By Chuck D. Pierce



Now is the Time to Build and Plant!

When the Lord called Jeremiah, He showed him that He had set him over kingdoms and nations, and his ministry would go through phases. He would root out, pull down, destroy and throw down. Many of you have been tearing down and rooting out long enough. Just as the Lord told Jeremiah that he would build and plant, now is the time for us to do the same!

Building for the future and planting to bring forth increase sometimes can be more difficult than tearing down and rooting out. At the beginning of the year the Lord showed me that we would go to war with Babylon (one phase of this would be the strongman in Iraq) in mid-March, and experience a victory in the tearing down and rooting out phase by the end of April. However, He showed me that in May we would feel great resistance from the enemy in our next building phase. The enemy would attempt to block us as we build for increase. I feel this applies to each one of us personally. This also applies to our businesses and even the corporate vision that we are aligned with in ministry. I sense we are entering a period where the enemy will try and block righteousness from proceeding forth in our lives and even in this nation. So many times we know we are to move forward, but actually we feel a resistance that blocks our way. When seeking the Lord on how to pray, He showed me twelve key principles to help us sidestep the enemy when we feel blocked.

1. Have a desire to worship God in a new way.

In Exodus 14 we see that God intervenes for the people to move forward. He had given them a covenant promise 400 years prior. Each one of you also has a covenant promise. Through the cries of God's people in their circumstances, He sends a deliverer to lead us forth into our promise. Sometimes there is a war to get into the boundaries of your promise. The Israelites had to have a release from their situation and circumstances so they could worship in a new way. After going through 10 phases of confrontation, the people of Israel were released so they could go and worship. Declare that you will be released from everything that is hindering you from worshiping God in a new way. Break out of old patterns of worship!

2. When you feel blocked, exercise whatever authority God has given you.

You know this familiar story. Once the people were released they got to a place where the sea was before them and the enemy was behind them. Even though they were confused and didn't understand how to proceed, Moses said to them in Exodus 14:13, "Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians who you see today, you shall see no more forever." There comes a time when God wants to do away with the enemies of your past. The Lord told Moses, "Tell the children of Israel to GO FORWARD." So many times when we feel blocked we want to stop. Then He told Moses, "Lift up your rod", Moses' symbol of authority. You have a measure of authority that God has given you. Exercise that measure and your way will begin to open up. The Lord will then overtake your enemy so you can proceed into your next phase of victory. Don't look back at your enemy. This is a time to remain one step ahead of the enemy!

3. Praise causes your dry times to end, refreshing to come, and your path to open up.

In Numbers 20, Edom refused passage to Moses and the people of Israel. Even though Moses negotiated with Edom twice, he did not receive favor for the people to pass through on the way to the promise. Sometimes that happens to us. We do everything we know to try and convince an adversary to allow us safe passage, and yet we don't seem to make any headway. We find in Numbers 21 the people get to another place where they don't seem to be able to move forward and they grow very thirsty without water. You will have dry times that come on the path to your promise. God commanded the people to do one thing: TO GATHER AND SING! As they began to sing, "Spring up, O well," the well began to fill with water so they could drink and be refreshed. A person who will stop and praise will always advance. Corporate worship is necessary for our victories in days ahead. Find your place of corporate worship. Even if you don't feel like worshiping, worship. God will refresh you, give you strength, and you will be able to advance.

4. Don't be afraid to address old issues that have never been dealt with fully in your life.

In 2 Samuel 5, we find David coming into the anointing that had been promised many years before. His first assignment was to overthrow the Jebusites at Jerusalem. David knew he had to establish a place for God's presence. The Jebusites should have been overthrown when Joshua and the people crossed into the Promised Land 400 years prior. They were a people that were descendants of Canaan (who had been cursed by Noah). For David to become captain and ruler and enter into what he had been anointed to do, he had to overcome the Jebusites. Many times there is an old iniquitous pattern in our life or path that periodically surfaces. We can never enter into all of the benefits of God's redemptive plan for our lives until this iniquity is overturned. The time is NOW for victory!

5. Allow the Lord to reveal to you unconventional ways to overtake your enemies.

Actually, the Lord said this period of time would be like a "sewage month." In 2 Samuel 5, David stood back and saw an entry way into Jerusalem. However, it was through the sewage! Don't be afraid to go through a "mess" to get to victory. If you look carefully, God will show you the entry way into your victory. Take a deep breath and go through your sewage phase and stand in a new place of victory for your future. Jerusalem was David's place to establish God's presence. This would be where the Ark would eventually rest. If you are willing to go through your sewage, you will only "stink" for a short period. Then God's presence will be established in you and His favor will surround you.

6. Watch for the enemy's backlash.

Once the Philistines heard of David's anointing, they came to stop him from advancing. The enemy detests when we move forward, and abhors the thought of the anointing of God increasing in us. The Philistines attacked David. God gave David victory. However, once he had victory, the enemy actually regrouped to come against David again. Do not let your guard down over the next several months.

7. Be willing to be creative in your confrontation of the enemy.

Never presume upon God that you can confront the enemy in the same manner you confronted him in your last season of victory. When the Philistines regrouped against David, he asked the Lord, "Should I go up again?' The Lord said, "Yes, but not in the same way." Beware of legalistic strategies that could trap you over the next several weeks. Legalism produces fear and stops God's creativity from working in us. Legalism also leads us into routine. The Lord told David to "listen for the sound of the wind in the mulberry trees." Allow the Holy Sprit to supernaturally fill you. Listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit. There is a sound from heaven that will guide you. The Spirit of God in you will cause you to hear that sound. Listen for the new sound! Be creative as you advance.

8. When you seem blocked, fast, seek the Lord, and wait for His revelation.

In 2 Chronicles 20, we find a confederation of enemy forces coming against Jehoshaphat. Even though fear gripped him, Jehoshaphat fasted and sought the Lord. This caused the Lord to move upon the prophet Jahaziel. He began to prophesy God's strategy for victory. Listen for the prophetic word. The prophetic word will lead you into success and victory. We war with our prophetic word.

9. Write down the enemy's threats and then present your case to the Lord.

So many times when the enemy is coming against us we try to go to everyone around us who will listen to our problems. However, we need to present our case to the Lord. In 2 Kings 18 and 19 we find that Sennacherib, a type of enemy of God's covenant, was overtaking everyone in his path. This ruler then threatened to overcome Hezekiah. Many times the enemy will draw your eyes to what he is doing, and will then convince you that you are next in line. Sennacherib sent a letter to Hezekiah. We see Hezekiah presenting this letter to the Lord as a prophetic act. Write down the enemy's threat against you and hold it up to the Lord. This will produce an order in your thinking, give you strategy, and the Lord Himself will send help to overtake your enemy.

10. Don't let an atmosphere of unbelief influence you and stop you from speaking faith.

In Luke 4, Jesus had entered into the wilderness and gained victory over the enemy. He then returned from the wilderness with power. However, when He went to Nazareth and declared who He was and that He was anointed to bring forth God's plan in the earth realm, the atmosphere of unbelief attempted to stop Him from moving forward in Father's purpose. In the midst of an atmosphere of unbelief, speak faith.

11. Jesus sidestepped the enemy many times.

Learn when to take a different direction. So many times the religious enemy of that day would rise up to stop Jesus from moving forward. In John 8:59 and 10:39, we find Jesus moving out of the enemy's path. He hid Himself and escaped out of the hand of the enemy who was attempting to seize Him. If Jesus could make it to His destination, the cross, Jesus in you can cause you to get to your destination. Let Jesus in you reveal your path through the blocked circumstances around you.


In Acts 12, Peter had been imprisoned by Herod. There was much persecution occurring around the leaders of the Church. The Church began to pray for Peter. An earthquake occurred. Watch for natural circumstances to work for your benefit. However, notice that when Peter showed up at a house church, they could not believe it was Peter. When you pray, expect God to move!

Even though the enemy will try and block you from advancing toward all that God has for you, do not submit to a blocked path. Submit to God and resist the devil. He will flee and you will advance.

By Chuck D. Pierce