The Spirit of Show Me
by Doug Perry,


Like it or not we're consumers in a financially driven society. So my message is in the language of the times.  My Missouri roots have bred me with a basic distrust and overwhelming desire for wanting proof.  Praise God!  He uses all things to the good!

The Bible says we're to store up treasure in heaven where it won't rust and thieves can't steal. The eternal treasure is the thing. Imagine someone offered you Microsoft stock or HP stock when they were still working in their garages. Better yet, imagine if you absolutely, positively knew what that would be worth someday. Would you buy it?

I want to find those mighty warriors, those self-less servants of the cross, those who are truly being obedient and living simply, those who when they pray you just know God hears them, those who have "fruit" flying off of them like crazy, those who are storing up treasure in heaven faster than anybody else - then I want in on it. I want a stake in that eternal reward. I want to see where God is working and hop on board.

I want my family, my employees and your family and a thousand thousand other Brothers and Sisters to be in a giant receiving line where we get to kiss and hug the souls brought into heaven by the labor of those on the field that we supported from the blessing of our wealth. If Heaven is forever, I want that line to stretch farther than I can see. I want that line to last for YEARS.

Don't you get it? That's what dollars are for! Any other use for them borders on idolatry! God will provide for our needs, God will grow our churches and fellowships. All we have to do is be obedient with the blessings and talents he's given us. Read Ecclesiastes. (That's probably how I got so depressed. Ok, maybe just read the last part.)

Ok, so here we go:

SHOW ME where the Bible says to split up into denominations.

SHOW ME where the Bible says a church can't survive without a building.

SHOW ME where the Bible says it's good stewardship to build giant buildings we use once or twice a week.

SHOW ME where the Bible says churches should get tax deductions.

SHOW ME where the Bible says we should accept subsidy money from the government.

SHOW ME where the Bible says we should spend the vast majority of the money on ourselves.

SHOW ME where the Bible says we should be INDISTINGUISHABLE from the rest of the culture.

SHOW ME where the Bible says the "Senior" Pastor should also be the head and administrator and should control everything.

SHOW ME where the Bible says you have permission to only send those missionaries you like and fit your mold, regardless of God's call on them.

For that matter, if you lead a church or a denomination or a ministry of any kind,

SHOW ME a picture of your house and your cars.

SHOW ME that you meet the requirements for a leader in Titus 1.

SHOW ME your love and willingness to sacrifice for the people of God.

SHOW ME Jesus, ALL of Him -- or step aside.

NOBODY, I mean NOBODY is getting past us again.  We're going to ask the hard questions.  The burden of proof has shifted from US catching YOU with your hand in the cookie jar - to YOU proving to US that you're a good return on investment.  Our goals as Christians should be to take every dollar of earthly treasure and use it to buy as much Heavenly treasure as possible.

Brothers and Sisters don't trust ANYONE to lead you unless they show real results and are personally living a Christ-like life.  Pretty talk isn't going to cut it anymore!  Christ would not have 30+ houses!  Christ would not have a personal jet.  Christ would not profess to be a servant leader and then drive a Bentley.  If they grieve the Spirit, they're in BIG trouble.  If children of God are dying without salvation while these live it up in five star hotels - how can they NOT be grieving the Spirit?!  There's going to be a LOT of crying pretty soon.

We recommend you always check: - Christian Ministry Watchdog group - Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Any sign that they are unwilling to share their true numbers, are using multiple dummy corporations or side deals, are padding their own pockets or living a lavish lifestyle should IMMEDIATELY show you that the LOVE of money has entered in and evil has taken over.

Stop feeding the Wolves!

Find someone that is storing up massive piles of treasure in Heaven and invest in THEM.  Get pure.  Stay Holy. Time is short.  

Copyright 2005 Doug Perry  Use freely but without charge and without changes.