A word through Bill Yount - June 3, 2003
Hagerstown, MD

In the Spirit I saw words coming out of the mouths of God's people that appeared to be forming chain-like links hooking together.  With each negative comment our words became like a chain that grew, wrapping itself around the object we were complaining about. 
One of the largest chains I saw was wrapping around finances.  Each time someone would say, "I don't have enough money," this chain became reinforced with strength wrapping tighter around their wallets and purses. As this complaining continued I saw huge locks come upon these chains as a spirit of poverty and depression began to be released from hell to fulfill the words that were being spoken. 
I saw enormous chains come over whole churches.  Wherever two or more people were gathered together and began to say, "We don't have enough money for this or that in our church," - huge chains began to wrap around whole congregations, pulpits and alter rails.
I saw a muzzle come over the mouths of many pastors when just a few members were agreeing and saying. "We can't afford to pay him that much!"   Chains from hell started growing around the pastor's whole family as the spirit of poverty continued to increase in churches, like a little leaven leavening the whole lump!  I saw churches closing as chains and locks were being installed on their front doors as the spirit of poverty overcame many, stopping them from giving tithes and offerings.
I then saw in the Spirit one person stand up in a church that was about to close its doors.  This person began to lift up their wallet towards heaven and began thanking God that he even had a wallet!  Though nothing was inside his wallet he was praising God that he had the breath to praise Him in spite of his lack of finances.  As this man started lifting up his wallet with thanksgiving and praise, the chain snapped off of it and the Lord spoke audibly to this church, "Let everything that has breath, praise Me!  In every thing give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you and this House!  A revelation was breaking forth upon God's people that just breathing qualifies us to praise and worship Him!  "In God We Trust" became a sermon as someone pulled out their last dollar bill and began to read what was written on their money instead of counting how much they didn't have.  God spoke. "Don't count your money - read it!  Count on Me!"  Churches and its members were being freed as chains and locks began to melt from the presence of the Lord as they discovered God was their source!. 
A fresh oil of giving flowed upon God's people as they became thankful.  As they started thanking God for their wallets and purses though empty and needy, I saw a key being turned in a door of a bank in heaven filling wallets, purses and churches with whatever they had need of.  I saw the future of many churches so blessed and prosperous from members giving freely that pastors had to announce to their congregations. "We have enough money!  Please pray to see where God would have us use the extra finances that has come in!"  
It seemed when God's people began to give thanks they discovered blessings and finances they didn't know they had before.  It would come from somewhere, somehow, for their heart of thanksgiving wanted to give instead of receive.  They wanted to bless others and in turn money seemed to come looking for them and track them down, overtaking them with material and spiritual blessings that they couldn't put a price tag on!
Each time a church or individual would say - "We have enough money, for God is our source!" - angels would be released to bring in above and beyond what they were believing God for!

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