-Andrew Strom.


In recent times I have come to believe more and more that the prophetic movement worldwide is failing God. In fact, I have become convinced that God is angry with many of His modern-day prophets.

The reasons are obvious. We live today in the age of the 'Lukewarm' church - a church that is at imminent risk of being "spewed out" of the mouth of God. I believe that God raised up the Prophetic move specifically to awaken and challenge and convict His wayward people before it is too late. But the history of the Prophetic - just like other movements that have gone before - is a history of compromise. Too many prophets have made themselves thoroughly comfortable with the present system. They know that if they keep their mouth shut in certain areas and "emphasize the positive" (as the old advertising slogan goes) then they can do quite nicely for themselves without too much risk. Thus, through their silence they have become nodding supporters of the status quo. They are Laodicean prophets in a Laodicean age.

But it is worse than that. You see, God gave to this movement an abundance of signs and gifts so that the people would listen when these prophets spoke on His behalf. But to a very large extent the visions and gifts have been used to thrill and entertain, rather than to make people sit and listen to an 'uncomfortable' word. In fact, there are no uncomfortable words coming from the mouths of these prophets! They are most unlike any prophet you will ever see in the Bible - men who knew how to "cry aloud and spare not". -Which is exactly the kind of preaching that a lukewarm church most needs to hear. Don't hold your breath if you expect to hear such preaching today!

Speaking specifically about the Laodicean church, Jesus said: "As many as I love I REBUKE AND CHASTEN: Be zealous therefore and REPENT" (Rev 3:19). Because He loves His church, Jesus seeks to warn and rebuke her before it is too late. It is totally obvious what message a prophet must bring in a lukewarm age. It is right there in black and white. "REBUKE AND CHASTEN" - a call to large-scale REPENTANCE. Prophets have always been appointed to be God's mouthpiece - to represent His heart. And there is simply no doubt what they should be doing in any "Laodicean" situation. Today's prophets are utterly failing God in this regard.

I believe that God gave one of the most key mandates to the modern Prophetic movement in 1982 when He said: "I am going to change the understanding and expression of Christianity IN THE EARTH in one generation." I believe this movement was sent to essentially proclaim this to the church - in the fullest degree:- A tidal wave of MASSIVE CHANGE. There is no doubt that it is a very threatening message to the Laodicean status quo. But we were supposed to STAND on it and PROCLAIM it in the most radical sense. The fact that the prophetic movement drew back from this radical role in the church is a travesty. In fact, it is a disaster.

What we have now is a prophetic movement that can live quite happily with the status quo - side by side with a thoroughly lukewarm church. We hold our conferences and give our positive and glowing messages of the "great days ahead" with barely a hint of "rebuking and chastening". After all, we wouldn't want to 'offend' anyone, would we?

The Prophetic movement that God desired to be at the centre of a great vortex of "CHANGE" affecting the whole body of Christ, is now little less than a "sideshow". -A safe, predictable sideshow that people can visit if they want to hear some warm prophecies about themselves or the church. We have sidelined ourselves with our compromise. The movement that was supposed to be a THREAT to compromise and lukewarmness - and its leaders - has now become compromised and lukewarm itself. It has lost its reason for being. It is an accepted part of the 'system'. It challenges almost nothing.

Church leaders talk about "making a place for the prophetic" in their church like it was some tame little dog that they need to find room for. Just another little flavour to add to the mix. But it was never supposed to be that way. The prophetic was supposed to THREATEN AND SHAKE EVERYTHING. That is what prophets were sent in to do when Israel was backslidden, were they not? It is the same with the church. Can you imagine Jesus arriving in a lukewarm church and NOT shaking everything?

There is all this talk about "coming Elijahs" today. I tell you, if Elijah did arrive in the church, most of these people would not know where to hide themselves quickly enough. Do you think he would stand for the nonsense that we call "charismatic church meetings" today?

The time has come for TRULY RADICAL prophets of God to arise. The hour is late and the time for measured and mild words is at an end. Prophets, let the fire of God consume you, and come forth bearing words that will SHAKE THE CHURCH. Nothing less will do. A tepid and insipid Prophetic? -AWAY WITH IT FOREVER!!

God bless you all.

Kindest regards in Christ,

Andrew Strom.