not have to fight through flesh in dealing with Isaac. Godís purpose with Godís men relative to money is soon to be evident in the earth, but these purposes will only work in men who have been tested by the fires of affliction, men whose trust for God is matched by Godís trust for them.

The time for pleading and begging is over. God pays for what He orders. His resources are in place and those with a sense of destiny and purpose will find the necessary resources, spiritual and natural, to perform His will. How great it is to step into the Jordan to cross, without a boat or bridge, and see the river part. Watch as God continues to raise up a remnant of people who will exercise complete control over mammon, who will neither be swayed to the left or right, up or down, but will flow with His spirit in financial affairs. Think it not a strange thing that even now God is requiring us to trust him completely in the area of money. True trust for him requires a revelation of His rest, the place where we have ceased from our own works, where God is truly our provider. Trust is obedience and the willing and obedient eat the good of the land.

The time for trickery and deception is over. When we give in an effort to move the hand of God, we have entered the arena of self-righteousness, a product of the worldís system. The worldís system will no longer work for the called of God. In the days to come, much will be exposed about the real motive relative of the present day prosperity message. Many will leave these ranks wounded and disappointed, however, even now God is raising tried, tested, and true men of God who know that Godliness with contentment is great gain, who know that to chase money is to leave the blessing of God, who know that the word without the spirit is law, who know that Godís provision comes through relationship and not formula.

The time for hype and emotional manipulation is over. Men will begin to see that the play upon the souls (emotions) of men will no longer extract large sums of money for man inspired good works that look like God, but which God has no part of. Discernment in the Body will evaporate this long used often-abused way of man (the world's system).

Begin to realize that just as you cannot receive life from those with blood types that do not match yours, so too is the spiritual blood that courses your spiritual veins - YOU CANNOT RECEIVE LIFE FROM THOSE WHOSE SPIRITUAL BLOOD DOES NOT MATCH YOURS! In fact, as you mix your blood with theirs, death occurs. The modern day prosperity message is death! Ministers, Ministries, and Churches with the bless me! Bless me! Bless me! Motive will bring death to those who whose motive is to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.