The Ministry of Intercession
Words from the Father by Don Franklin
Oct 26, 2003

Just by way of explanation, the Lord Jesus had many, many ministries that he performed. He functioned in healing, he functioned in preaching, he functioned in teaching, he functioned in prophecy, and you see the reflections of these ministries in the church as one man stands in the pulpit and he preaches. That is the preaching ministry of Christ being exemplified to the church. Another will come along and he will teach.

But there is what I call the hidden ministries of Christ. One of them is intercession. It is a valid a ministry in the church as pulpit preaching is. It is a valid expression of the ministry of Christ and there are those who are called even as full-time ministers unto me to intercede, to pray, to worship, to fulfill that expression of Christ's ministry. For what the Lord Jesus did during the day, he got at night. He drew aside and he sought the Heavenly Father and he interceded and he prayed and he called on God, and he called on God, and he called on God, and he called on God and the next day he would go forward and he would do the things the Father showed him.

You are called into intercession. You are called to stand as a minister at my altar. Harp and Bowl, saith the Lord, praise, worship, prayer. You are called to stand in-between Heaven and earth, standing in the gap interceding, praying, asking for the remission of sin, asking God to grant mercy, asking God to be kind and merciful to his people and to his Church, interceding for the things that come upon you for the nations, for the soldiers that are at battle, for the politicians that are leading the country, for the preachers who are in the pulpit.

Intercession is a very, very important part of my Church, and you are called, saith the Lord, you are called, saith the Lord – as any man who stands in the pulpit – you are called unto full-time intercession in my House. Come, saith God. Take your calling seriously. Prepare yourself. Study to show yourself approved. Study the great intercessors in the Scriptures: Study those who knelt before me. Study Daniel. Study Job. He offered sacrifices for his friends for perhaps they had sinned; he interceded. Daniel interceded for his people and confessed their sins. Moses interceded. Jesus interceded.

Do not say that I am just little and no one will notice. For I tell you, heaven will take notice of you. Angels will lift their ears when you voice comes up. You are important, saith the Lord. You are important, saith the Lord. You are important, saith the Lord. The day when the intercessory ministry will be described as a little or a small thing is over. I'm going to bring to the forefront apostles, prophets and intercessors and I'm going to set them in the lead, saith God. I tell you, the day is coming when you won't be able to get your hands on an intercessor. They are going to be such a valuable commodity. Intercession is going to be valued highly in the coming days. Understand what I am saying to you - the analogy. Intercession is going to become big, very big. Buy stock in it now. Take options, saith the Lord.

Develop your calling. Study to show yourself approved. Submit to those that have advanced knowledge and learn all that you can learn and come unto Me and I will teach you and I will show you, and then take what I've shown you and taught you and check it with those around you. But begin to press in because you have a full-time calling, full-time calling from your Father in Heaven.

You are not a lesser saint. There is no such thing as a lesser saint. There is no such thing as a lesser ministry. If you'll listen to me, you're going to get excited. If you listen to them, you're going to get depressed. Listen to me, saith the Lord. There is no such thing as a lesser saint. There is no such thing as a lesser calling. The widow woman who put two mites in the temple coffers - who is remembered? The Pharisee or the widow woman? I tell you it was the widow woman. I do not see things the way you see them.

Listen to me. You’re valuable; you are extremely valuable to the Kingdom. Don't let them beat you down. Don't let them tell you that you are just a little stone. I've built my House upon this rock of Intercession and it will not be moved. Lift up your head. Begin to say, “I am something in God. I have a calling from God. I have a fulfillment to fulfill from God Almighty. I am important. There is something to my existence. I am not a nothing person.”

Oh, come away with me, my beloved. We will move heaven and earth together. You have no idea what I will grant through your intercession. You have no idea what your Heavenly Father wants to do as you look up into his face and whisper, "Oh Father, can't you help them? Oh, Father, isn't there anything that can be done for them?” Oh, when my children cry unto me, oh, it moves my heart. Oh, I'm touched, saith the Lord. I am touched. I am touched. I will move. Elisha, Elisha - remember the principles there - a man of like passion that he prayed.

Oh, I am calling you to sit on my lap and talk to me. That will be your prayer closet - my lap. And I want you to look into my face and I want you to talk to me about the things that are on your heart. You don't have to scream; you don't have to yell. You just sit and we'll talk and when you make requests, I'm going to weigh them, and when you cry I'm going to wipe those tears from your face.

And I'm going to hear you, saith the Lord. I've chosen to hear you. I've chosen you to hear you. I want to hear from you everyday. For long periods, I want you to talk to me. I want you to tell me what bothers you. I want you to tell me who you want me to help. I want to help people. I want to go forward and I want to help people. Will you talk to me? Will you move my heart? Will you move my hand? Move my heart that you may move my hand, saith the Lord. I will move on your behalf.

Oh, it is God working with man, with woman. Oh, come, come, talk, contend with me, saith the Lord. Plead with me. Make a deal with me, saith God. "Oh, perchance, God, if there are twenty in the city, will you spare it? God, if there are ten in this city, will you spare it?"

Talk to me, saith the Lord. Let's make a deal. I want to talk to you. I want to hear from you. I want to know what you think. I am interested in what you're interested in. Oh, bring your petitions before the Lord. Bring your petitions. They'll bubble up out of your heart. The Holy Ghost will give you things. He'll give you hours of intercession. There are so many things, so many things that are on the mind of the Spirit. You will pray them through. You don't have to think all this stuff up. I'll even supply the intercession, saith the Lord, but come and commune with me that I may bless you. Come and commune with me that you may partner with me in Salvation. I want you to partner with me. I want you to be part of what I do.

I'm giving you a job, an assignment in me, and I'm giving you a reason to exist and to get up and to come forward and to be important in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God does not reside in the carnal mind of men. Listen to me; listen to me very closely. This is a secret of the Kingdom. Open your ears and hear what I am about to say. The Kingdom of God does not reside in the carnal mind of men and whether or not you are important in their sight. The Kingdom of God is ethereal. It is the Angels. It is God Almighty. It is the Son, the Father, the Holy Ghost, and you will become extremely important in that realm.

When I tell you that you’re going to be important in the Kingdom of God, you will be important in Heavenly places in the Kingdom of God! Not so much in the kingdom of men, but it doesn't that doesn't matter; it's flesh; it doesn't matter what these people think. They couldn't even spot the Lord Jesus. They thought he was a carpenter and a loser! They didn't know the fullness of the godhead dwelt in him. And oh, what's dwelling in you tonight? What's down in there? The Angels know. The Holy Ghost knows. Heaven knows.

Come on, talk to me. Tell me of the things that are in your spirit. Become great and large in the Kingdom of God. No one has to know how big you are. No one has to know how large you've grown, but I tell you, all of heaven will know. You will be big in my kingdom. You will be great in my kingdom, and men won't even know who you are. But they don't need to know. I will blind their eyes to it, even, that you may prosper and grow without being molested by others who would use you, and use your calling and your gifting. They'll leave you alone, because they won't think there's anything there, and you'll be free to do all the things that I call you to do because they won't be trying to con you all the time and use your ministry for their purposes. So there's a blessing in being hidden, believe me.

Oh, you're special to me; you are special to me; you are very special to me and I want you to know how special you are. Come unto me. I'm going to give you some out of the body experiences. I'm going to bring you up into my throne room. I am going to have communion with you. I want you, saith the Lord. I want you; I want you; I want you; I want you; I want you. I will bring you up to my throne. I will have communion with you. I will talk to you. I will meet with you. Come, sit on my lap.

The only thing between you and me is your free will. Will you come? Will you set time aside and come unto me? I'll show you the wonders of the universe. I'll speak to you. We'll have a good time, saith God. I'll put joy in your heart and laughter and I'll take the worry lines out of your face. I'll put peace in your heart and I'll be your father. I'll be good to you. I'll look over you. I will be jealous over you. I will watch over you. Many times the throne room of God is empty because no one comes! They stand and they shout, but they don't come. Come unto me, saith the Lord.

Words from the Father by Don Franklin 09/2003 @ Carpenters Home Church Prophetic Gathering