By Dennis Drewlo



I saw a shelf with many dusty vessels. They were not much to look at. They looked as if they had been sitting there for years. If you were to look inside them, you could see that they were all filled to various levels with costly oil. They appeared to be made of a porous, yet absorbent material.

They were then taken off of the shelf, polished, and broken, and then the costly oil was released.

This is the word that I received with this:

I see, My children, that you are waiting. You are waiting to release what I have placed within you. There is costly oil within you. It cost My Son everything. There are people who need what I have placed within you. Some of you are going through a breaking so that I can release what is inside of you, for there are people who need what is inside of you.

You must fall upon the Rock and be broken, or the Rock will fall upon you.

There is coming a day when I will use ordinary vessels in extra-ordinary ways. I am about to take you "off of the shelf". First, I will repair your brokenness. You must bring your brokenness to Me. I am looking for vessels of humility who are not seeking to make a name for themselves, but who are seeking to worship My name. I am seeking faceless vessels who desire to seek My face.

I have called you to release the Fragrance of God wherever you are: in Church, at home, at your places of work, and in your neighborhoods. I have created you for such a time as this. You are not in the place where you are by accident. I have a plan and you are in it.

I will anoint your eyes so that you will see what I have placed in others, so that it can be released. I will anoint your eyes so that you will see those who need what I have placed within you. I will teach you to see the emptiness in people, so that I can fill them through you.

I have called you to a place of extravagant brokenness in your worship. My desire is that My presence would linger over you, but you must be broken. I have called you to a place of sacrifice. Come to the Throne, and we will make the exchange: everything in Me for everything in you. Be warned: it will cost you your friends, your time, your energy, your desires, and your very life. Have I not written that those who lose their lives will find them? Your sacrifice will be ridiculed by some, but it is pleasing to Me.

I have called you to a place of purity before Me. I have called you to be pure in heart. Bring before Me your motives, your thoughts, your desires, and your aspirations, and I will put them through the Fire. I will burn out the dross. I will separate the wheat from the chaff, and you will be like gold refined by fire.

Do not break My heart. Let your heart be broken. Keep yourselves clothed in humility. Do not become bound by pride, for my desire is to have pure Bride, without spot, wrinkle, or blemish.

I have called you to a place of unity. Do not fight amongst yourselves. In times of frustration - PRAY. I am looking for a unified Body. I am seeking a pure Bride, and not a wrinkled harem. When you are tempted to criticize - PRAY. I have called you to by on your knees, not up in arms. I have called you to be one unified Body, not dismembered Body parts.

Keep asking. Keep seeking. Keep knocking. For I am about to release what I have placed within you, My Church.