To Those Who Have Been Set Aside --- Be Filled To The Brim
Alison Papenfus

I had been in prayer over the situation of a number of long standing brothers and sisters who have suddenly - and some not so suddenly - found themselves without a church to where they can really relate. As I prayed the Lord began to open me the story of the Wedding Feast at Cana in a new way.

He showed me a group of stone water pots, set aside in a secluded room. Each pot contained some water, and was wet to the touch on the outside where the water has seeped through the sandstone. I understood that the water pots represented those the Lord has set aside. He has chosen them to be vessels of His Spirit. Everyone who touches them will be wet with the Spirit which has seeped into their very being. But few come to the room. Those who come are servants, seeking the water of the Spirit to bring refreshing to themselves and to others from the water in the pots.

Then I went out - and found a Wedding Feast in progress. Those who were in charge of the feast had provided the best of food and wine. There was singing, dancing and rejoicing in progress, and no need of anything. To one side the Lord Jesus stood by, but He was a guest, His provision was not needed.

Then the sound of singing and dancing died down. The wine ran out. The guests began to ask "Where is the pure wine of the Spirit which we were promised? How is it that the wine has run out?"

Then the Lord spoke to me about those He has set aside. His word is, "Be filled to the brim. For every drop of water you contain will be turned to wine. And you will no longer be merely those who refresh the weary, but you will be those who contain the flow of the Spirit which causes my people to sing, and praise and rejoice. Be filled to the brim - despise not the day of small things, despise not the secluded place in which you find yourself. For the servants who have drawn upon you will return with great excitement and you shall be vessels through which I pour My Spirit freely into My Church."

Then I saw the servants pointing those in charge of the feast - not to the water pots - but to Jesus. He shall receive all the glory for what He has done in those He has set aside for His use.

Alison Papenfus