"STAY ALERT - You Are In My Hands
A Word through Bill Yount

I sensed the Lord speaking concerning many of His people. "You are headed for greatness! - stay alert!"

As soon as I heard these words spoken, I saw like a dam bursting in hell and a flood of lies was being spewed out upon the Body of Christ. These were lies that were tailor made to convince us that we were headed in the very opposite direction of what the Lord was speaking concerning His purpose for us. The first big lie I saw being spewed upon us was. "Did God really speak to you? Was it really Him? Who do you think you are to think that God would speak to you, let alone tell you that great things are in store for you and your future?!

What was making these lies so appealing to listen to was the fact that these lies had in the very center of them a little bit of truth -about us! As these lies were being hurled at us like non-stop missiles, the truth about ourselves was being exposed and we were being overwhelmed by these thoughts that were being magnified as we began to focus in on them. "Look at you! You are so unworthy! You are a hypocrite! You don't deserve anything from God so don't expect anything!" His lies were very attracting to us because what He was saying had some truth in it - at times a lot of truth!!

I saw many taking their eyes off of the promises of God and focusing on themselves and what the enemy was saying and they were beginning to believe and agree with the enemy. I heard the enemy say. "If I can get them to believe my words about themselves, we will start walking together in my hellish destiny for them!" He was baiting his hook with the truth about us and many were beginning to pay attention to it and receive it hook, line and sinker!

I sensed the Lord proclaiming. "Beware of the Father of lies. The truth is not in him! He is a liar from the beginning! Don't try to justify yourself for I am the one who justifies and qualifies you for greatness! In fact agree quickly with your adversary, the devil and tell him you aren't worthy but you know One who is worthy, whose blood was shed for you! When he attacks and threatens your future, remind him of his past, that he is defeated and remains defeated by what I, the Lord Jesus Christ has done for you and what My blood has done for him - destroying all of his power over you! And when he brings up about your past, remind him of his future and where he is headed! I allow you to tell him where to go!"

These lies with partial truth began to be turned around for our good as we looked away from ourselves and looked to Jesus. As we humbled ourselves under God's mighty hand confessing our sins and shortcomings, the Lord was beginning to raise us up to a place we had never been before - a place of greatness where God would get all the Glory through our brokenness and humility. We were also agreeing with God that we didn't have what it takes, but our weaknesses and limitations seemed to excite Him about His ability and power to perfect His strength through our weakness! What the devil meant for evil with his outpouring of lies was causing us to know the One who is truth, who calls those things that are not as though they already were! Knowing the facts that were true about us only brought us into bondage. But we were discovering that the truth for us is not facts, but a person, - Jesus Christ! And as we drew closer to Him - the truth Himself was making us free indeed!!

In closing I sensed the Lord saying. "Whatever the devil tells you - believe the opposite and you will find out what is really true! If he tells you. "You will never make it! - "Start shouting and jumping up and down, for there is no way you will not make it! Since he is a liar he is actually proclaiming your destiny and future in Me."

"As you trust Me, I will lift you up above your enemy. Psalm 30:1 "I will extol thee, O Lord; for thou hast lifted me up and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me!"

The enemy may have hit you and knocked you down, but he is not rejoicing over you! He is troubled about you, for he knows he still doesn't have you, for you are mine and no one can pluck you out of My powerful hands. The enemy is saying to many right now. "But I saw the last time you failed the Lord!" But I hear the Lord shouting. "I didn't see the last time you fell down. I only saw the last time you got back up!" When you confessed your sin, failure and mistakes, I really did forgive you and that's the truth and nothing but the truth! Keep going! You are headed for greatness!

Romans 3:4 "Let God be true, but every man (and every devil) be a liar; as it is written, That thou mightiest be justified in thy sayings, and mightiest overcome when thou art judged."