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I Called You


I called you.  I called you.   

I have anointed you from on high.   

I poured out My Spirit unto you

I have endowed you with power, My power. 

You have My spirit. 

Everything must flee in My name. 

Keep your eyes on Me.  

Remember not the former things, I don't. 

Oh how much I love you and need you

Remember I said you can't quit, you can't quit, I need you.

I need you to free My people. I need you to be ready, you must be ready.  

Again do not concern yourself with thing so this world, I have overcome the world.  

I need you to be ready to help my people.  You have lost nothing with Me. Nothing.  

Don't let the enemy make you think you have lost it all.  All you need is within you.  

Seek my face, Seek my face

I need you with me.  You belong with MeÖ in the spirit. 

The enemy canít touch you as long as you abide with Me. 

He is watching and waiting for you to leave without Me. 

Your home is with Me.


Again, you must not let My words depart from your eyes. 

Meditate day and night, then you will have success.   

That is the key to freeing My people, being with Me.

You donít belong in the flesh, stay in the spirit. 

Donít ever leave Me, not for a second. 

He is watching, he is waitingÖ  

He doesn't like you, but remember He hateth Me first

Stay with Me, I called you.