I need you to spend time alone with Me. 
Come away, away from everyone, and seek My face
Come, come to the garden and pray.
Seek My face early in the morning, that is our time

 Remember the times we shared together?  Oh I miss them
I miss the talks we had; I miss all your questions
Yes, I miss your questions.  Donít you have something to ask Me?
Come away with Me I have the answers you need.

 I had to go away, so shall you.  I am waiting for you.
There is so much I want to say to you.  Come to our place of prayer. 
Come away to our secret place, our most Holy place.
I will show you things to come.  I am waiting for you there.
Forsake the things of this world and come away with Me.

Let me lead you beside the peaceful waters
Come to My waters and wade, come to My waters and drink.
Come to my waters and restore your soul
I will breathe on the waters with My spirit and 
stir them for My Glory.

That is where you will find me. I am waiting for you 

Come away with Me and find your strength,
Come away with Me and find your peace,
Come away with Me and find your joy, 
Come away and find Me.