Standing In The Doorway Threshold 

 From Minister Susan Cummins


Last night I had a vision of a person standing in a doorway threshold. The door was open, and the person was pushing and straining against the threshold, where the doorposts were. Beyond the person, on the other side of the doorway was tremendous lightning and roaring sounds coming from it. The person was so busy pushing at the doorposts and straining within the threshold, they were not even concerned with what was happening within the doorway. I was curious as to why the person was struggling so, and why they were so determined to accomplish their efforts there, instead of going through the doorway and into the next thing that God had for them that waited beyond them. I did not have to wait long to find out.

The Lord began to speak to me concerning the vision:

"What you see before you, is the hour that has now opened before My people. It is a divine time and it is now set in itís place. Time cannot be changed nor the events that must now transpire. I have been leading My people to this time, and trying to help them prepare for it. But My People have been struggling at the process instead of yielding to My directions. They continue to fight and resist and struggle with their flesh, and their thinking, instead of trusting me. The way is open before them as you can clearly see, yet they remain caught up in the process, and in doing so, many will ultimately fail to take their inheritance."

"Many people fight when they should be quiet and listening to Me. They war with each other, and with situations around them, without My giving them a command to, and they think they are always to engage everything around them. Yet, they cannot discern the times and the seasons, and what I am doing in them. If they would just come to an end of themselves, and get before Me, they would have the answer to their problems. They would also see the door that is open, and they could then step into the power that awaits them."

"They strive in their minds, giving place to the enemy, and are continually warring with the enemy of their souls, and with their own thoughts. Yes, you are to take every thought captive, and bring everything into obedience to the Word, but in this hour, many never enter into that place of rest, quieting themselves before Me, to hear Me, and to gain the wisdom for the next step. So, they wear themselves out, and the enemy ambushes them. This is an hour of sober preparation and absolute focus upon Me."

"They also struggle with their flesh, and in their flesh. If they would bring it to the Cross and subject it to death, and deny themselves, then their lusts would not continually defeat them. It is a continual discipline. But My People do not discipline themselves enough, but many do all that they desire and fill their hearts full of pleasures, rather than seeking Me. They choose the path of ease and of little responsibility, rather than become accountable. I call to them, but many do not follow Me. So, they strive in the flesh, only to be defeated by the process, rather than receiving the promises."

"What you see is the state of those who will fail to enter in at this time. I have warned My People and have called out. It is time to enter in, and come into your places. It is time to receive of Me, all that you need for the days ahead. Many make the mistake of thinking that they can provide for themselves out of their own wisdom, out of their earthly preparations, and human sources. But they do not know what lies down the road, but I do. I prepare the way for Mine. Yet, they continue to not trust Me and they do not truly love Me. If they truly loved Me, they would deny themselves, and they would obey Me."

"The final choices are being made. Many are at the threshold even now.  Many are still kicking against the process, and trying to work it in their own strength, and will fail, even when it is right in front of them. It is time to obey. It is time to cease from your own labors, and walk forward as I lead you. It is time to die to your own thinking and expectations. The future is not as you think."

"The days ahead are of great turmoil, deep darkness, war, and fear. Many will run to and fro trying to achieve their goals, trying to protect themselves, and they will not have My Word and plan to do it. My People must come to Me and listen to Me. I have opened the door to this pivotal year, and you are at the threshold now.

What will you do? Will you fully submit to My dealings, and allow Me to guide you? Or will you continue to go your own way, and be defeated at the point of breakthrough?"

"I show you this, because many think they are ready. Many think they can go forth as they are. Many think that I do not see them or know what they are doing. Many think they can enter in without change. There will always be changes, and yet, the greatest change has already taken place amongst Mine who have surrendered and who have prepared. Many have missed the transition and transformation, not recognizing what I was doing. Yet, some think they are done, and they will be sidelined in their deception. It is a new day and time. It is also at the point of birthing that the enemy comes and takes out many who are not alert."

"Continue to listen to Me, and not to lean to your own understanding. Even at this stage. The door is open. Many have already entered, and many are at the threshold. Some are coming up to the doorway. The moment you think you stand in your own strength, then you will fall and be taken captive. Never be like the world and be confident in your position! "

"I have shown you this also, for those who have entered in. Take heed to yourselves as well. Guard your hearts and minds, and remain in Me. Stand firm in humility knowing the times that will quickly come now. Soberly be watchful and pray. For the release of My Power is now. It is already flowing through you. You are learning to walk in it. Great temptation comes with great empowerment. But great is the provision for Mine who have given Me themselves and who walk with Me. You will lack nothing that you will need to fulfill your parts. I have all things ordered according to My Will."

"My Spirit will continue to bring division in the earth, as the true and the false are more fully divided. The temptation will be for many to save yourself or to fix things out of your own wisdom. Stand still, and move only when I speak to you to. For My dealings with men, are not as you would understand and I will be seen in the shakings that will increase and intensify. But you will know Me in them, and reveal Me through them. Men will not have answers or redemptive solutions to the affairs of men and nations in the days ahead. I AM the answer."

"Tell My People who are struggling: Be at peace, and fear not. All must be brought forth. Men will reap their choices and great will be the suffering. But you must stand and as you do, you will see My Hand as it passes over the lands. You will be My Vessels that I will reveal Myself through. My Justice will be meted and I will send you all over the earth. I have many vessels prepared for this hour, and much left to accomplish through you. Remain in Me."