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Why do you look to others for what you need?

Didnít I tell you I would supply your every need according to My riches in Glory? 

Didnít you believe Me?


Then why do you continue to ask them to supply your needs?

You are My righteous one, you donít have to beg them

The righteous will never be forsaken or have to beg


Yet you go to them, you continue to allow them to use you

They donít know what you need.  They don't care about your needs, I do

What you  need they canít supply

Oh they may try, but they will only fail you

They will forsake you


Wait for Me to supply your needs

Youíve come too far to settle for just anything

I only want good and perfect for you

Let Me give you My best

Will you wait for Me?

I waited for you.