A Time of Preparation  

You are going through things you canít understand right now.  
You are going through things that donít make sense, 
things that challenge your faith in Me, things that have you asking why. 
Trust Me I know what I am doing.

I AM teaching you to trust me; I Am teaching you to hear my voice.  
Donít allow others to entice you, to pull you away.  
I want you to put your trust in Me.  
I will be your bridge over troubled waters.

I donít want you to continue to be on the outside looking in, 
I want you to be the center of My Will.  
Let it be said not your will, but Thy Will Be Done.  
Please take the time to stop and listen to what I am saying,
take the time to write it down for remembrance.    

I want you to sit at My feet, to spend time with Me. 
Do not be compelled to leave My presence, 
but dwell in it and together we will enjoy each otherís company.  
I still need you to do that. 

Shhh, be quiet and listen.  
Stop fighting against Me, surrender to My will.  
Accept where I have you and watch how quickly I will move in your life.
Focus on me and I will speak My heart to you.

I know where you are.  It was me that led you to the wilderness; 
I led you there for a time of great preparation. You say you feel all alone? 
I  have purposely kept you set apart that I might have your full attention. 
You say you donít feel like you fit in? 
Good, do not desire to be in with the crowds or to ďfit in.Ē 
I am placing you where I need you to be, 
all is being done according to My good pleasure. 

I will remove the desire completely and you will be set free 
to come away with Me into the secret place, into the Most Holy Place. 
I have destined you to move in great authority,
 but there is a time of preparation that is needed before 
I can release you into the full flow of the calling I have placed upon your life.  
You must stop, and be obedient to My will, to My way. 
Itís all part of the great preparation

I am doing a mighty work in your life, but you must allow Me to do it.  
You must trust Me. Do you want to move forward with Me?  
Then let My will be done in your life.  
Trust Me, let Me have My way,
let Me move among you, let Me open the doors.  
Let Me prepare you for the change that is about to come. 
Trust Me it's all for your good.